Personal & Professional Development Workshops


29 November 2018, Self-Development and Personal Mastery, Adelaide
Self-Development and Personal Mastery


"I feel empowered and positive about being able to live life more positively with confidence."
"Dominic is inspiring and extraordinary. He made us comfortable."
"Dominic is a great facilitator, lots of energy and enthusiasm."
"Very worthwhile and authentic presentation using very valid examples."
"Thank you Dom. I enjoyed your passion and enthusiasm and look forward to the opportunity to attend a course you facilitate in the future."
"It would be great to attend the 5-day course."
"Such a positive role model."
"I appreciate your passion for your subject."
"Fantastic course, everyone should do it."
"Excellent investment in learning more about ourselves and how our choices can influence outcomes AND to use these choices to produce positive outcomes."
"Dominic walks the walk, he is a testimony to his teaching."
"The face to face (eye contact) was EXCELLENT!"
26 November 2018, Department of Human Services, Adelaide
Self-Development and Personal Mastery

"The course had many fantastic ideas and examples of how I could view situations and deal with issues. Will be of great use inside and outside work."

"I would have preferred to attend the full session rather than a condensed version."

Dominic is an amazing facilitator that made us feel empowered and positive from the minute I believe every participant achieved something great."

20 - 22 November 2018, Department of Human Services, Charlestown
Program and Project Leadership

"This has been the most inspirational yet practical course I've ever done. (I've done a few in my time."

"I feel very privileged to have seen Dom in action."
"Kept participants engaged throughout - good mix of participant activities."
"Very engaging."
"This was an amazing workshop. Dom is a fantastic facilitator. I would love to attend any future training sessions that Dom will lead. This session was very informative and beneficial."
Again, Dom is amazing. He was brilliant and captivated us all with his amazing stories and genuine nature."
"10+ to Dom!"
"I have never learnt so much in a training course and that was because I was engaged every minute. Thank you for everything."
"Thank you Dom - you gave so much energy and wisdom. Thank you."
"Awesome workshop, very relevant."
"Presenter was very engaging and use of stories helped with understanding topic/subjects."
"Excellent training for all LEADERS within and outside department."
"Dom is a fantastic facilitator. His energy, passion and drive are inspiring."
"I thought that the personal stories were very effective in delivering the message."
"Every leader in DHS would benefit from participating in this training."
"Fantastic presenter. Inspirational."
"Great delivery, highly motivating, highly recommend to others."
"This course should be mandated and rolled out to all of DHS leadership. Dom was truly engaging and invigorating. Thank you Dom."
"Brilliant trainer! Story teller with messages that when taken away and applied will make me a better human, parent and employee."
19 November 2018, Department of Premier and Cabinet, Sydney
Project Management Refreshner

"Dom was an outstanding presenter, really engaging. A slightly dry topic but delivered really well. Thank you."

"Very enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the subject matter and provided simple relatable examples to assist remember key principles. Thank you."
"Great facilitation - made a dry topic interesting!"
"Love Dominic's enthusiasm."
"Very engaging and energetic."
"I wanted to become more enthusiastic about PM and Dominic really helped me achieve that."
"Great energy."
7 - 9 November 2018, Department of Human Services, Melbourne
Program and Project Leadership

"Thank you for broadening my outlook and giving me new tools and approaches for work and life."

"Love the stories."
"Very interesting. Dom did a great job, was not boring at all."
"Great facilitation. Dominic did a fantastic job at engaging the group for the whole 3 days. I hope to participate in another session with Dominic in the future."
"Dom's energy was amazing. Great storytelling and examples."
"This course definitely would not be as of high value without Dom!"
"I would strongly recommend this course to anyone in the management. Both project work and process work."
"Amazing facilitator and content. Good balance between building practical skills and teaching theoretical content."
"Dom energised us all! … for THREE! WHOLE! DAYS!"
"Dominic was motivated, encouraging and engaged with the topic. I've learned more from his delivery style."
"Dominic provided real life and relevant examples, and how the theory was applied to real life."
"Plenty of tips and info to take back for immediate application."
"Well prepared - clearly knew the content and brought positive outcome all round.”
1 November 2018, SATS (HC), Singapore
Accelerating Transformation and Change Through Leadership

"Impactful and insightful. Keep up the good work."

"Excellent trainer."
“Positive and energised.”
“Accelerating Transformation & Change Through Leadership (HC).”
16 - 18 October 2018, Program and Project Leadership, Adelaide
Program and Project Leadership

"The style was engaging, making the content very memorable. It's exciting considering how much the content will change my work and personal life. Congratulations and good luck Dom."

"A different approach to training sessions; really enjoyable, thought provoking, relevant, uncomfortable at times - in a good way."
"Dom's presentation and facilitation were impeccable. He included all participants."
"Amazing course. I really enjoyed working with Dom. My only wish is that I did this course earlier. This course impacts further than the workplace."
"Best facilitator I have ever had. Fantastic and relevant stories and extremely engaging."
"Fantastic presentation style and level of audience engagement."
"Dominic is absolutely the best trainer. Fantastic story teller. Amazing energy."
"Dominic was enthusiastic and passionate. His story telling made the course extremely engaging. Thank you."
"Such fantastic energy and sincerity."
"Dom was a very engaging coach to maintain attention and awareness over the 3 days. Highly recommended for all staff to attend."
"Best delivery I've had in 26 years!"
"Very hands-on/ practical session."
"Content and timing for this training was exactly what I needed. Dom's story-telling and presentation were awesome, loved it. So relatable and I will practise now every day at work and in my own personal life."
"His style made me excited to try new things and to do it now. Not only in my team but with my kids, husband and life in general."
"It was great to have something like this delivered in Adelaide. It would have been great to have water jugs and glasses available."
"Very well structured. Lots of group input."
"Words can't describe how awesome, inclusive and engaging Dom was. Just amazing."
"Reinforced some thinking from previous leadership courses. Also helped myself to reflect and recognise new elements and perspective. DISC also showed me how my personality may change when presented with other personalities."
"Very good experience. Very engaging."
10 - 12 October 2018, Department of Human Services, Canberra
Program and Project Leadership

"This was the most beneficial training course I have ever attended. So many tools and strategies for both work and personal life. Such an inspiration leader. This course would be good to roll out to teams outside the leadership team. This would have huge impacts on the departments culture."

"The presenter was awesome. Provided so much insight into how to become more resilient and enforce that change is a good thing."

"Excellent course, should be made mandatory! I rarely give "5" star feedback."

"Highly engaging facilitator."

"Great course, great facilitator, highly recommend to others in DHS."

"Dom was engaging, enthusiastic, charismatic and had my total 100% attention over the 3 days."

"This was one of the best workshops I've attended. The facilitator kept everyone engaged with his approach, real life experiences and the way he facilitated learning. I also came away with practical things I can implement straight away. I think this would be valuable for all people in management roles - especially given current focus on improving staff engagement."

"One of the best workshops I have ever attended; would highly recommend to others."

"A short, refreshner course (half a day or a day) would be great to take annually!"


"Best presenter ever - so much enthusiasm, knowledge and ability to engage. You've inspired me."

"Thank you Dom, great course."

"Amazing!! Dom kept us fully engaged for the whole three days."

"Dom is an amazing presenter, kept us all fully engaged the whole 3 days. Energised and very motivated with amazing stories. This was my first enjoyable training course ever!! And I've been with DHS for 23 years."

"Dom is an engaging and energetic trainer. This use of real life, personal examples were extremely useful in putting the learning into practice and to help relate it to my workplace. I have taken a lot out of this course."

"Dom knew the topic well and kept me fully engaged over all three days. He made the course fun and ensured we laughed along the way."

"One of the best coursed in a long time. There was a lot to take away. I can apply a lot of this in my work and personal life."

"Dom is awesome."

"You are great Dom - thank you so much."

"Dom is so engaging and passionate. His presence is infectious and so motivating."

"The course is very informative and full of relevant information. I am walking away with a whole heap of ideas to implement."

"Dom is such a great facilitator. He is such a motivational speaker, and very encouraging when people participate in discussion. Dom is well-versed in the course topic."

25 September 2018, SATS, Singapore
Accelerating Transformation & Change Through Leadership - Cargo

"Excellent workshop as always! Thanks!"

"Really appreciate his guidance and influenced me to have the high level of energy."
"Very engaging speaker."
10 - 11 September 2018, Fedex (S) Pte Ltd, Wuhan, China
The High EQ Leader - Innovating Our Way to Growth and Sustainability

"Thank you very much for the extremely inspiring and life-changing workshop. Highly recommended to anyone :-)"

"Very good time management."

"Great workshop with very good presenter. Shared knowledge can change my life, gives me more energy to take more challenges and more courage in dealing with difficulties in my life."

"Training is much different because: 1. Dominic practices what he says 2. Personal story"

"Good to listen [to] a list of practical examples in daily life, so we know how to apply."

"Excellent coach and communicator!"

"Great workshop I've ever had. Very energetic facilitator."

"Best workshop attended!"

"Dominic did a tremendously good job in engaging the participants in the "intro" phase."

"The program was very inspiring and enlightening."

"Thank you for the great experience that you have brought to me and my team!"

20 - 22 August 2018, Department of Human Services, Melbourne
Program and Project Leadership

"Safe to say this was the most beneficial and enjoyable course I've done.”

Practical skills that I can use in my work and personal life moving forward."

"Dom was fantastic. A great and engaging facilitator."

"Fantastic 3 days - inspired on a personal and professional level."

"At times I was out of comfort zone but I quickly got used to that."

"Dominic is a passionate and enthusiastic facilitator."

"Dominic's presence contributed to me enjoying the training. His delivery and leadership knowledge ensured I have learnt some great leadership skills to take away from."

"I want to attend more courses presented by Dominic. AMAZING!”

"Loved every part of this course."

"Very good/great presenter."

17 August 2018, GlobalFoundries Singapore
The High EQ Leader - Beyond Management To Transformational Leader

"This is an awesome course and I think more employees should have a chance to attend this course."

"Thanks for sharing such a meaningful training."
"Very good."
"Excellent and very inspirational workshop. Very motivating and very applicable for real life in both work and personnel."
"Very energetic trainer. Able to feel his passion on this subject."
"Feel very impressed with the training. Got better understanding of the subject after the training."
"Dom delivered the workshop in a highly inspiring and vibrant way. This helped to bring the points across really well."
"It's a great training and gives me a systematic idea about Emotional Intelligence. Trigger me to think from different perspective."
"Very inspiring training on EQ effect with respect to leadership."
16 August 2018, UOB Singapore
Resilience & Leading People Through Change

"The course is amazing. I have benefitted greatly. Will recommend my colleagues to attend this if opportunity arises."

"Very fruitful and thought-provoking session for us to do a stock-take of our leadership skills and emotions."

"Very positive and energised Presenter. Thank you."

"The presenter was inspiring and so far the best trainer I've had for courses at UOB."

"Dominic is engaging, thoughtful and practical in his presentation."

10 August 2018, Department of Human Services, Canberra
From Management to Leadership

"Mesmerising. Dom's methods and presentation style had me fully engaged and eager to utilise the things I have learned."

"Very useful for my role and career plan in leadership. And very good for personal development."

"Dom is a very enthusiastic and engaging facilitator. His knowledge and experience on the subject are extensive. Fantastic insights."

"Well done Dom, best course I have been too."

"Dom was an excellent presenter."

6 August 2018, UOB Singapore
Resilience & Leading People Through Change

"Dominic is able to create interest and participation with the audience."

"Excellent session, a good self-awareness session to find out ways to understand what is your outcome! How can we make ourselves extraordinary!"

"It is not the venue, the session is inspiring!"

"Very good session; high energy. Good practical tips."

"Presenter is energetic and relevant."

"Dom is able to bring out points very clearly and it's very impactful. It's so realistic! I feel very inspired by his talk."

"Given me positive influence."

"Great trainer with relevant experience to share."

27 - 28 July 2018, Archbishop KL Office Kuala Lumpur
Creating a Harmonious Workplace and Dealing Constructively with Conflict

"Very concise and detailed workshop."

"Thank you for the positive energy."

"A fantastic presentation and talk. Looking forward to more of these sessions."

"Dom is an excellent presenter."

"Dom and Sue are the BEST. More time please for Dom to talk. He's excellent."

"Very fruitful session and hope [to] have more sessions."

"Can use the input for improvement in family situation and office work situation. Thank you very much."

Appreciate the personal sharing on your family events. Both of you made the space and place a very very safe place."

"It's been an awesome experience. I was totally blown away and will apply to my future."

"Wish we had more time for the sessions and one on one consultation."

"Great pleasure in attending this workshop."

28 June 2018, Department of Premier & Cabinet (DPC) Sydney
Project Management Refresher

"Dom is an energetic and professional trainer!"

"Really useful and practical."

"Great presentation - thanks Dom. Great info/great engaging presentation."

26 June 2018, Department of Human Services, Canberra
From Management To Leadership

"The resources provided could be more extensive for reinforcement and deeper learning."

"Dom is an exceptional course leader!"

"Another great day with Dom!"
"Dom always has great stories and experiences to share!"
"Very positive experience. Excited to put things into practice."
"Excellent presentation. Very engaging."
"Inspirational and thought provoking."
25 June 2018, Department of Human Services, Canberra
From Management To Leadership

"Very helpful."

"Good content, very relevant to the work that I do, good skills I can take back and use/teach others."

"Always great!"

12 - 13 June 2018, Roads & Maritime Services (RMS) Parramatta
Stress and Resilience

"Thank you, Jack and Sue. Very good training course."

"Passionate and outcome filled presentation. Well done!"

"Definitely some tools and ideas (learned). Good for the team."

"The presenter(s) were good. Lunch was also good."

5 June 2018, Department of Human Services, Canberra
From Management to Leadership

"Ideas, tools and support is provided throughout this course."

"This course has been amazing and already my career opportunities have benefited. I hope to see you in another course one day. Your stories are limitless and the messages so powerful."

"Thank you for sharing Dom! You Rock! – Christie"
"Thoroughly enjoyed listening to Dominic Siow on learning new ways to manage my staff."
"All team leaders would benefit from this training.
30 May - 1 June 2018, WSP, Sydney
Project Leadership

"I learnt some great things on this course about EQ, leadership, stakeholders. I am actively trying to incorporate my learning into my everyday work life."

