The High EQ Negotiator


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  Course Duration: 2 Days


Course Description

The High EQ Negotiator creates trust, partnerships, and shared understanding. Having this skill will enable teams to effectively negotiate in various situations and contexts.

Great negotiators produce great results because they know how to prepare and how to manage the negotiation process for all parties. Learn to create win-win results when parties are locked into fixed positions by applying the principles in this programme.


Learning Objectives

  • Principles of Effective Influence and Negotiation
  • Win-Win thinking – how it’s important and how to apply it
  • 4-steps to getting to “Yes”
  • Building rapport and empathy
  • Understanding positions versus outcomes
  • Overcoming fear of rejection
  • Coming up with creative alternatives
  • Active listening skills
  • Managing conflict during negotiations



  • Build strong relationships amongst staff, partners and stakeholders
  • Superior negotiated results, greater business benefits
  • Greater confidence as a leader, influencer and communicator
  • Enjoy the negotiations process even more


Who Should Attend

  • Anyone in a role which involves negotiations, communications and influence and interaction with people – Project Managers, Project Planners, Project Managers and Coordinators, Time Management Specialists


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