Team Building

30 November -1 December 2014 - Microlink, Nilai, Malaysia
Team Building 

"We had an awesome time! Good points and eye-opener. TQ!" 

"He's very inspiring and motivated."

"It is the best training that I have ever attended. Well done and thank you."

"Basically it was the best training that I ever attended."


"Good job and well done for Dom, Sue and the team. Thank you."

"Good knowledge and presentation skills."

"A very good and inspiring presenter."

"Good show."

"Great session."

"Very good workshop.

"Exceptional presenter. Just love the execution style! Just love what you are doing for the community. God bless you and your family. Hope Jeremy stays successful with his music. Love that phrase "true or true!". Do email me the photos if you can."

"Excellent and useful."

"Great workshop that inspires all."

"Good course and knowledgeable trainer.

"The games were interesting and taught some good lessons. The DISC is very interesting and makes me realise what I've been doing wrong all this while."

"This is an amazing and inspiring training that I ever had, thank you for giving us a very great workshop.  The only thing is time is not enough.  We should have it more next time."

"A good instructor and presentation. Clear."

"Thanks to all of the trainers. This team building workshop makes me more confident…"

"Good trainer. Not enough time."

"Fun and enjoyable."

"Better have more outdoor activities."

"Prefer more outdoor activities."

"Appreciate that I can participate in this workshop."

"Overall very interesting."

"Very good!"

"Overall a good training and have clear picture of the topic."

"Good presenters."

"Good and thanks to Dom and his team."

"Excellent presentation."

"Dominic inspired me a lot! A big thank you to him and the team!"


"Good presentation, he is able to draw attention when he speaks. An experienced trainer."

 "The best ever training that I have attended."
22 - 23 November 2013 - Great Eastern, Singapore
CRM Project Team Building 

"Thanks for the session. It was great and I am absolutely delighted to be part of the session and team."
"Very impressive, inspiring. I met lots of interesting people."
"The event is good and hope will help the team to understand each other."
"Useful and practical pointers to take away and put into practice back into the project."
"It's fun! Get to know other team members of different geography."
"This was simply EXCELLENT!!!"
"The workshop was very useful in bringing the entire team together. Understanding DISC profiles."
"Good job!"
"Liked the activities that were organised as part of the workshop. Well done and thank you for your valuable time!"
"Keep up the good work. You and your team has done an excellent job in motivating and sharing your experience with us. We appreciate all of it and will put it to action! GOD BLESS YOU!"
"Dominic, thank you for sharing those inspiring videos. Also, the guidance to magnify the hidden/blind spots for the team to discuss openly."
"Fantastic team building event. Very inspired. Very good job from Dominic's team."
"Very comprehensive talk. Full of enthusiasm."
"Appreciate the help to bring out hidden qualities of each individual."
"Excellent workshop. Key takeaways about teamwork and commitment."
"Dom, thanks for the sharing and tips. As usual, truly enjoyed it!"
"Really helped me to express my view with others and how important a team is about and achieve the end result in committing the success."
"It was a fantastic and interesting and had a lot of energy. I wish to see the team collaborate and achieve the goal."




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