The High EQ Leader


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  Course Duration: 2 Days


Course Description

Being able to inspire, guide and grow teams towards a unified goal and in the journey experience high performance is one of the most important and challenging roles of leadership. It requires a command of the skills to create a vision and to be able to communicate it in a way which compels subordinates to choose to follow the direction. This course covers this topic as well as an understanding of team dynamics, the skills to manage and sustain high performance.

Learning Objectives

As a result of completing this module, participants will understand and be able to apply:
  • The art and science of motivation
  • The importance of Trust in high performance teams
  • Creating a healthy culture of conflict
  • Leadership styles and its impact on organisational climate
  • Attributes of high performance teams
  • Servant leadership
  • Identity of a strong leader
  • Setting and managing performance expectations



  • Develop greater confidence and effectiveness as a leader, to be able to inspire and keep your team members motivated
  • Improve ability to retain and attract top talent
  • Improve ability to communicate effectively to your team, drive transformative change and to create a high performance organisation


Who Should Attend

  • Supervisors, Heads of Departments, Managers, Senior Executives, Team
    Leaders, HR Professionals


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