"Dom is a great and engaging facilitator/coach!"

"An excellent training and the best ever that I have attended so far."

"Dominic is an excellent presenter who energises the room while engaging the attendees."

"Overall a great course, very well run, with the post course sessions also really useful."

"Great energy to keep us engaged."

"I found the workshop to be very useful and hope to implement the ideas that I took away from it in carrying out my work."

"Dom was a very capable presenter and kept all participants fully engaged throughout the course. His style of presentation was quite entertaining. Jean's short meditation exercises added more flavours to the whole session making them greatly enjoyable."

"The venue was perfect. The food was great."


17 May 2018, Department of Human Services, Canberra
From Management to Leadership

"Very inspiring course. It will impact my development.”

“Very good, content is related to my situation and easy to apply practically the lessons.”

“Course was excellent, not just for work but overall for myself."

1 May 2018, Hasbuilt, Sydney
Defining Our Inspiring Culture

"It's always a pleasure to hear you Dom. You've taught me great personal lessons which I really try to make them a part of daily life. Thanks heaps."

"I want more time, more knowledge."

"Great workshop very insightful and useful."

"Great presentation. Thanks Dom."

"Loved the energy! Very memorable!"

"Was very thought out and well presented - wouldn't change anything."

"Great speaker/motivator - I can't wait to see the results and repeat this with the bigger team."

18 - 20 April 2018, Department of Human Services, Canberra
Program and Project Leadership

"Dominic has exceeded all my expectations."

"Motivating and creates meaning and purpose at work  and home to leave the world a better place. Thanks Dom for helping make this a better place."
"Loved the use of stories!
"Dom is an enthusiastic presenter who radiates enlightenment, thought and optimism through his storytelling and their relevance to course content."
"This training is essential to gaining the skills and mind-set to be the best example of a leader. It has provided me with a clear idea of the differences between a leader and a manager. I have no doubt this training has provided me with a new and positive outlook o my work and personal life. I would love for this course to be mandatory."
"Dominic Siow is a perfect example of all that he teaches. Never have I felt so engaged and motivated. Such a pleasure to have met him. He has given me all the tools I need to be extraordinary."
"Dominic is an amazing facilitator. I have attended courses previously with similar content but have taken more away from this course than any other."
"As per previous comment, Dominic is one of the best presenters I have had the privilege to listen to."
"Dom was an excellent facilitator. Loved the use of stories to teach content."
"This was a fantastic course that all DHS leaders should attend. Dom is an engaging and caring trainer who has an obvious passion for helping people. Thanks."
"Brilliant presenter!"
19 April 2018, Semen Indonesia, Sydney
Visionary Leadership

""I am very impressed."


"Very inspiring moment."


"Inspired me to practice what I learned."

"I am excited to have more energy to be a visionary leader."
21 - 22 March 2018, SATS, Singapore
Connect II Workshop 3 - Accelerating Transformation & Change Through Leadership

"This is the first time I give "5" for all items. Not saying other classes were not good, but this is simply AWESOME!!! GREAT JOB!"

"Wonderful experience. Thank you Dom, Sue, Siew Bee and SATS."

"Dominic is a very charismatic trainer and passionate in delivery and transforming the way you think and act. Highly motivational and will recommend to my colleagues to attend. Awesome and extraordinary."

"Dom and Sue are a dynamic couple with an inspiring outlook in life."

"Great motivator."

"Life lessons which can be applied at the workplace and private life."

Dominic's personal anecdotes illustrating the principles shared were extremely inspiring and memorable."

"Amazing presentation and energy, compact content, 100% relevant to SATS at this juncture!"

"Awesome and sensational facilitation in Dom and logistics via Sue. Great job."

"Dom was very authentic in his sharing."

"The stories shared were impactful."

"Awesome workshop Dom and Sue. Mind opening."

"Great course! I hope to incorporate the learnings into my life."

"The stories were relevant and inspiring."

"Thanks for the wake up call!!!"

"A great motivational speaker. Very inspirational and influential."

"Very energetic and contagious facilitator. Thank you Dominic and Sue."

"Very inspirational. You ROCK!"

"Great! You rock!"

"Thank you Dom for the great 2 days!"

"I've enjoyed and inspired. Thank you very much."

19 - 20 March 2018, SATS, Singapore
Connect II Workshop 2 - Accelerating Transformation & Change Through Leadership

"Dominic was excellent, using his personal experiences to echo the messages. Well done and keep it up! … and I'm amazed at his boundless energy!".

"Never feel too motivated after a course. Truly engaging and informative. Mission accomplished! Power!!"

"Very energetic and inspiring. Much appreciated the course."

"The presenter has inspired me a lot, have made me to be self-aware and to self-reflect more."

"Dominic is indeed an asset to SATS."

"Personal stories and experiences are great!"

"Brilliant session. I truly believe that if I apply, I will gain. Be the change you want to see in others!!"

"Interesting way to learn by sharing of wonderful stories. Feel that Supvs/Dms should also attend as they are the "man/woman on the floor to affect change as well."

"Awesome course. Life learning and rewarding!"

"An awesome learning experience during these two days. Thank you, Dominic."

"Very well presented."

"Awesome coach who has lots of experience and true stories to share. Picked up valuable tips from him for both personal and professional life."

"Dominic is very engaging and is able to capture our attention and bring across the message."

"Good course to start change."


"Great workshop. Appreciate SATS for conducting this workshop."

"A very useful seminar - much to take away for application - both for self and at workplace."

"Dominic was enthusiastic and passionate in delivering the workshop. Great energy."

"Dominic Rocks!! It changed the way I think, react, not just at work but also in life.

"Great job delivering! Inspirational!"


14 - 15 March 2018, SATS, Singapore
Connect II Workshop 1 - Accelerating Transformation & Change Through Leadership

"I think the presenter blends together very well his teachings to benefit student's personal life and professional life."

"Dominic is an amazing speaker with amazing stories shared during the session and he is able to inspire others and will continue to do so."

"Day 2 is more fruitful compared to Day 1 of the workshops. It will be great if we have a clearer objective at the start of the class of Day 1."

"Great speaker and motivator. Would love to see more of such program being rolled out for managers. Thank you for all the stories."

"The sharing of "story" is interesting but can be a bit too long. Dom's energy is so infectious! Totally feel energised."

"Presenter was good, makes the program very lively."

"Great 2-day session, allowed me to self reflect on my past learning and practices. It truly re-inforced my learning and made me more confident in future journey."

"Dominic is very inspiring to create and hatch the 'want' in us. The 'want' is an important element in getting SATS for transformation. Well done!"

"I love the energy!"

"Dominic is awesome. First time I  attended a training course where 90% of the learnings is through story telling and clips. Thanks to Sue as well."

"The presenter shows a lot of passion and generates a lot of positive energy."

"Inspirational and paradigm shifting workshop."

"The personal sharing makes it easy for me to relate to the idea Dom was trying to share."

"The story-telling method is impactful."

"Totally appreciate Dominic's (100% + 10%) 110% passion, energy and kindness in sharing!"

"Started out a bit draggy bet he improved. Big thank you to Siew Bee and team for this refreshing and awesome course!!! Good to meet with like minds."

"Good personal story telling."

"Dominic was very engaging with his stories and communicated his points using them."

"Dominic Siow, you are great!"


13 March 2018, SATS, Singapore

Connect III Follow up - Accelerating Transformation by Living the Leadership Principles

"Very engaging."

"A very good course."

"A good follow-up to the previous session."

"Short and effective. Thanks."

“Overall well done and program objectives met."

"Overall a fantastic course."

"Thank you Dominic."
9 March 2018, Department of Premier & Cabinet (DPC), Sydney
Project Management Refresher 

"Dom presented with energy and used examples to easily explain. Thoroughly enjoyed. Thank you :-)"

"Dominic was thoroughly engaging and dynamic presenter who used real-life examples in an effective way to explain important insights relating to project management."

"Dom was excellent."

"Excellent course and designed in a manner useful to DPC."

5 - 7 March 2018, Department of Human Services, Melbourne
Program and Project Leadership

"Thank you Dom. Your energy and passion are truly inspiring. Your honesty in discussing your own journey is greatly appreciated. The messages from this workshop are going to impact my out-of-work life a lot and couldn't have come at a better time."

"One of the best courses I've been to. Incredibly inspirational."

"Fantastic presenter!"

"Dom encouraged participation in an extremely positive and non intrusive manner."

"Dominic was a great facilitator engaging and informative. He is well versed in the subject matter and personalised the information."

2 March 2018, Department of Human Services, Adelaide
Management to Leadership

"Excellent delivery and interesting.

Enthusiastic, engaging training with Dom Siow, very likeable fellow. I look forward to further training with Dom!"


11 January 2018, UOB, Singapore
The High EQ Leader - Resilience and Leading People Through Change

"Very engaging facilitator - keep up the energy!

"Amazing workshop with high energy and positive examples. The life examples from the trainer was inspiring and can link to our current situation. I'm happy to attend this course and have learnt a lot from the session. :-)"

"Extremely amazing facilitator."
"Enjoyed the session thoroughly!"
4 December 2017, Westland Milk Products, Christchurch
Resilience and Emotional Mastery

"Awesomely funny guy. Knows how to get the message across."

"The class is very uplifting and Dom is great."

"Good presentation."

"Dominic's high energy was inspiring and contagious. Great presenter."

"Great work."

"An engaging and interesting facilitator."

"Training is awesome."

30 November - 1 December 2017, Transport for NSW, Sydney
Conflict Management

"Very informative, enjoyable and a very worthwhile training program for me! Excellent program!"

"Enjoyed the presenter's engagement during workshop."

"The conductor was very good!"

22 - 24 November 2017, Transport for NSW, Sydney
Diploma of Project Management

"Jack's interaction was great, kept the content interesting and relevant."

"Jack is a very engaging presenter and a likeable and friendly personality."

"Jack had an answer to every question asked. Easily approachable to ask for assistance."

"Jack was a great presenter and kept the course fresh and allowed everyone to contribute."

"The whole course was very informative and delivered very well."

19 - 20 November 2017, SATS, Adelaide
The High EQ Leader - Accelerating Change & Transformation through Leadership

"Thoroughly enjoyed the program, learned much and Dominic was good. Tried and tested venue."

"Good job Dominic!"

"The facilitator is very professional, competent, passionate and impressive. I am highly motivated."
"Dominic did a good job on sharing his experiences including some personal ones to exemplify leadership behavior."
"Venue is convenient and suitable for such sessions. It works."
"It's an enriching and down-to-earth workshop; has encouraged all senior staff to collaborate, start off with self then to team."
"Honest and open engagement with team."
"This is a very good course. Very successful and inspiring. Should consider tailoring a base course series to help an organisation see through culture change."
"Sharing of stories were indeed powerful. Good use of quotes as well."
"Presenter kept the audience well engaged and involved in the thought process."
"Dom has shown very good knowledge about the topic with high energy level."
"Thank you for an engaging session."
"Dom - what can I say. Your magic wand is always working and is getting better each time. Never a boring session despite me having attended so many!"
"High energy presenter who leads by example."
18 November 2017, Okura, Petaling Jaya Malaysia
Communicating to Influence


"Dom and Sue did a great job. This 2 years, we grow together and learn something good for our life journey. I will miss you. Thank you for your coaching." 

"Great course conducted."
“Great and very motivational presentation." 
15 - 17 November 2017, Department of Human Services, Canberra
Program and Project Leadership

"Time allocated was adequate, however could listen to Dominic for days with the great stories and examples. Well done Dominic. This course was amazing!!!"

"Dominic could make counting beans interesting. The positiveness and encouragement are amazing."

"In 3 days we discussed a lot and learned a lot."

"Dom is a fantastic facilitator with high energy level."

"Thank you Dom for a very entertaining, inspiring and as always educational course, which will help me everyday."

"I found the course content extremely relevant and applicable to my current work environment."

"Dom is an amazing. One of the best! I managed to stay engaged throughout the 3 days which is amazing."

"Dominic is an extremely knowledgeable, dynamic and entertaining presenter. I have learned a great deal from the course and feel confident I can apply what I learned to any job."

"Fantastic, enthusiastic and engaging! I look forward to attending a session with Dom again."

"Excellent facilitator, will recommend this course to everyone."

"It would be great to have access to someone with Dom's skills for ongoing coaching."


"Fantastic and friendly - made everyone feel comfortable."

"Love Dom's style of presentation and teaching."

"He is amazing.".

13 November 2017, Department of Premier & Cabinet (DPC), Sydney
Project Management Refresher 

"I thought the workshop was great and insightful."

"Dominic is a fantastic presenter, knows PM really well."

"Very engaging presentation with real life examples to put theory into context. Practical approach that I can put into practice immediately."

"Very engaging and relevant."
6 November 2017, Westland Milk Products, Hokitika, NZ
Resilience and Emotional Mastery - Westland Farms

"I got far more than I ever imagined from today."

"Outstanding and engaging."

"Fantastic day. Great facilitation and story telling to make it real."
"Excellent and well prepared. Kept us motivated."
"Dom was very engaging and kept the level of engagement high especially after lunch."
"Dom exudes energy and is totally unselfconscious which frees others to be open and relaxed."
"Great job."
"Very practical workshop. Inspirational. Something I'll recommend all staff to take. Good job Dom!"
"Very lively! His enthusiasm is very contagious."
"Very energetic, enthusiastic and it's contagious. Very inspiring words/examples."
"Very inspiring and knowledgeable."
"Great refresher, a timely reminder given my mood lately!"
"Great course to take a lot from."
"Very knowledgeable guy."
"Very well presented and really enjoyed the program."
"Well presented with great energy."
"Very knowledgeable and clear. Appropriate time allocation."
"Effective at communications and giving realisation of self awareness and how to improve."
"Great energy and relatable experiences."
25 - 27 October 2017, Transport for NSW, Sydney
Diploma of Project Management

"Covered topics well.”

"Jack was a great presenter. He made the course fun and informative."

"Structured and easy to follow."

