The High EQ Stakeholder Manager


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  Course Duration: 1 Day


Course Description

Research has shown that one of the leading causes of project failure lies with inadequate engagement of stakeholders, and poor stakeholder
communications. This course focuses on empowering you with the tools,
strategies and behavioural traits to confidently and competently master this very important aspect of your project.


Learning Objectives

  • How to identify stakeholders
  • How to create a structured communications plan to keep your stakeholders engaged and informed
  • Glean and understand stakeholder needs and success criteria
  • Develop active listening skills to help you ascertain what the hidden agenda may be
  • Develop communications versatility to enable you to get your message across effectively to stakeholders with varying communications preferences
  • How to build a relationship founded on trust with your stakeholders
  • Building rapport with adversarial stakeholders
  • Understand and communicate with different personality styles



  • Keep your projects on track by reducing “fire-fighting” time
  • Get your message across clearly and succinctly
  • Ensure your message is read and interpreted correctly by your audience
  • Greater confidence in communicating and working with stakeholders
  • Improve relationships with those you work with
  • Experience greater sense of fulfilment working with others


Who Should Attend

  • Project managers, officers or specialists requiring interaction with
  • Change management specialists


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