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  Course Duration: 2 Days


Course Description

Public speaking is considered by many to be one of life’s most fearful experiences. Yet, the ability to empower, inspire and influence groups of people is one of the most highly “leveraged” activities any leader can engage in.

There is a “science” to making impactful presentations where you learn to speak with your audience, rather than speak to them. And it is in the “artistry” that distinguishes the “good” from the “great” speakers.

Presenting with Impact will give you key tools and importantly, work on your confidence to help you craft and deliver the most effective presentations, regardless of whether this is a sales or marketing presentation, delivery of training, or running a workshop.


Learning Objectives

You will learn:

  • To apply a set of principles and strategies to maximise the impact you have on your audience in the short amount of time you have with them
  • Techniques to help you deal with anxiety or fear
  • To structure your presentation in a way that helps your audience remain engaged, retain the information and be able to use later
  • How to make your presentation an even more enjoyable and memorable experience
  • To use specific techniques to overcome common obstacles that most presenters encounter



Presenting with Impact will give you ideas, tools and strategies to make your presentations or workshops an engaging, productive and memorable experience for your audience.

By participating fully in this workshop:

  • You will be able to more effectively facilitate the change your communication is expected to deliver
  • Boost your confidence in your ability to stand in front of a room
  • Learn to even enjoy this experience!



Who Should Attend

  • Sales Managers, Sales Professionals, Product Managers, Marketing Teams, Conference / Keynote Speakers, Trainers, Managers



Read what our clients are saying about our training:
"Passionate, confident and sincere as always. Life is a learning journey and is the most inspiring cultures and beliefs. Thank you Dom and Sue."
"I can't stop saying thank you for all your coaching, you have changed my life."
"Very good session Dom."
"Great training and useful."
"Best day yet. Made me nervous but was fun and informative. Ended up not thinking about anything else but the session content. Would like to see the videos taken of everyone."
"Thank you for my new found experience."
"Yet again, well done Dom.  Peter Helwig."
"Thank you Dom. I will be taking back some valuable tools for work and life."
"Thank you, great passion."



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