19 - 20 October 2017, Transport for NSW, Sydney
Fundamentals for Project Management

"Jack was a fantastic presenter. He has a great understanding of the content being delivered."

"I enjoyed my 2 days and found the course very interesting and will recommend this course at my work."

"Jack Rankin is a very good presenter that I would recommend."

"Thanks Jack."

"Extremely knowledgeable."

16 October 2017, Department of Premier and Cabinet, Sydney
Project Manager Refresher

"Conscious that there is a lot of materials that can be covered but in the timeframe available (and given the style of training as a refresher course), [this course] is very useful.”

"Dominic's enthusiasm and knowledge made this an educating and enjoyable course."
"Very engaging and well thought out."
11 - 12 October 2017, Brisbane City Council, Brisbane
Leading Projects for Effective Outcomes

""Great energy & content. Applicable material that I can apply and share professionally & privately. Thank you."

"Very enjoyable course."

"Great passion and good anecdotes. Very inspiring."

"Great enthusiasm and care for attendees."

"Well presented. Achieved my objectives from the course. Thanks."

"Great presenter with genuine concern."

25 - 26 September 2017, Transport for NSW, Sydney
Conflict Management

"Loved it!!"


"Thank you so very much Jack. It has been an amazing/informative and very rewarding training session."



11 - 13 September 2017, Department of Human Services, Canberra
Program and Project Leadership

"Dominic was insightful and highly motivating."

"Truly excellent facilitator, very enthusiastic, inspiring and motivating; 10 out of 5 :-)"

"It would be great if staff from the same team could attend the same session to not only develop personal leadership, but also organisational leadership."
"Best facilitator I have ever had. Calling Dominic a facilitator does not truly describe his role."
"I very much like this style of approach. I [not only] have the course notes to go back and review, but I also have real-life stories that give real situations that I can relate to. This is more show and share rather than show and tell."
"I thoroughly enjoyed this course as it wasn't death by PowerPoint or butcher papers. It was great to hear others' insights and experiences plus learn strategies I can use at work and in my personal life."
"Fantastic and extremely engaging and positive."
"Dom made me feel important and comfortable to speak up."
8 September 2017, Department of Premier & Cabinet (DPC), Sydney
Project Management Refresher 

"Dom is a great facilitator and [he] makes this training very interactive and interesting."

"Excellent course - distilled and lots of good PM ideas into a short time. Good contextualisation with DPC framework and tools. Thanks so much!"

"Great enthusiasm for PM is infectious!"
"Fantastic presenter - Dom was very engaging and knowledgeable."
"Would prefer more structure and having a course outline at the start of the morning."
16 - 18 August 2017, Department of Human Services, Adelaide
Program and Project Leadership

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course and the way Dom facilitated the course. His delivery and knowledge at the subject matter was amazing. Easily the best training I've attended in 20 years of public service."

"Enjoyed the videos, tasks and the way Dom engaged the audience."
"Dom's energy, passion and skill are to be celebrated. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself with us."
"Very engaging, Dom made sure everyone was involved. Thoroughly enjoyed."
"Thank you Dom!"
"Dom - best facilitator I have ever had. Good use of stories to provide info."
"Excellent facilitator."
"I would strongly recommend that all leaders and emerging leaders attend the course. Ideally all DHS staff would attend - there is a take-away point for all."
"Dom is super engaging and relatable. Great to have a course like this to attend in Adelaide."
"AMAZING!!! Absolutely brilliant, well worth it and all of my colleagues need to attend this course. Dom is a legend!!"
"Dom is energetic and positive - engaging with the audience using life stories to provide content and make the theory real."
"Some interesting insights into attitudes and techniques."
"Incredible presenter. Engaging, positive, relevant. I would attend a course of any content if he was the presenter. Thanks Dom."
"Absolutely brilliant and inspiring facilitator. I thank you for allowing me to self reflect on how I can be a better leader and inspire others!"
28 July 2017, Department of Human Services, Adelaide
Management to Leadership - Empower Your People Through Coaching

""This course is excellent. I would like to see a similar course for aspiring leaders at the APS5 level. Highly encourage staff to attend this course if available."

"Dom is enthusiastic and this makes the day go too quick. I love hearing about his life experiences. Thanks Dom."

"I found today very helpful as I have limited coaching experience. I will definitely be using the GROW method and be aware of active listening."

"Dom, you are a fantastic presenter. You are engaging and encouraging. I love your stories - they are always relevant and interesting."

"The knowledge and enthusiasm of the facilitator shines through the content delivery. Thank you!"

"Dom is an extremely charismatic and energetic presenter."

29 - 30 June 2017, Transport for NSW, Sydney
Stress and Resilience

"Great work Jack! A pleasure to attend."

"Very informative and engaging."

"Thank you Jack - well presented and enjoyable!!"

"Excellent facilitator."

28 June 2017, Department of Human Services, Adelaide
From Management to Leadership

"Brilliant presentation, energy and enthusiasm. Dom is a true inspiration to be a positive, valuable leader. Well done, thoroughly enjoyable for work and home life."


"Dom is great! I always look forward to his sessions."

"Dom's sessions are always entertaining and full of information, particularly from his personal experiences."

"Inspirational speaker. Lifts the energy of all people in the room, half hour in people are smiling!"

"Fantastic energy and analogies."


"Engaging facilitation."

"Great examples (your real life examples are so interesting and relevant)."
27 June 2017, Department of Human Services, Adelaide
From Management to Leadership

"Coaching is about the coachee, it's about phrasing the questions to help them work thru an issue. This helped remind me about the importance of that."

"Dom is very engaging and knowledgeable about this course and all subjects."

"Dom has examples/stories for all of the course content which helps to relate to real examples."
"It was a very energetic and inspirational training, and I wanted to keep coming back to each session."
"Facilitator provided excellent real-life scenario stories to further enforce the course learnings."
"Dom was great demonstrating and getting everyone involved. Learnt a lot of great lessons and techniques that can be used in the future."
"As usual, Dom was very thorough and delivered the content fantastically."
"Facilitator is very clear in delivering message and demonstrates understanding of the subject."
"The program is 'Amazing'. I need to set aside time to put what I have learnt into practice."
"Very powerful course. Can use learnings in and out of the workplace. Reflection is a key focus for me from the course."
"Story telling [is] very powerful."
"The set of workshops have been really insightful."
"The facilitator really made the workshops interesting and engaging. Explained content well."
"It helped that there were people from my team also in attendance as this interaction cemented common goals and ideas."
"Dominic was an exceptionally passionate presenter who gave inspiration for a difficult job."
"Excellent day. Thank you."
19 - 21 June 2017, WSP Parksons Brinkerhoff, NSW
High EQ Project Leadership

"Highly recommended!"

"Fantastic course - I wouldn't change anything!"

"Workshop was delivered in an enthusiastic and energetic non-intimidating way."
"Dominic is excellent, best facilitator I have ever had. Dominic's energy was amazing."
"Would have liked maybe more time as there was material we didn't cover."
"Very good, energetic presenter, well informed and well targeted/focused."
"Great and relevant content."
"The course has been excellent and has made an impact on my personal and work life."
"Dom is one of the best presenters I have ever met. He is passionate and enthusiastic and gets his points across."
"Very enthusiastic and great knowledge and explanations."
19 June 2017, Department of Human Services (CIO Group), Adelaide
Mentoring: Building Skills 'On the Job'

""Well run, presenter quite knowledgeable and relates experience well."

"Anyone genuinely interested in development of people would find this course useful."

"Engaging and knowledgeable."

"Presenter was knowledgeable in this area. Session was structured and flowed smoothly."

"Easy to learn with informal delivery."

"Thoroughly enjoyed [the] programme."

"Facilitator was very engaging, kept the group interested."

"Well laid out and presented course. Engaging."

"Presenter's knowledgeable and made the session enjoyable."

"Well delivered course. Excellent presenter with great teaching style. Materials are concise and provide great tools for implementing mentoring in the workplace in the future."

"Great tools and well delivered with adequate time for activities and discussion."

"Very knowledgeable and apprehensible."

12 -13 June 2017, GlobalFoundries, Singapore
GSM Team Building

"Great outstanding presenter and facilitator for the workshop. Keep the audience very engaged."

"Every time, every opportunities I've with Dom is an excellent coaching session!"
"Excellent off site venue."
"Excellent presentation and training from Dom. Just look forward to the next time we can engage him again!"
"Dominic is [a] very inspirational facilitator."
"Thank you for reinforcing my practice and commitment after our last session."
"High energy and personal experience integrated to the training."
"As in the past, Dom's passion and high energy helped me to achieve the goals and bond with my team. We brainstormed the GSM culture and came up with the improvements. I certainly improved myself and gained tremendously from the workshop."
"Location and duration were great."
"Very informative and great experience. Great scheduling in-between topics."
"Thank you!"
7 June 2017, Department of Human Services, Adelaide
From Management to Leadership

"Brilliant presentation. Kept us engaged, interested, involved. Learned a lot."

"A lot of examples helped to keep the sessions interesting and put detail into context.

Lots of experience shared by Dom, was great!"

"Looking forward to our next course day with Dom :-)"

"Always a fantastic presenter, Dom. Love the energy and experience."

"Quality energetic workshop. Entertaining and enjoyable."

"I love your energy, knowledge, experience and stories. Energy exercises."

"Dom is a great trainer/presenter. Love your examples."

5 June 2017, Department of Human Services, Canberra
From Management to Leadership

"Very inspirational and energising."

"Engaging and positive - kept me awake and engaged."

"Organised very well. I would recommend to others."

"Great facilitator, very lively."

"Best facilitator ever! Dom is inspirational."

"Dom, you are Great! Changed so much from Technical to Management. Knowledge provided is so valuable and I treasure this well. Thanks for putting in so much of sincere effort."

"Excellent workshop, great coaching style and positive/energetic."

"Excellent, clear and practical examples allowing for application to the real world."

"Very good presentation style. Cultivated a learning environment."

"Really enjoyed the session today and the way it was presented.”

"Well presented, very engaging."
"Interactive, entertaining and imparts significant growth information."
26 May 2017, Changi Airport Group, Singapore
Deepening Staff Engagement

"Trainer is very lively and keeps the class focused and engaged. I felt motivated by the presentation."

"Dominic is engaging. Venue is inaccessible. Prefer to be in town."

"It will be good to have refresher course to continue challenge ourselves to be the change catalyst in our company."

"Good course. Good to have management level attend such a course."

"A little too far to get to [the venue]."

"Enthusiastic and highly motivated speaker."

"A highly motivating workshop with an enthusiastic presenter."

"Very motivated and full of enthusiasm."

"Very motivated at the end of the day."

"The place is a bit difficult to reach from town."

"Avoid Friday as Muslim guys have to attend Friday prayers. As such, time is lost for not attending full-day workshop."

25 May 2017, Department of Human Services (CIO Group), Brisbane
Mentoring: Building Skills 'On the Job' 

"Jack was very passionate and know his stuff. Got a lot out of it, specifically the 4 types of people, i.e. auditory, visual, etc."

"Thank you. I will reflect and adapt my approach to continue to improve my skills."

"Jack has years of experience that he is willing to share."
"The presentation was very informative. Great examples provided. Very well presented."
"Jack was amazing. Very well done."
"Very engaging and the content was easy to understand."
"Excellent facilitator - very engaging! Got a lot out of the different communication styles."
15 May 2017, FeDex, Singapore
Sustaining & Growing Our Journey of Transformation

"More time and details on DISC styles to better understand ourselves and our team."
"Nice, pleasant and spacious venue for 50 pax!"
"I enjoyed the workshop and my takeaway is that to apply them professionally and personally."
"Excellent program! The journey to self-realisation, self discovery is amazing! Thank you Dom!"
"Great workshop, very informative and have acquired a lot of knowledge."
2 April 2017, Whitehorse City Council, Melbourne
Principles of Motivation & Resilience 

"I have seen the presenter twice. I have been emotionally "touched" both times and shed tears. This is a good thing."

"Worthwhile day, building relationships."

"Seeing Dom again was a gift and will treasure in reminding me of the power of gratitude. Thank you. I will take this lesson with me always. Bless you!"

"Just what I needed to be reminded of in my personal life today."

"Dominic is very engaging and makes his personal experiences so engaging and allow you to relate to them in your own personal life."

"A wonderful and motivating speech as usual Dom! Thank you so much for being so infectious, and wonderful. It was the best part of the day. Hope your Dad recovers."

"Thought provoking."

"You are amazing. I thank you for all your inspiration. Congratulations, you made a difference to my situation in life and thank you for sharing all your thought and ideas, …"

"Very positive and really enjoyed the stories about your Dad, and how you coped and what you got out of the situation."

"It was so wonderful to see you again. I just wanted to let you know that since your last visit to our team, I have been emailing our team a "motivational" quote daily. I was so inspired by your motivation that I wanted to continue this feeling from our time with you 5 years ago. My supervisor informs me that I have sent in excess of 300 motivating quotes on an annual basis. I wish you continued success in your life's journey. Much blessing."

"It certainly confirms my principles of appreciating others, others' work and what others think. I have been in a different situations in life and your inspiration has given me life and hope in my career."


24 March 2017, Department of Premier & Cabinet (DPC), Canberra
Project Management Refresher (1/2-day) 

"So passionately delivered that all the key lessons sunk in!"
"Excellent trainer."
"Very high energy. Thank you!"
"Dominic was excellent as previous workshop. Good to make a refresher."
"Very engaging and insightful. Thank you for sharing your experience."
"I loved the course! Apologise I had to step out for the team meeting for 3/4 hour. I didn't want to as I was so engaged in the course. Thanks! I've learnt a lot I will use."
20 March 2017, Burwood Council, NSW
Operational Planning and WHS 

"Fantastic facilitator. Dom is engaging and makes for an enjoyable course."

"Very knowledgeable trainer.

"The presenter was engaging and flamboyant."
21 March 2017, Department of Human Services, Adelaide
Creating a Healthy Culture 

"Brilliant session and such a great presenter. Totally inspired me to be better and more positive. Thank you for the opportunity."

"Very animated and shared memorable stories. Very well informed."

