The High EQ Influencer


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  Course Duration: 2 Days


Course Description

The ability to get the message across clearly and effectively and to influence change amongst stakeholders is a critical skill for project managers, managers and team leaders. This program focuses on developing one of the most important skills we want to have in order to effectively synergise with others and to get the very most out of our “team” of diverse strengths. It provides a detailed, holistic treatment of this subject, from the key character attributes of effective influencers to the skills and techniques that the best communicators use to facilitate powerful collaboration and change. It will give you the confidence to influence even in situations where you may not have the power or authority over the people you communicate with.


Learning Objectives

  • Key attributes of effective communicators and influencers
  • Developing relationships based on trust
  • How to assert yourself with confidence to get the most positive results
  • Overcoming fear of rejection
  • 4-step model for getting to ‘Yes’
  • How to build and sustain rapport
  • Develop and practice active listening skills
  • Understand personality styles and communicate flexibly and effectively with different personalities
  • Effective techniques for providing feedback
  • Dealing with objections and negativity
  • Manage conflicts
  • Includes DISC Personality Assessment



  • Create greater time efficiencies by reducing “fire-fighting” time due to poor or miscommunications
  • Get your message across clearly and succinctly
  • Get jobs executed and implemented accurately, done right the first time
  • Ensure your message is read and interpreted correctly by your audience
  • Develop greater self-confidence in communicating and working with others
  • Improve relationships with those you work with
  • Experience greater sense of fulfilment working with others


Who Should Attend

  • Anyone in a role which involves significant communications and influence and interaction with people – Managers, Sales, Project Managers and Coordinators, Time Management Specialists, Coaches, Customer Service, Human Resources






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