The High EQ Sales Professional


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  Course Duration: 2 Days


Course Description

The ability to be results and solutions-oriented, to influence and build long, sustainable relationships with clients is essential to the success of sales professionals. To achieve this, an understanding of the psychology involved in making decisions is needed, as influence inevitably involves getting the other party to “want” to change, whether it is accepting a new product, idea or perspective.

The High EQ Sales Professional is a practical, interactive 2-day course which provides a detailed, holistic treatment of this subject. It covers the key skills and tools to influence in different situations and with different personalities, to relate product and skills with clients’ wants, pains and needs. Participants will develop the confidence to ask for business, the skills to anticipate objections and to deal with them with poise in order to create solutions that are mutually rewarding both for their clients and themselves.


Learning Objectives

  • The mindset of the Trusted Advisor
  • Key attributes of effective communicators and influencers
  • Developing trust-based relationships
  • Translating product and services features and functions into client solutions, wants and needs
  • How to assert yourself with confidence to get the most positive results
  • Anticipating and dealing with objections with confidence
  • Dealing with a fear of rejection
  • 4-step model for getting to ‘Yes’
  • How to build rapport quickly and effectively
  • Differentiating needs from wants
  • Understand personality styles and communicate flexibly and effectively with different personalities
  • Understanding what motivates purchasing decisions and how to influence this effectively



  • Have the confidence and skills to develop strong relationships with their clients
  • Improve your sales results and closure rate
  • Increase repeat business and improve client satisfaction
  • Deal with objections with confidence and poise
  • Be confident in your ability to listen, empathise and influence even more effectively


Who Should Attend

  • Anyone in a Sales, Business Development, Customer Service or Alliance
    Relationship Management


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