"Dominic was a fantastic trainer and provided a lot of excellent information to learn from and implement into our lives."

"Dom is a great presenter and shares his stories that put context into the sections we learned."

"Excellent. Motivating."

"Excellent! The topic is so relevant for where we are in the organisation right now. Dom was excellent as usual. :-)"

"Excellent presenter."

"One of the most engaging presenters I have ever come across."
13 - 14 March 2017, Transport for New South Wales, NSW
Conflict Management 

"Great and engaging presentation. The examples that were introduced and referred to during the course (serial style) were very relevant."

"Dominic's presentation skills, enthusiasm and life experiences help to make the course enjoyable. Dominic was also able to demonstrate that the conflict management skills taught are relevant to not only the work but also the home environment."

"Fantastic presenter, really good stories to explain the content; very passionate and full of energy."

"Fantastic presenter, with great energy and great engagements."

"Well presented, full of energy and passion."

"Excellent presentation and course approach."
2 - 3 March 2017, Gunnedah Shire Council, NSW
Effective Shareholder Engagement, Negotiation and Conflict Resolution 

"Dom is an amazing presenter. Very hard demographic to deal with but easier now with a toolkit of strategies."

"Excellent workshop."


"I actually got more out of the program then I initially thought I would. It was very engaging and well structured."

"Dom was very good and is in ideal position for his beliefs."

"Excellent course and presenter."

"Excellent - extremely beneficial, would recommend highly to everyone to attend. Very motivating!! "

"Dom is a very motivating presenter who made the workshop very fun!!"

"Thank you for your enthusiasm."

"Very energetic."

"Dominic was a great presenter and I have learnt a lot."

"Dom was great."

"Have attended a previous course. It was great that the content was different."

"Excellent delivery and passion. Took away many lessons."

"Excellent presentation from Dominic. Enthusiastic and direct."

"Workshop was well run and structured. Content was highly appropriate and valuable."

8 - 10 February 2017, Department of Human Services, Canberra
Management to Leadership (Session 3) 

"OMG! Best session yet! "

"Room was freezing."

"Very energetic and engaging."

"Great presenter - very knowledgeable on topic. Presenter critical to success of my understanding of the subject."

"The course content is well structured and easy to follow. I have been provided with great ideas for developing new skills."

"Again another great course by Dom! I've learnt a lot today to help me be more aware of my emotional intelligence and things I can do to be better at it! Look forward to the next session!"

"Dom is fabulous."

"Outstanding session - thank you."

"Dom is the best presenter! Love these courses, and have learnt many strategies."

"Very enthusiastic facilitator, provides excellent supporting life experiences to put into content the material we are learning. A+."

"Dom is fantastic!!!"

"Excellent as always."

"Dom is a great presenter, would attend his course again. The content today will be used in my day-to-day work."

"I really enjoyed the presenter's approach, story telling and energy. Friday is a good day to run the session."

"Dom is entertaining and effective. Another good day."

"The topics covered were timely for me as the info I've taken from today will be utilised to reduce negative conflict in my team."

"As always - Dom is awesome.".

23 January 2017, FeDex (Sales), Singapore
Authentic Leadership 

"Group activities helped to reinforce our understanding of concept."

"The challenge is really upon me to use and apply what I have learned."

"Good balance of sharing and presentation.

"Thanks Dom for the impactful and actionable [lessons] to help us be world class couriers."

13 January 2017, Quanterm, Kuala Lumpur
Creating a Customer-Centric Culture 

"Well done Dom! The charismatic and energy from you just resonate around for the whole session. Thanks again Dominic! "
"Good experience from this workshop."
"Really enjoyed this workshop."
"Look forward for some sharing of new  stories."
"Many thanks for your extraordinary motivation to bring a positive thinking. I can do it. It's not impossible to get action and more action. Thank you :-)"
"I am very glad to have attended this seminar."
"Awesome speaker and knowledgeable!!"
"Dominic has been a good coach to us for many years."
"Thank you for your useful information."
"Each year I attend, I notice you have improved and each year gets better! So the best is yet to come! "
"Very nice presentation. The workshop is very great and [I'm] honoured to have the opportunity to be a part of this."
"I learned a lot and it makes me more motivated."
"You have done a great job today. Keep up the spirit and motivate more people."
14 December 2016, Department of Human Resources, Liverpool
From Management to Leadership

"Didn't like doing poster for influencing people - but can see why we did it."

"Workbooks are good. Various styles of presenting are good."
"Very positive presenter."
"Room is a bit small for all day training/cramped and stuffy."
"Dom is full of positive energy and a great facilitator."
"Very happy with Dom as facilitator."
"Very dynamic. Clear messages. Interactions with other attendees very insightful."
5 - 6 December 2016, Department of Human Resources, Melbourne
Certificate IV in Project Management

"Good course, providing useful tools and references to support any level of project management."

"Dom uses personal experience and stories to provide context to material being delivered, making sessions more engaging and real."

"I have definitely learned a lot and feel very confident in taking skills I have gained and applying them in my work."
"Dom did an excellent job of making the material interesting and accessible."
"Facilitator was great."
30 November - 2 December 2016, WSP Parsons Brinckerhoff, NSW
The High EQ Professional

"Never got bored or lost focus."

"Excellent course - would recommend to others."
"Informative and invigorating presence who energises the group to ensure involvement."
"Dom presented the course in a refreshing and interactive manner was greatly appreciated."
"Extremely inspiring! The best course I have ever been on."
"Very memorable and a real eye-opener as to how leaders are not managers."
"Very much walked the walk."
"Excellent content. Delivery of the content was active and positive. Thanks Dom."
"Amazing workshop. Great presenter, collaborative working and was a valuable learning and team building exercise."

"Great energy. Made the training fun!"

28 - 29 November 2016, Transport for NSW, NSW
Stress Management and Resilience

"Fabulous course that I have found very relevant and extremely beneficial. Provides me with a good grounding of stress factors amid the management of them."

"This course was very useful and everyone should attend the courses."
"Very motivating and encouraging."
"Excellent program."
"The program is excellent and very helpful for both at work and at home. Dominic is doing a fantastic job here."
"Dominic is one of the best facilitator."
16 & 17 November 2016, Globalfoundries, Singapore
Creating Our Vision 2020 Culture

""Great workshop!"

"Very energetic workshop. Able to drive the message effectively through the session activities and sustain interest throughout."
"This is a very good session. I suggest all employees should attend the training."
"Recommend the workshop for level 4 - 5 also."
"This is a very useful training to learn about culture, leadership and how to improve myself."
"Thanks Dom, learned about leadership styles and this will improve me a lot in my future work."
"Should design this course for non-management staff."
"Great workshop that opened my eyes for the mindset/impact on the result of day to day operations."
15 November 2016, EQ Master Class, Singapore
Leading Change &  Developing Workplace Resilience

"More role-play/sharing of case-study."

"I'm very inspired and learned a lot from the workshop. Good to have more time to share more examples of participants. I'd like to attend more training for stakeholder management."
I really appreciate the energy level of the trainer. It's very amazing we got this energy throughout the training. Thank you for that."
"It can be more effective if it is for 2 days."
"Well connected and communicated."
"Good one, very useful."
7 - 9 November 2016, Department of Human Services, Canberra
Project and Programme Leadership

"Dominic is a fabulous presenter, his delivery style is extremely conducive to learning and his knowledge is extensive. The programme content is a great kick-start, it would be good to have a follow-up sessions."

"I would do this again!"

"This course was brilliant in the way it was delivered and the extent covered. I will highly recommend this course to my section."

"Awesome. Very engaging and great at explaining concepts. I enjoyed the enthusiasm and joy that was displayed. The stories told added depth to the teachings."

"I have found this course to be very beneficial. I think the course applies to all leadership roles, not just project managers."

"Dom really added to the learning experience. He really role modelled positive energy and demonstrated how it can have a positive influence on your team. He knows a lot about good leadership."

"Very useful content. Highly relevant to current role."

"High energy and very interactive."

"Content highly relevant to situation."

"The most engaging and energetic presenter I have experienced."

"The content has been very useful with actions I will take away and implement."

"One word - BRILLIANT! An excellent energetic facilitator who knows the subject and was engaging."

"Excellent, relevant content."

"Dom was excellent!"

"There is room for the programme to be extended for another day as there are lots of good materials need to be covered."

"Dominic is an excellent trainer and he backs up the theory with real life examples. He also encourages group discussions. Great use of visual (video) materials."

"It would be great to extend this course across all states in Australia as travel is not always easily arranged or within budget."

"Loved it."

"The facilitator has great energy and engagement skills. High quality knowledge. No changes required."

25 - 27 October 2016, GlobalFoundries, Singapore
Creating Our Vision 2020 Culture

"Dominic is a great motivational speaker. He speaks with great energy and positiveness! Love his professionalism! Thank you, Dominic."

"Very energising and excellent course. Great facilitator."

"Great inspiring course and instructors - Dom and How!"

"Super energy! "

"Dominic is 100% ENERGY BURST!"

"Good motivational skills with a good and inspiring voice."
"Dom is fantastic, deeply inspired by him."
"Very positive presenter."
"Good sharing from you again. Thank you."
"Very good training."
"Very useful workshop. Dominic Siow is very inspiring. Nice presentation."
"Thanks for your good help to remind me of the important things in our life that I've forgotten for a while."
"It is a good workshop to reflect upon ourselves and able to understand ourselves in improving the culture towards Vision 2020."
"Excellent training and trainer."
"Very well planned and executed."
"It was always good to learn from Dominic with real life experience which enhances learning."
"This workshop was very inspiring and helpful both professionally and personally."
"It was a refreshing course and have a lot of tips."
20 -21 October 2016, Transport for NSW, NSW
Conflict Management

"Excellent supplementary stories to illustrate concepts! Thanks Dom."

"Have enjoyed the most through the course. The facilitator has high energy and great skills. Took very sincere efforts to make changes in participants' perspective. Great!"
"Very educational. Will work in all environments i.e. work, family & social."
"I hope in future our paths will cross. Thank you."
"Definitely provided the tools to help me with conflict management, thank you."
19 October 2016, Liverpool Council, NSW
Communicate to Influence

"Coach was very knowledgeable and confident in his communication."

"The 4 units were very good. Will be interested to see if the other units of the Diploma are run. Thanks Lynda and Dom."
"Very good presenters."
"Both were great. Linda and Dom."
17 - 18 October 2016, Institute of Management, Melbourne
Certificate IV in Project Management

"This course has really given me a sense of empowerment by providing PMP Strategies which I can implement in my work going forward."

"Excellent facilitator. Extremely positive, inclusive and energetic."
"Very informative and useful content. Facilitator provided very relevant examples in a very engaging way."
"Dominic is a great presenter that maintained everyone's engagement."
"Dom engaged the ground and his energy was infectious. The best facilitator I've ever had!"
"Found Dom to be a fantastic presenter. He used excellent examples and made me think about how I can make everyday extraordinary! "
"Have much improved understanding of Project Management and applying knowledge in the workplace will improve confidence. Training in the use of Microsoft Project will be invaluable to pull all concepts together."
"Good example. Good place."
"Dominic, you are a fantastic presenter. You made some dry material extremely enjoyable, and your teaching of Project Management as life enriching is underpinned by your clear expertise."
"Outstanding facilitator - widely known in Department for being fantastic. A++"
11 October 2016, Institute of Management, NSW
Aspiring Leaders

"This has been the most beneficial training course for a large number of reasons. Please continue providing this opportunity."

"I would like even more sessions!! But possibly with a shorter gap between the first two sessions."

"Inspiring stories and use of examples."

"One of the best courses I have participated."

"Easy to listen to . Everyone paid attention to stories and his personal experiences. Easily the best presenter I have listened to."

"This course has been so inspiring and I am so grateful for this opportunity to grow. By far the best course and most relevant course I have ever attended."

"Dom's passion and enthusiasm are contagious and help inspire and participation. His personal stories help to cement what we are learning. Amazing energy!"

"Dom's energy was inspirational!!"

"Dom is a very good presenter."

"Very well presented with awesome take home messages and examples."

"Variety of exercises, game activities were energising and great for the learning process."

"Well organised and great presentation."

"Very good, would recommend others to attend."

"Very charismatic, excellent use of stories to reinforce points.""

5 and 6 October 2016, Woollahra Council, NSW
Leadership and Management

"Very useful."

"Thanks Dom, you are a great presenter."

"Would prefer the assignments simplified and straightforward."

"I had a very good time and learned a lot. I didn't think I could do it. But I did it with the help and training provided by Dom and the team."

"Dom is cool!"

"The facilitator has been an inspiration with his knowledge and life experiences. I am exceptionally better for this experience and interaction. Thanks Dom!"

"Dom was very inspirational and motivated the class very well."

"Excellent presenter."

"Dominic was a fantastic facilitator."
"Fantastic work Dominic."
"Excellent friendly presenter."
27 September 2016, Burwood Council, NSW
Identify Risk & Apply Risk Management Processes

"Course content was relevant and to the point."

"Dom was engaging and informative. Very supportive and knowledgeable."

"Engaging facilitator."

"Enjoyable course."

"I enjoyed this today - thank you very much."

"Dom was fantastic at involving staff to participate."

23 September 2016, Globalfoundries, Singapore
Creating Our Vision 2020 Culture

""Improved/Enlightened my personal life too."

"I like and appreciate the examples quoted to support and reflect topic of interest."

"Thank you for your time and sharing your experiences. I learned a lot by going through the lessons."

"Good involvement of participants in discussed subjects."

"Powerful presentation."

"Session was lively and making us repeat key terms made deeper impression of the learning."

21 - 22 September 2016, EQ Master Class II, Singapore
Effective Stakeholder Engagement

"Dominic is fantastic :-)"

"Excellent case study, real event sharing. Like the role play to deepen our understanding and appreciation of the skill."

"Trainer is engaging and high energy. Able to reframe message well in story told and debrief with key learning points."

"Dom has excellent coaching skills. Excellent mentor/speaker."

16, 19 & 20 September 2016, GlobalFoundries, Singapore
Creating Our Vision 2020 Culture

"Dominic Siow, to me, is one of the best instructors. Over the years, he has become more spiritual and a clearer vision of life."
"Great and engaging training, with high energy level!"
"Very good refresher. Thanks Dom for sharing the inspiring videos and examples of other good cultures (other companies)."
"Dominic is very passionate and thank you for the great sharing!"
"Dominic is enthusiastic and motivating. He encourages ideas and discussions. A rewarding workshop!"
"Great workshop. Need to continue."

"Wonderful Day! Thanks!"

"A good re-newal on the topics."

"Will be good to have refresher course quarterly/half yearly to keep team energised/recharged to continue to drive towards desired culture."

"Generally a good workshop."

"A good workshop with many takeaways." 

"Training program is good to improve leadership with desired culture."
"Appreciate for sharing all the knowledge and experience. Wonderful skill to draw the audience attention. Very energetic!"
"Good environment to focus."
"Good to share life experience that the presenter does well."
"Great knowledge on this subject of discussion. Good examples used to illustrate. A good delivery on the presentation."
5 - 6 September 2016, Transport for NSW, Sydney
Stress and Resilience

"I loved this course and I loved Dom's style of training and how passionate and motivated he was and found that it was contagious. Dom made me think so much about my life (which was a good thing!) and where I can apply the tools learnt in this course."

"This would have to be one of my favourite course so far."

"Dom was a great facilitator with interesting stories."

"Dom was a great facilitator. Very engaging. Great experiences to share."
"Dom is a very motivated speaker and changed my perspective on, not only my work, but also on my life. I truly appreciate all the things you have taught us, Dom. Thank you."
"Facilitator was extremely inspiring and motivating. Fantastic speaker! "
"Suggestion - Make Student Manual more aligned to presentation/course."
"Dom was very passionate and made the course fun and interesting. Learnt a lot of useful tools and thoroughly enjoyed the workshop."
"Dom was excellent!"
"Very captivating presentation."
"Dominic is an enthusiastic and energetic presenter. He knows the content backwards and is confident in his approach."
24 August 2016, FeDex (Sales), Singapore
The High EQ Professional

"Easy concept to understand and highly relevant and applicable. I like the concept that we are in control e.g. people/environment can only affect the way we feel but it doesn't determine the way we feel."

"Using personal stories are always impactful."
"The 360 report provides a great insight for self development."
"Very good learning."
20 - 21 July 2016, Equinix Asia Pacific Pte Ltd, Singapore
The High EQ Professional: Personal Leadership and Mastery


"Excellent course. Hope to participate in future courses."
"This course is very useful and effective. Hopefully more people in the company can join the course."
"I really enjoyed the training, especially the stories, and found the techniques simple and easy to implement in real life."
"The food was great."
"Great workshop, definitely it increased my EQ."
"Very good communication and expressions in conveying the message."
"Good place to have trainings."
"I love all the personal and real life stories shared constantly in this class. I can never have enough of them. Thank you! :-)"
"Great presentation, very energetic and gave us a lot of positive energy. Thank you very much for preparing and providing this course for us."
14 - 15 July 2016, Changi Airport Group, Singapore
Personal Leadership, Mastery and Beyond Management to Transformational Leadership

"Wonderful presentation!!"

"Well delivered."
"The whole program was very well conducted."
"The stories shared were memorable."
"The course is well conducted in a conducive environment."
"Nice clear short and concise points that are easy to remember/retain."
"Thanks Dom for all the sharing. It was something very insightful and practical/useful for both work life and personal life."
"Inspirational training."
"Personally, I have learned a lot about the self control on the emotional part. I have already set my target to work on my weaknesses."
11 - 12 July 2016, Changi Airport Group, Singapore
Personal Leadership and Mastery; Resilience and Mastering Change

"Great course."
"Dominic and his facilitators are inspiring."
"Very interactive."
"The presenter Dom was a real motivator and a good role model. Fantastic!!!"
"Great workshop - inspiring for all."
"Inspirational speaker."
"Good course which will improve my personal and work life. Great fun!"
"Excellent inspirational presenter/ speaker. The best ever."
"Course leader is very professional and able to relate good life experiences to the audience. Very lively and easy to follow through his presentation."
"The presenter is awesome in engaging each one of us in every topic discussed."
"A lot of useful skills can be learned from the course. Now we can start to practice these skills in our career and life."
"Love the lessons!"
"All the activities in this 2-day workshop are meaningful which enable participants to deepen their understanding of the objective/ topic tonight."
"Understanding human EQ is very powerful."
23 - 24 June 2016, Equinix, Singapore
The High EQ Leader: Creating the Innovative, High Performance Organisation

"Real life examples helped to understand things better."
"Dom's presentation and demonstration skills are awesome. I will implement those things he has shared in this 2-day session."
"The workshop was an exciting one. Full of positive energy. Everyone should attend!!!"
"Dom helped me to get the best out of me and this programme has helped me to know the various negative perceptions that we normally have and how to overcome them."
"Really good program. It was good and fruitful."
"2-day session was an enriching one. Enjoyed and had fun in all the team building activities."
"Dom influences with his energy. His energy is always up, which helps motivate everyone."
"Presenter is very good in communication, influencing and his presentation skills. The tips, tools and techniques provided were helpful and useful. I am pretty sure this would help anyone to improve themselves in their attitude towards their life."
"This training helped me to identify my ups and downs. It motivates me to do better as a leader. Thanks to Dom for giving me all the guidance and thanks to Equinix for giving me this opportunity."
"Presenter has amazing energy and presents the topic beautifully with his powerful communication and with full participation from the participants."
21 - 22 June 2016, FeDex Malaysia, Malaysia
Emotional Intelligence & Transformational Leadership

"For me, Dom is the best presenter I've ever had. I am grateful to have the chance to listen to his sharing of experiences and knowledge. It's an amazing workshop!"
"Excellent workshop! It gave me a chance to reflect on myself and the things that I am capable of. It is real as it dwells on how important life is to us and how we make sense of it. I am amazed by the energy and power of Dom, our coach!"
"Love the concept especially the sharing on the application/ practical aspect of the workshop. Makes it REAL! "
"Excellent service! Staff is very attentive and courteous."
"It's really life changing for me. It gives me much pleasure and confidence to do the very best."
"The workshop is very informative, great learnings, fun and enjoyable. Dom and Sue, you rock!"
"Presenter walk the talk, is persuasive and makes me believe in my limitless potential."
"Excellent job, Dom and Sue. This has added value to me :-)"
"Dom is very good in the subjects he talks about. Many real experiences he shared which were good and thought provoking."
"Very good facilitator."

"Very good sharing.".
16 - 17 June 2016, Department of Employment (DOE), Canberra
Diploma of Project Management

"Dom is an excellent presenter with full confidence and experience which make the course worthwhile."
"Well presented."
"This course prepared me for the next move in my career to manage projects."
"The presenter was extremely energetic and shared relevant stories to engage the attendees in the subject matter."
"Dom was outstanding as a presenter, he really added to the course content."
"All good, well timed and plenty of support."
"Very energetic and open, one of the best I have had."
"Dom was a very knowledgeable presenter."
1 - 2 June 2016, Department of Human Services, NSW
Certificate IV in Project Management (Session 2)

"Excellent presenter and great delivery of course. Course has helped me formalise and given me tips on how to better deliver and execute projects."
"Great facilitator. Dominic has great technical knowledge and facilitation skills."
"Great training provided."
"Great energy - was infectious."
"We could not have had a better facilitator than Dominic Siow."
"Dom is a great facilitator - very motivating and knowledgeable. Great experiences."
"Dom is an inspirational trainer/ leader. I would like to do more mentoring with Dom."
"Great workshop - very motivated facilitator."
"Excellent presenter/ great course."
"Dom was energetic and enthusiastic in his delivery of the content, at all times providing relevant context to ensure participants' understanding."
"Dom was always enthusiastic and kept the group engaged. Also very knowledgeable."
30 May & 23 June 2016, Crisplant, Singapore
Living and Leading with Beumer Group Leadership Principles and Value

"Useful in our professional and personal life."
"Very impressive delivery."
"Very professional and well- prepared material that focussed correctly and ensuring the principles of the core values and ethics were understood."
26 May 2016, FeDex, Singapore
Resilience and Managing Change

"Love the personal sharing and videos."
"Excellent session! Inspiring and motivating."
"He is awesome as his life examples are real and applicable to our daily life."
"Very passionate and influential speaker."
"Always love the sharing. Like the powerful messages behind the story. I learned a lot of presentation skills from you."
"It is always a privilege to be in Dom's session. Thank you Sir."
13 - 14 May 2016, Yokogawa, Wuxi, China
The Psychology of Winners

"Thank you for the sharing."
"Very impressive workshop."
"Great lesson."
"Very good!"
"Very well done! "
"Great workshop."
Thank you!"
"Great achievement."
"More games."
"Good workshop, good games…"
5 - 6 May 2016, EQ Master Class, Singapore
Beyond Management to Transformational Leader - Effective Stakeholder Engagement

"Dominic is an energetic and engaging facilitator with an excellent group of the subject matter. Well done Dom!"
"Absolutely amazing."
"A great session that reinforces key concepts and learning and an inspiring facilitator that makes the overall learning and contents stick!"
"I'm very impressed with Dom's high energy, passion and enthusiasm. I'm especially moved, inspired by his story telling/sharing. Thank you Dom! I'd propose to OP How and our OD to include this in our company's training session."
18 & 19 April 2016, Surbana Jurong Consultant, Singapore
The High EQ Professional: Personal Leadership, Mastery & Transforming from Management to Leadership

"Dom is a great speaker and brought his ideas in a clear and concise manner."
"This is the second time I am participating in this workshop and it was an awesome refresher for me. Very often, through the daily work, I tend to lose a lot of energy. It was fulfilling to recap on the concepts to achieving high EQ. Go on to touch that one million audience Dom!!"
"Instructor and facilitator are helpful and demonstrated passion and energy in what they do."
"Hope the course had been longer to enable to be inculcated in myself. Look forward to more of this kind of courses."
"The workshop is useful that shall be applied throughout work and personal life."
"The presenter gave good and effective presentation which constantly motivated and empowered [the participants]. Great workshop and would definitely like to attend more of such courses, to improve myself on both individual and group levels."
"Very interactive and fun to deliver the objectives and messages across. Definitely would love to attend similar courses again in the near future."
"It has been an insightful 2 days seminar, where the skills learned and be applied to not only the workplace, but to life. Positive energy is an important aspect."
"Very interesting and engaging 2 days which allowed me to have a different perspective of what leadership is about. Trainer Mr Dominic is highly effective and inspiring in bringing across his messages."
"The course is very useful, building confidence and building direction to us.""
4 - 6 April 2016, Department of Human Services (DHS), Canberra
Diploma of Project Management

"Excellent engaging presentations, examples, etc. to develop my understanding of the course content."
"Dom was a great presenter and teacher of the course content."
"Excellent enthusiasm displayed! Great energy."
"Dom was great! He was very passionate, energetic, provided great examples to help us understand the content."
"I particularly like how Angela and Dominic gave their own experience and I think this should be encouraged."
"Dominic and Angela were excellent facilitator with a wealth of experience and strong knowledge. Both had excellent energy and were inspiring."
31 March 2016, Mid-Western Council, Mudgee, NSW
Creating a Growth-Oriented Innovative Culture

"What an amazing facilitator. Dom, you are inspiring."
"Well done - great reflective stories that are real life examples."
"Great stuff Dom. I like the relatable anecdotes that illustrate the content."
"Great presentation - love the stories to reinforce the learning."
"Excellent presentation."
"Enthusiastic presentation."
30 March 2016, Woollahra Council, NSW
The Practical Application of Emotional Intelligence

"Fantastic. Extraordinary. Love it. Thanks!"
"Excellent and touching. Very very nice man. Thank you."
"Dom was great. I love it."
"Excellent presenter. Engaging with excellent examples. Good time management and program was delivered in an effective and professional and fun manner."
"Very personal approach!"
"Dominic's training was relevant, fun and he was engaging and thought provoking."
"Very good."
"Excellent trainer."
"Made me stay focused."
"Dominic's energy, passion and enthusiasm are fantastic."
"Dom was awesome and inspirational. Very practical tips to take away. There was a lot to take in."
29 March & 1 April 2016, Department of Premier & Cabinet, Sydney
Undertake Project Work

"As usual, Dom's enthusiasm and useful insights and examples made it a very worthwhile day."
"Dom was a great teacher!"
"Dom was the BEST - his stories were really interesting and relevant to the subject matter."
"Fabulous - Engaging, Energising & Real"
"EQ education was very beneficial."
23 -24 March 2016, Department of Employment, Canberra
Diploma of Project Management

"Impressed with the quality of the course."
"Very good presenter."
"Exceptional presenter. Well organised."
"Very vibrant expressive presenter -> helps with the learning intake."
"Dominic is a great presenter. Very engaging and fun."
"It was an amazing and energetic presentation into real life examples and focus."
"It was a very engaging and energetic presentation."
"Dominic is very energetic and enthusiastic facilitator. He balanced material between powerpoint and outside very well."
"Love the enthusiasm."
21 - 22 March 2016, Transport for NSW, Sydney
Negotiations and Influencing Skills

"Completely useful, very engaging, would love to put this into practice in my everyday life. Highly recommended. Dominic's personality and style of teaching were well suited to this course topic."
"Great presenter/ facilitator. The course wouldn't be as great without him!!! Thanks Dom."
"Videos were great and relevant learning tools."
"Fantastic! Superb! Thank you Dom!"
"The learning and instructor were great. I would take this course again."
"Good linkage of theory to practical application."
"Thank you for a great workshop!"
"Thanks for the energy and enthusiasm."
19 February 2016, Genesys, Singapore
Beyond Technical Professional to Trusted Advisor

"We may need this kind of training once in a year."
"The method taught by the instructor is practical. The encouragement for participation in class draws us nearer. Clear messages are emphasised repeatedly."
"Very energetic instructor. Very good attitude."
"It is hard to keep people engaged [for] a long time, but the presenter does a great job in getting people engaged the whole time."
16  March & 18 February 2016, Diageo, Singapore
Diversity & Inclusion/ Joy Talk/Joy Will Take You Further

"That was AWESOME!"
"Very inspiring, highly recommended."
"Very useful and liked the energy and examples."
"The session was awesome and very helpful."
"Dominic is very energetic, possibly the happiest person I have seen too! His energy is infectious. Now is about applying the things I have learnt."
"Great pit stop session to take stock, re-energise and move forward."
"I feel great!"
"Good energy and real examples to bring the theory to life.""
12 February 2016, Department of Human Services (DHS), Canberra
Introduction to Change Management

"Best course I have been to. I personally have had a change in the way I am going to approach my leadership style and had the chance to self-reflect. Thank you. Hope to do another course with you."
"Great day :-) really enjoyed the course."
"Dom was a fantastic facilitator."
11 February 2016, Department of Human Services (DHS), Canberra
Stakeholder Engagement

"Great workshop. Could personally do with another day addressing similar aspects of stakeholder engagement if Dom was presenting."
"Inspiring, impressive facilitator!"
"Dom presented in a very enthusiastic manner. His energy when presenting helped with the interesting course."
"The facilitator is awesome."
"Dominic is a very passionate facilitator and embellished the session with his personal experiences. This was a great added value and I highly enjoyed the training session."
"I really enjoyed Dominic's teaching style."
9 February 2016, Mid-Western Council, Mudgee, New South Wales
Resilience and Emotional Mastery

"I've never met a more passionate and sincere trainer or facilitator. He made me feel very positive."
"Very enjoyable session. Left me feeling very positive and empowered. Fabulous presenter."
"Excellent, very engaging presenter."
"Fantastic. Thank you."
"I really enjoyed this. I am looking forward to putting the skills learned into practice at work and at home."
"Fun energetic guy. Lots of fun."
"Brilliant. Great session."
"Awesome course."
"A longer session would also be beneficial to MWRC. Thank you!"
"Very interesting, informative and empowering; what a great speaker. Overall a very enjoyable session! "
"Very inspirational."
28 & 29 January 2016, Changi Airport Group, Singapore
The High EQ Professional: Personal Leadership, Mastery & Beyond Management to Transformational Leadership

"Good examples, good stories and good motivation! Clear objectives."
"Great, full of energy, love the course."
"The videos helped a lot in the explanation. This should be arranged and used more."
"A very lively and energetic presenter with a lot of energy and sharing of his experiences."
"Good, fruitful and fun."
"I had fun in the class."
25 & 27 January 2016, Changi Airport Group, Singapore
The High EQ Professional: Personal Leadership, Mastery, Resilience & Managing Change

"I am happy to attend this workshop. [I can] feel the vibes and motivation for change. I fully support and encourage the entire EDG to attend this workshop."
"The course is good and inspiring."
"Very inspirational, a lot of energy."
"Dom is an excellent presenter and gets his points across well."
"Overall workshop is fantastic and interactive. Interesting team - binding activities."
"Great course."
17 December 2015, Department of Human Services, Canberra
Introduction to Project Management

"Great content, very useful. Practical information/ skills."
"Incredible energy. Great stories."
"Excellent facilitation. Thank you."
"Great facilitation."
"Content was very interesting and relevant. Felt inspired to continue with study."
"Dom was engaging, passionate and inspiring!"
"The presenter was great in his delivery and engagement throughout the course. Very professional in his work. I thoroughly enjoyed his presentation."
"Very good course. Presented very well too. Has inspired me to go for project management jobs."
"Very well presented."
14 December 2015, Changi Airport Group, Singapore
The High EQ Professional - Beyond Management to Transformational Leader

"A bit long-winded at times."
"The presenter is very engaging and lively presentation skills made the course more fun. Story telling helped to deliver the message effectively."
"Overall good job - keep it up!"
"Interactive presenter. Engaging. Clear communication."
"Presenter was highly motivated."
"Very interesting presentation - Love it!"
"Very good execution and better choice of words."
10 December 2015, Autodesk, Singapore
Beyond Management to Transformational Leader
Effective Stakeholder Engagement 

"I love the energy! Thanks a lot."
"I feel the sincerity of the presenter that he really is concerned genuinely for our well-being."
"Very enthusiastic and energetic."
"It could have been longer."
8 - 9 December 2015, Equinix Asia Pacific Pte Ltd, Singapore
The High EQ Leader - Creating The Innovative, High Performance Organisation

"Training is very well structured and able to convey the message clearly. I learned a lot about emotional intelligence and I'm hopeful that it will help me in my career and life."
"Dom is awesome!!! Monster energy. Very articulate and good training."
"Excellent training session by Dominic. Lots of takeaways."
"Thanks to Equinix for considering me to be a part of this session. Extended thanks to Dom and team for the excellent session which made me change the way of thinking and adapting few elements in my day to day life."
"Presenter was energetic throughout the session that helps to maintain the positive learning environment."
"Dominic is an exceptional coach and I am taking some really valuable lessons for personal/ professional use."
"Dom, you rock!!"
"The material of the presentation is well defined. The values relate to work place and personal life are great. I would like to inculcate and practice in my day to day life. This may transform better work/ life balance relationship."
"Dom has excellent communication and training skills and topics covered truly influence the way we think. Excellent."
"Great stuff!"
"Presenter was good in sharing his knowledge and experiences. Able to conduct the session precisely and clearly with examples. The 2-day session was good in bringing out efficient skills."
"Very good program. It gives clear understanding of leadership, cultures, emotions and communication. Mr Dom is full of energy and presented it very effectively. Thank you!!"
"More elaborative than just following the slides. Real time examples to better understand the situation."
"Clearly makes people understand about leadership types, methods, difference between leaders and managers and discussions on emotions and mindset. A few people were less talkative, good if everyone can speak."
2 - 4 December 2015, Transport for NSW Sydney
Diploma of Project Management

"Very good life skills and motivation."
"Very effective and inspiring course with a great trainer."
"Presenter was the best, very knowledgeable in the technical aspect and a great inspiration."
"Exceptional person - a great teacher, has taught me a lot in the last 3 days. Been to a lot of courses but Dom has left a large footprint in how I do things. Love your work mate. Keep the dream alive. Your are a State Changer."
"This course has been a terrific reflection for me especially soft skills and leadership."
"Dom is one of the best presenters I have seen."
"Story telling, examples, the emotion portrayed, the enthusiasm and inspiration provided by Dom were exceptional. I look forward to attending another course."
"What an inspiration!! Dom has inspired, motivated and provided me with the knowledge and confidence to use the content in both project management in the workplace and also in day-to-day life personally. Story telling was so amazing and practical."
"Best facilitator, coach and mentor."
"Venue at North Sydney - seating was much improved."
"Dom was an excellent, inspiring trainer. I appreciate the soft skills as well as technical trainings."
"Dom was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic - an excellent trainer."
"Dominic is experienced, knowledgeable and has the ability to hold an audience's attention while educating."
"Great life experience that relates to project management and life style."
"Good course. Well presented. Good venue."
"Overall fantastic course."
"Dom was fantastic. Great leader and coach."
"Facilitator was amazing! Very inspiring to become a project manager and generally dealing with people overall. Stories and lessons to take away for life!"
"Thank you for an inspirational course for managing project and life."
30 November - 1 December 2015, Department of Human Services, Melbourne
Certificate IV in Project Management - S2

"Dom is excellent and his experience is invaluable and relevant in practical terms. Very inspiring and engaging person who kept me interested at all times."
"A very engaged presenter. Great story teller."
"I enjoyed the HR and conflict resolution topics."
"Very engaging, great context and level of energy!"
"Enjoyed relating my own experience to that of the contents contained within the syllabus."
"Dom was great! Very engaging. Love those stories."
"Dom is a very engaging presenter. He presented the information clearly and answered all our queries patiently."
"Kept me well engaged."
"Excellent facilitator - great energy! Made it all relevant via real life examples."
"Dom is a very engaging facilitator and adapts his teaching to a variety of learning styles."
"Facilitator was excellent. Quality of work exercises was, in some places, poor; not clear and difficult to understand. Given the nature of the work we do, it's very difficult to provide the workplace examples required as we don't have access to them."
"Dom is always an enthusiastic presenter."
24 November 2015, MidWestern Council, Mudgee, New South Wales
Leading and Mastering Change

"Excellent presentation from an excellent presenter."
"Dominic demonstrated an exceptional knowledge of the subject matter."
"Fantastic program! High energy, fantastic presenter - highly recommended. Tangible tools to take back and use immediately."
"Excellent Presenter! Very inspiring!"
"Great examples and energy. Personal examples are a great tool."
"Fantastic presenter."
Great presenter / Very motivating."
"I appreciate Dom's attitude, knowledge and skills. His presentation abilities helped immensely."
"Thank you Dom. Your influence will change my life."
"Excellent - motivating, great use of stories and experience to demonstrate learning."
"Facilitator was great."
"Dom is by far the most engaging presenter I have experienced. Thank you Dom."
"Dom has an outstanding knowledge of the training subject."
13 November 2015, Autodesk, Singapore
Beyond Admin to Trusted Advisor 

"I hope I could keep adopting these skills and mind set in my life. Thank you for a great session."
"Great presenter, able to keep the audience engaged."
"Glad to attend the presentation. Made me feel a bit relieved about my work which I have been pretty stressed out. Hope this will enable me to enjoy my work. Thank you for this opportunity."
"Thank you very much for the inspiration."
"The course is concise - 2 hours with good content. Thank you."
"Dom never let me down. I am recharged after this session."
"I got the energy through this workshop. Thank you!"
9 November 2015, Yokogawa, Wuxi China
Personal Leadership, Stakeholder Engagement & Cultural Awareness 

"The course is very good. We learned a lot."
"Very good content with strong logical relationship."
"Please help to provide the next training for us."
"It's really an excellent training. I learned a lot from the session. The content is useful and helpful in our daily work. The trainer gave us good impression with his excellent training skills."
"Great course. Excellent trainer."
"As an observer, I'm happy that the workshop has very effectively engaged all participants. Your energy and style have provided them with a fresh dimension of looking at things. Thank you very much. And Sue, excellent facilitator."
28 - 29 October 2015, Department of Human Services, Canberra
Cert IV in Project Management

"Well delivered, very well delivered"
"Thoroughly impressed."
"Dom was a great trainer and kept the whole class engaged and focused. He provided relevant and relatable examples. Highly recommend this course."
"Very well presented. Very engaging, lots of energy."
"Great work Dom."
"Engaging, energetic, exceptional. I had the best time!!"
"Great links to fundamental methodologies."
"Enjoyed Dom's style of facilitator. He is very engaging and uses a variety of senses to assist different learning styles. Thanks Dom."
"Enjoyed learning from Dom. Thank you."
"Having a presenter who can recognise different learning styles and talks extensively about EI and has this impact was very interesting."
"Dom is a dynamic and engaging presenter which makes learning a dry topic very fun. If all presenters were this positive and happy, more people would want to learn."
"Excellent energy, very engaging."
"Excellent facilitator."
"Excellent communicator. Addressed all questions clearly. Wonderful energy!!!"
"Excellent trainer."
"Professional and engaging presenter who gave lots of interesting examples."
"Kept me interested and energised. Excellent presenter."
27 October 2015, Department of Human Services, Canberra
Stakeholder Engagement

"The presenter was very engaging, inspirational and very motivational."
"Dom is the man! Excellent presentation, makes it relatable and therefore, productive!"
"Important skill to have for everyday interactions outside of Project Management."
"Very engaging, nice energy and well sustained throughout the day."
"Wow. Awesome! Full of energy. Very inspiring!"
"Fabulous, energetic, inspiring facilitator. Thanks!"
"I loved the presenter's enthusiasm and passion!"
"A very enthusiastic and energetic facilitator."
"Great use of personal stories and analogies."
"Facilitator was effective."
26 October 2015, Department of Human Services, Canberra
Introduction to Project Management

"Great facilitator. I can take many skills back with me to support my team. I can leave with more confidence in my new role as an EQ to a national manager."
"One of the best. Very enthusiastic and did not put me in any embarrassing situations."
"A good basic training course of Project Management."
"Dominic is very inspiring and made the course very interesting with good examples."
"The facilitator was energetic and inspired critical thinking."
"Overall, I feel this has been a great use of my time."
"Dominic would have to be the best facilitator I have ever met. Kept the flow moving and everyone engaged the whole day."
"Very enthusiastic facilitator! "
"Very energetic and excellently presented, with relatable examples."
"Very motivating."
"[Dom] kept it interesting."
"I found Dominic to be very inspirational. He has a great attitude and is a great facilitator. Made it a very interesting day."
"Good intro! Looking forward to more in- depth courses."
23 October 2015, FeDex, Singapore
The High EQ Professional - Beyond Management to Transformational Leader

"Excellent workshop! Great learning. Dom, you rock! "
"Dom was fantastic and a true professional."
"Fantastic, it changes my personal and professional lives."
"Love the fact that the presentation was not just about slides and facts. Life stories are great!
"Love those videos that reinforced the ideas."
"I like the games and activities which translate into the right message."
"Presenter was very powerful and energised."
"Great improvement compared to last session."
"Simply awesome."
21-22 October 2015, EQ Master Class II, Singapore
Effective Stakeholder Management

"Excellent session! Looking forward to attending future training sessions."
"Dom's ability to convey the right message in the right way was awesome."
"Dominic shares many stories to relate to the course content. Much of it from personal/ family experience - adds a personal touch to the course."
"Powerful, life changing training program. Highly engaging with practical and practicable takeaways. Highly recommended."\
"This course is useful for Project leader, who is required to engage the stakeholder to make the project successful."
"Dominic is a very inspiring facilitator. He is able to share experiences that closely commensurate the principles taught. His energy is stupendous as usual!"
"Very fruitful experience that is key to managing stakeholders."
14 - 15 August 2015, The High EQ Professional, Darwin
High EQ Professional - Personal Leadership & Mastery

"I think Dominic was a terrific presenter. Great presentation style and excellent communicator. I thought the course was excellent and as many people should attend the course as possible. I certainly will be telling people about this course."
"Dom was lovely, very approachable and knowledgeable. Great examples along the way!!"
"I think the course is very valid and self help. Really much appreciated.
"Could be consolidated into shorter time frame. Such a good course. Felt very inspired by the content and it gave me direction to revitalise my goals."
"I greatly enjoyed Dominic Siow. He is passionate and committed. This insight into his own life and experiences were moving and rewarding. If others were interested in a course like this, I would strongly recommend Dominic."
"All good."
"Loved the course. I feel there were lots of practical and useful tips"
13 August 2015, Department of Human Services, Canberra
Introduction to Project Management

"Dom Siow was an excellent presenter."
"Outstanding presenter, very effective."
"The course content gave us a bigger picture of the lifestyle of a project and all things involved."
"Dominic made the content of the training easier to understand."
"Dom was very engaging. Thanks for a great day."
"Presenter was terrific and very engaging. Good amount of content for 1-day course."
"Dominic was very engaging and kept me interested."
"I am very interested in further training to allow me to become a PM professional. This was a great intro to the topic and concepts of PM."
"Dominic is an engaging and passionate presenter. He made the training both applicable to my work and life - and it was also fun! I would highly recommend his training courses to my colleagues."
"Dom was very informative and engaging."
"Enjoyed the facilitator's approach to keep the group engaged."
"Fantastic presentation, well engaged."
23 July 2015, Woollahra Council, New South Wales
Contract Management

"Very beneficial with great examples and tools."
"Dominic is a great presenter, I would love to work with Dominic again with my team."
"Fantastic presentation - stories relating to subjects were very useful."
"Excellent facilitator."
"Dom was excellent, considerate, thoughtful and inspirational."
"Really very good presentation - great energy level, variety of methods used."
"Great combination of tasks, speaking and group work."
"Excellent - very knowledgeable, funny and presented well."
"Great presentation and high energy performance from Dominic."
"[Dom] has terrific presentation skills."
20 July 2015, Department of Communications, Sydney
Introduction to Project Management

"Very thorough with practical applications. Loved Dom's enthusiasm."
"Fantastic - enthusiastic and insightful!"
"Great program, I took away a lot. Dom was awesome."
"Very engaging, good examples and use of humour."
13 July 2015, Ferrero, Sydney
Resilience and Personal Effectiveness

"Outstanding. great insights, inspiring stories, and has left me with a sense of what's possible!"
"Really appreciated Dom's personal stories as a demonstration of the content."
"Very interesting and well delivered."
"Great - Inspiring."
"I found Dom's presentation very motivating and practical. Great Day!"
"Motivational facilitator. Engaging material. Good pace with all examples which worked really well (not death by PowerPoint)."
"Excellent course and brilliant relevant examples."
"Really really helpful and inspiring. Would love to learn more."
9 - 10 July 2015, Defence Materiel Organisation (DMO), Canberra
Contract Negotiation Skills

"Dom is very enthusiastic and engaging facilitator. His style greatly enhanced my learning and absorption of the material."
"Dom was very passionate in his teaching and effectively communicated objectives with the class."
"Very experienced facilitator who engaged fully with all the audience and used real life examples to better explain the subject matter."
"The presenter was very engaging and challenging."
"Dom Siow was highly enthusiastic and informative."
"Presenter was energetic and enthusiastic. Had fantastic examples to reinforce learning and principles."
"Very knowledgeable."
23 June 2015, Randwick Council, New South Wales
Conflict Management

"Dom was a very good teacher. I got a lot out of today. Thank you so much Dom."
"Very good teacher, can't say enough!"
"Course was informative and logical in its presentation."
"Facilitator was animated and gave good personal touch."
"Very good practical examples were used in this training."
"Excellent program."
"Good topic and prepared very well."
"Dominic was great with brilliant life experience examples."
20 June 2015, D&C Interior Projects, Sydney
High EQ Professional

"I learned so much from today's workshop to help me drive myself, my career and relationship forward. Also learned how to change my mindset."
"Thank you Dom."
"Excellent presentation, felt very involved!"
"The program is really fantastic."
"An absolute fantastic day and would encourage all companies and people (in general) to spend the day with Dom."
19 June 2015, Wyong Shire Council,  New South Wales
Putting Our Customers First

"Fantastic presentation of information. A very helpful facilitator. I'm very confident the material presented will be used in my role.
"Best, most engaging trainer I've experienced!"
"Enjoyed hearing personal stories."
"Thanks Dominic for a great session. I really appreciate your facilitating style."
"Good use of examples to demonstrate each point made."
"Dom was great."
"Dom is a very effective facilitator."
"The course was very useful on how to get where we want to be. Very positive."
"Very enthusiastic and powerful presenter - brought the topic to life."
"Good content and well presented with good examples. Difficult to hear due to air-conditioning. Friday afternoon challenging."
"Dom is a great presenter and very personable, interesting and entertaining."
"Dominic is an amazing presenter who is very engaging."
"Always as enthusiastic and engaging."
12 June 2015, Liverpool Council,  New South Wales
Undertake Project Work

"Fantastic presentation of information. A very helpful facilitator. I'm very confident the material presented will be used in my role."
"It's really good.. Good examples."
"Great program and content."
"Brilliant presenter, loved the real life examples given to explain subjects. Loved the energy of Dom."
"Great course in Project Management."
"Great facilitator/ Excellent engagement. Great time management."
9 June 2015, Department of Immigration Canberra, Canberra
The Practical Application of EI in the Workshop

"This topic is very relevant to our department. The tools to apply EQ in the workplace are simple in nature and would be easy to apply with practice."
"Very enthusiastic and energetic presenter with an excellent practical knowledge of the subject."
"Dominic was really motivating and upbeat which increased and improved everyone's mood and frame of mind."
"Dominic engaged with everyone and used good techniques to keep everyone engaged and focused."
"It was interesting to find out some components of the EQ is inherent in us as a social being. But even more fascinating is to find out how little of it is put in actual use in a lifetime."
"Dom was an excellent trainer."
"Dom has a great understanding of the subject. It's good that he includes examples of his own life in the delivery of the subject, making it more personal."
"I would recommend this course to any colleague and will use its concepts in both the workplace and private life."
"Dom's energy was excellent, he is the most inspiring presenter I've seen in a course of this kind."
"Excellent course with a lot of meaningful content. Well balanced with a lot of class engagement. Great course!"
3 June 2015, FeDex, Singapore
The High EQ Professional - Personal Leadership and Mastery

"Very inspiring."
"I am inspired and my take away from this workshop is to Belief in Myself."
"Very inspiring and motivating! Dominic, thank you!"
"Dominic has delivered the key messages in a very clear and inspirational manner. Great workshop!!! "
"Excellent workshop. Enjoyed very much and learned a lot of good stuffs."
28 May 2015, Department of Human Services, Canberra
Stakeholder Management

"I have really appreciated today's learning. I have never had a presenter as dynamic and engaging as Dom. Love your style."
"Love your energy Dom!"
"Thank you Dominic, what a fantastic presentation and course content. Best yet!! "
"Fantastic. Knowledge based. Was great."
"Thank you for the wonderful presentation."
"Absolutely engaging."
"Excellent day, taken away so much information. I feel confident and enthusiastic about applying these skills in my every day work. Thank you Dom."
"I learned skills that I can apply to my work and my personal life which has never happened before in a DHS course! By far the best facilitator I have ever had! Thanks Dom!!"
27 May 2015, Department of Immigration, Canberra
The Practical Application of EI in the Workplace

"I have already witnessed the difference Dom's presentation has made on some of my colleagues who attended several months ago."
"Content was great and covered an in-depth knowledge. The examples discussed were great and easy to understand."
"Fantastic presentation! Very engaging and know how to engage with the class."
"Great organisation of content and timeframe."
Great wide range of subjects."
"Dom was a great presenter. It was interesting to listen to both his formal content of his presentation and informal content. Dom helped to put a few things I am struggling with into perspective. Will definitely be reading his blog!"
"Thank you. It was a great workshop."
"Aware of some content from previous courses, however it was a good reinforcement and showed I was heading in the right direction with behaviours regarding departmental change."
"Very engaging."
"I will definitely be searching for more of his courses in the future."
"Dom is the most invested, personable and inspiring coach I've met and had the blessing of learning from."
"The idea of intentionally changing your internal dialogue or emotional language seems like self- deception, but it truly works and has results!"
26 May 2015, Department of Immigration, Canberra
The Practical Application of EI in the Workplace

"I feel inspired."
"The best presenter/facilitator I have had."
"Excellent course. Great 'value add' for the department."
"Dom was excellent as a presenter. Very enthusiastic."
"One of the best training program."
"Very professional and helpful."
"Very good and filled up my gaps."
"Dom is very inspiring and has really made me want to better my life from what I have learnt today."
"Loved it. Learned a lot. Very motivational."
"Great presenter, very charismatic."
25 May 2015, Department of Human Services, Hobart
Introduction to Change Management

"Excellent presentation/ presenter. Great 'real-life' examples made course extremely relevant."
"Really interesting and informative."
"Such great enthusiasm - really engaged. Stories helped apply the learning."
"Fantastic course! Dom is a great facilitator."
"I was very impressed with Dominic's knowledge on the subject."
"Great, knowledgeable trainer."
"Very well presented. Facilitator was excellent. Very knowledgeable and energetic. Engaging."
"Very engaging facilitator, enjoyed the stories."
"Excellent presenter. Great passion and very engaging. Excellent knowledge of change management. Made the training very interesting."
"Very engaging. Great relevant stories."
"Dom was fantastic."
"Dom was a fantastic presenter. So engaging! Would love to attend his other sessions."
"Great session! So much enthusiasm!"
"Very inclusive and interactive."
"Very engaging and enjoyable."
"Wonderful presenter and very inclusive."
"Dominic has been one of the best presenters I have had. Thank you!"
19-20 May 2015, Department of Immigration, Canberra
Practical Application of EI in the Workplace

"I would like this course offered to the rest of the department."
"Enjoyed the use of case studies and examples. Thanks Dom."
"Very good course and one I'm happy to recommend."
"The facilitator was very good in providing the relevance and content."
"Dominic makes it enjoyable to listen to him."
"Fantastic course, highly effective, highly inspiring."
"Excellent presenter, best experience! Very engaging. Very motivational. 10/10! "
"Presented very well, enjoyable and informative."
"Thank you Dom."
"Fantastic presentation, very inspirational. Thank you."
"Great for all aspects of life. THANK YOU!"
"Wonderful enthusiasm. Practical work stories which are relevant."
"Great work Dom. One of the best courses I've been on todate."
"Everything was well presented and useful."
"Great presentation."
"Dominic is the best presenter I have ever had the privilege of learning from."
"Great work by Dominic Siow."
"Love it."
"Awesome presenter!"
"Excellent presentation."
1 - 2 April 2015, Great Eastern (BTO), Singapore
The High EQ Transformational Leader

"Dominic is a great motivator and teacher. From the way he has presented, it just [shows] how great his presentation and teaching abilities on EQ are."
"Great session, will use it to apply to our current work process and family especially the coaching session."
30 March 2015, Great Eastern, Singapore
Developing the Mindset of an Entrepreneurship

"Excellent communicator, passionate and inspiring!"
20 - 21 March 2015, Ward Keller, Darwin
The High EQ Professional - Personal Leadership & Mastery

"Loads of practical advice and tips (including examples). I feel motivated to make changes (although some small but not insignificant) both at work and at home."
"Enjoyable and informative."
"I found the session very worthwhile and have learned a lot of skills that I will apply in my life."
"Would have loved a one on one to discuss personal application. Do you have audio CDs for sale - great for reminding me."
"Even the dissenters were eventually engaged - well done."
"Never too late to learn a new trick."
24 - 25 February 2015, Lake Macquarie City Council, NSW
Manage Projects

"Dom is an engaging presenter. His method of explaining via storytelling is very effective."
"Dom is a very engaging presenter, and very passionate about what he does."
"The facilitator was fantastic with his engagement and knowledge."
"Again, awesome facilitator."
"Dom is an outstanding facilitator and presenter."
"Excellent program and a very engaging presenter. I will certainly be recommending this training to other colleagues."
"Dominic was excellent, intelligent and engaging."
"Dominic was very enthusiastic and can be commended on his presentation skills. The program was well structured."
"I really enjoyed this course. I have learned a lot."
"Dominic is the BEST presenter I have ever had!!"
2 -4 February 2015, Department of Immigration, Canberra
Practical Application of EI In The Workplace 

"Your session today helped me focus on what my vision is and why it is important."
"Great presentation - very inspiring. Perhaps a few more exercises to help turn the negatives into positives."
"Great energy and knowledge from presenter, with good stories to support concepts."
"Great course, great instructor. Best workshop I have ever attended."
"Dominic is an effective and efficient instructor."
"Very personable and easy to relate to. Well constructed and relevant examples. Very engaging."
"Good course to build energy and think about situation differently."
"After this training, I believe I can do more to better [myself] at workplace."
"Find this training very helpful. Have a better understanding of what Emotional Intelligence is and able to apply this not only in workplace but in personal life."
"This is the only workshop I have enjoyed immensely and would like to come back to attend again. The presenter was unbelievably good and I left the training session full of energy. [The workshop] was interesting, not boring at all and very informative and an encouragement. I would like to attend more of your workshops."
"Brilliant presenter. Wish I could stay longer and listen more. Thank you Dom."
"Excellent method of presenting information in an engaging way."
"I really enjoyed [the workshop]. Inspirational presenter!"
"So much content to take in, I feel I would need a refresher in 6 months to see how I have applied the things learned and to refresh my memory."
"The course has very interesting content and is definitely important in the workplace."
"Dominic is an excellent presenter. Very inspiring. Thank you."
"Great and inspiring course. Thanks."
"Good content, practical approach."
"Terrific presenter - interesting and energetic and enthusiastic."
"Outstanding presenter and workshop! Thank you."
"Very engaging - time well spent."
"Dominic is a very good presenter of content."
"Fantastic and beneficial course. Thank you Dom for your time and making it such a success. You're an absolutely wonderful presenter."
"Dom is an amazing and passionate presenter. He communicated the content well and engaged the audience. He is very knowledgeable and I have taken so much away from this course."
"Absolutely brilliant. Hopefully life changing"
"Very good and helpful! Thank you!!"
"I like the way Dominic shares his personal experience during the course - relevant to Emotional Intelligence."
"Dom is an amazing presenter. He connects [with the participants]. I am more motivated and more self-aware with my emotions."
"Very passionate about the topic."
"It's a great course, very helpful and useful."
21 January 2015, Fedex, Singapore
Creating the High Performance Culture

"Met my expectations."
"The sharing of real-life examples and those practical examples from the workplace [were most useful]."
"Thank you for the great facilitator and hope this will help all in our path ahead."
"Great workshop!! Inspiring and learned a lot. 'They can take away your hope, but they cannot take away your hope and belief.'"
"High energy, very simple but clear concepts."
"Very encouraging and energising."
"Excellent power-learning."
"Excellent sharing."
"Great workshop. I am feeling inspired."
19 January 2015, Great Eastern, Singapore
Developing the Entrepreneurship Mindset 

"Refreshing. Excellent content."
"Very high energy level."
"Dominic is very good."
"I felt all are useful, it gave me positive energy to start year 2015."
"Very informative and useful session. Many thanks."
8 - 9 January 2015, Quanterm, Kuala Lumpur
Creating Exceptional Service Culture 

"Enjoyed and [feeling] encouraged."
"The program was very helpful and effective for a manager."
"All the information/messages from this program will help me to improve my job and also me."
"Frankly speaking, this is the second time I have attended this meeting. I really feel motivated from some of the powerful messages. Of course I do not expect overnight results but I will get better gradually."
"More exercises would be fun, more interaction with one another. Looking forward to the next workshop with more teammates and a productive time."
"The workshop is such a great help to improve and develop my personality."
"This is my first time attending your workshop. You are awesome! Superb! This workshop really inspired me."
"Was very informative and helpful. Simple, precise yet thought provoking and inspiring for anyone interested in providing great customer service. I love the content and feel more energised to share. Looking forward to more training."
"Very energetic and extraordinary as a presenter. Each message is clear and easy to understand."
"Covered all the essentials and principles. Thanks for the stories which are inspiring."
"The workshop is lively and interesting."
"Thank you very much for your presentation! It's helpful!"
"First time attending your workshop. Feeling excited!"
"Another great workshop by Dominic."
"Good job! Keep it up!"
"Enjoyed the real-life stories - very relevant. Like the positivity. Good job and thank you!"
"[This has] positively influenced me to better myself at work and outside." Very professional, caring and positive. Thank you."
12 December 2014, Gosford City Council, NSW
Resilience & Emotional Mastery Skills 

"Concepts on possibility, future planning very useful in these uncertain times."
"Delivered context very well, always maintained attendees' attention with participation and raised voice."
"It was a good course and well presented. Thank you."
"Perhaps our management should have attended prior to letters going out."
"Excellent workshop, quite challenging. Very positive. I would recommend all staff to attend."
"Very inspiring, uplifting and encouraging. Thank you!"
"Love Dominic's energy and enthusiasm!"
"Great presentation skills. Inspiring content."
"Thank you."
"Very useful and easy information to be put in practice. Very inspiring."
"Very well presented workshop. Thank you."
"Connects very well with participants."
"Great training to empower staff at this time."
"Dom's energy and enthusiasm was contagious."
"Very good."
"Very good - entertaining - made things go quickly."
"Very well delivered, inspiring and motivational. Really glad I attended."
"I've just been empowered by Dom for his presentation."
"Loved it… thank you!"
"Very useful. Looking forward to implementing some of Dom's strategies both at work and at home, and also using some of his tools to work towards change."
11 December 2014, Gosford City Council, NSW
Resilience & Emotional Mastery Skills 

"Fantastic - Thanks soo[sic] much!"
"Couldn't have done a better job!"
"Very well presented and engaging."
"Very knowledgeable."
"Well presented, very enthusiastic."
"Very empowering."
"Great - Empowering."
"Fantastic. Thank you."
"Fantastic. Great presenter."
"What can I say. This man is an absolute legend. What a truly inspiring man. I wish I could keep him! Instead I'll try to be just like him."
"Excellent training to motivate people."
"Fantastic. Thank you!"
5 December 2014, Department of Immigration, Canberra
Practical Application of EI In The Workplace 

"Best course ever attended. Lots of value in terms of the way I would approach every aspect of life in the future. Truly inspiring."
"Highly effective course that should be utilised department wide."
"Best facilitator I have ever had the pleasure of learning from!!"
"Awesome course. Glad I attended it. Very motivating."
"Very good content, follow-up sessions in 3 months would be great to reinforce."
"Very worthwhile programme."
"Excellent presenter."
"Enthusiasm and energy of the presenter made this course so much more valuable."
"A more structured approach to the workshop would be beneficial."
"Thank you! Dominic, you're an inspiration. Thank you!"
4 December 2014, Department of Immigration, Canberra
Practical Application of EI In The Workplace 

"Great presenter and important course content. Good timing for me personally and professionally. Thank you."
"Dom is a fantastic presenter - too good to effectively cover the content in a single day. I would recommend running this as a 2-day course. Any less cannot do justice to part of the material. The material is also fantastic. Definitely something that 100% of people should know."
"Very well presented. Relevant to work. Good tips to try."
"Dominic's presentation was extremely valuable, his enthusiasm is contagious. Great work Dom, great fun. I look forward to continual learning of this subject and am pleased workplaces are finally looking and respecting the benefits of EI."
"Excellent. I'm very glad that I came." Dominic is a very inspirational presenter."
"Very enjoyable and highly motivational."
"Dom is an excellent presenter who held the interest of the entire group throughout the day. Very useful and interesting presentation."
"Everyone attended the training has raved about it. A very valuable opportunity."
"Very well presented."
"Excellent presentation."
"Good content - very interesting."
"Having a passionate engaging presenter makes all the difference. Dom was FANTASTIC, even told that to colleagues throughout the day!"
1 December 2014, Department of Immigration, Canberra
Practical Application of EI In The Workplace 

"Best presenter/instructor."
"Would love it to be part of the 5-day course. Excellent trainer. Thank you very much Dom."
"Very engaged."
"Thought provoking."
"Great content, great fun, great day. Would love a longer course!"
"Very happy with this course and trainer."
"Passionate presentation. 10/10."
"Excellent use of storytelling to make understanding easy."
"Enjoyed the workshop. Taking lots of positives."
"It's a very good training course."
13-14 November 2014, EQ Master Class, Singapore
Beyond Management to Transformational Leader

"Wonderful and good display of expressions. Different tonalities keep the session connected."
"Suggestion: come up with audio book"
"All were helpful, important and useful."
"Your workshop is one of the most wonderful workshops I have ever attended. If I can make one impossible wish, I wish there are more people like you to spread the knowledge and the energy out there to teach the whole world."
"Very practical and can use them the next day."
"Dom, as always, is an inspiration. He reiterates things that we need to remember - key takeaways. It would be nice if Dom will have videos or audio/CD that we can have, as supplementary materials. Thanks to Sue and Ratna as well! Great team!"
"Dominic is knowledgeable in the subject matter. He has very high energy and is genuinely passionate about the subject matter. He is very good at story telling to bring across the points effectively."
10-11 November 2014, Great Eastern, Singapore
High EQ Transformational Leader - Planning and Leading Effective Change

"Dom is great in delivering the TEAR concept. It resonates well with me and useful for me to apply in all aspects of my work and personal life."
"The presenter can articulate the materials very well."
"The approach for this training is clear, direct to what we should consider to re-examine our work; easy to apply in real situation."
"Thanks for your knowledge."
"Articulate, interactive, keeps energy level high."
"Always a pleasant experience attending your class, Dom."
"Good effort."
7 - 8 November 2014, Ward Keller, Darwin
The High EQ Leader - Personal Leadership & Mastery 

Thanks Dominic. Hopefully we'll continue to work together."
"Sessions were run in a very entertaining and interesting way."
"First time done anything like this. Still assimilating most of it. But great introduction to fantastic challenges ahead.
5 November 2014, Department of Immigration, Canberra
Practical Application of EI In The Workplace 

"I will be suggesting to my team mates to attend this course. Thank you Dom!"
"Very impressed with the one-day course and the presenter's approach."
"The facilitator delivered an excellent, inspiring workshop."
"Great workshop and presentation."
"Great passion for his work. Will advise others to attend this."
"Dominic was very influential and inspiring. He provided informative scenarios. A gifted man with wonderful retort to his audience. Dom captured 100% of participants' attention. Very entertaining."
"I believe the session were well-spaced and the duration sufficient."
"Dom is a fantastic speaker. I have learned to be more confident in my job and personal life and am more motivated."
"Great and very enjoyable."

"Full of action, fantastic."
29 October 2014, Department of Immigration, Canberra
Practical Application of EI In The Workplace 

"Doubted the course would be of any good - boy was I wrong!"
"Great presenter."
"Very informative content and delivery."
"Very useful exercise."
"An amazing presenter."
"Very good."
"Very useful."
"I loved the video clips and personal anecdotes. Thank you for sharing it with us."
"Wonderful course, very inspiring."
"And now to execution and to sustain the execution."
28 October 2014, University of Queensland (UQBS), Brisbane
Resilience, Agility & Resourcefulness

"Very invigorating and motivating. Helped focus on where I want to go and the exercise was very helpful."
"Excellent depth of knowledge and insight into tapping your personal drivers and motivation. Thanks for your energy and enthusiasm Dom!"
27 October 2014, Gosford City Council, NSW
Resilience & Emotional Mastery Skills

"Most engaging and interesting training session I have ever attended. Thank you."
"Engaging instructor and content."
"Some more written materials/notes to take home would have been great."
"I very much liked and appreciated this course."
"Excellent. Very Engaging!!"
"Very enjoyable."
"Great job Dominic. Very inspiring!"
"Hard to hear at times."
20 - 23 October 2014 - DMO, Canberra
Diploma of Project Management

"Great material and well presented."
"The delivery and level of interaction by the presenter were, in my opinion, a great way to deliver the educational outcomes."
"Dom's delivery could not be faulted."
"Excellent facilitator. Most inspirational."
"Excellent course. I would definitely recommend it to someone else."
"The course audience would benefit from a facilitator that had Defence knowledge and experience so that relevant Defence examples could be provided. However, the facilitator is very knowledgeable regarding the subject content and presented the course very well."
"Dominic is an excellent presenter and knowledgeable."
"A passionate presenter who imparted life changing wisdom."
"No access to PCs at Russell is an issue, i.e. need presenter on hand while completing assignment questions on PC. The content was rushed in my view."
"Dom's enthusiasm is great!"
16-17 October 2014, EQ Master Class, Singapore
Beyond Management to Transformational Leader 

"Dominic is a good facilitator and presenter who shows true sincerity in what he does and shares. He will make a good personal coach for any."
"Best training attended in a long time. Meaningful. Will recommend."
"The presenter has all the skills to deliver the knowledge and interact with the attendees well. The course is interactive and the skills learned is very useful in my daily work."
"Dominic has a wealth of knowledge and experience, and the course material is very current, well-thought through."
"Excellent experience for the past two days! Thank you Dominic for making a difference in our learning and life going forward… "
"Dom is interesting. Admire his humour and passionate presentation style."
"Extraordinary training!"
8 October 2014, Gosford City Council, NSW
Resilience Skills 

"Fabulous speaker, will put into practice at work (and home life) exercises and ideas I have heard today."
"Brilliant! Thanks."
"Many thanks for the opportunity to attend. Very very good."
"Dominic's enthusiasm in his presentation is very contagious, not just for this forum but in life as well. Thanks!"
"Presenter was enthusiastic and very knowledgeable and empowering. Very useful and beneficial program."
"Very motivating, uplifting and inspiring."
"Dom was very engaging and it was worth attending. I feel energised and positive."
"Great workshop."
"Loved it! Thank you."
"While I appreciate and respect the style of the presenter and the exercises he had devised, I thought the level of theatrical actions chosen could improve. However, this is a minor dot in an otherwise all inspiring and excellent presentation!"
"Excellent!!! There is nothing better than sharing your life story. Especially in such an expert and confident way."
"Listening to the presenter's real and heartfelt life story was for me the most interesting and effective topic."
"The training came as an essential time for me."
"Excellent presenter!"
"Everyone should attend this training if not for work, for life in general."
"Best presenter I have seen. His communication skills and knowledge were fantastic (very good)."
3 October 2014, Gosford City Council, NSW
Resilience Skills 

"Life is short, we need to be happy living it."
"If Dominic does another course with Council, I would attend in an instant."
"I would say this is probably one of the best presenters I have had the pleasure to attend."
"Fantastic - loved it! Very practical and loved every minute."
"Dom is very motivating and inspiring. Thank you for helping me change my thoughts."
"Dominic was an insightful trainer."
"Would like to see regular facilitation sessions held at GCC."
"Unreal - very useful."
"Very suitable speaker."
"Amazing presenter. Thank you!"
"Presenter was very knowledgeable and passionate which made the workshop very enjoyable."
"Great presenter. Very approachable."
"Thank you for putting on such a great workshop!"
"Dominic is a great speaker and very passionate. His personal growth is interesting and a useful experience to listen to."
17 - 11 September 2014 - Gasco, Abu Dhabi
Leading Charisma & Authority 

"I am excited about the course and one of the major factors was because the trainer really has the strength to deliver it smoothly."
"[The trainer] is more than excellent and competent. It is an honour for me to attend his course."
"I think the duration can be extended."
"I really like the way the instructor conducted his interesting session."
"Very organised topic with hands-on experience, it was really very useful."
"I want to take this opportunity to thank Mr Dominic for his wonderful session and sharing of his experience."
"Mr Dominic was a good teacher for this course."
"Although most of the contents were not new, it was presented in a refreshing and easy to understand manner."
"Excellent program, I will recommend this to my team. It complements other programs that I have attended."
"In fact I was inspired by Mr Dominic and his shift in his career life. Most of his stories touched our hearts."
4 - 5 August 2014, Defence Materiel Organisation (DMO), Canberra
Undertake Project Work

"Content was delivered well by the presenter."
"Brilliant! MADE the course one of the best courses of this year. Very passionate, animated and engaging."
"Very engaging, very informative, great presentation style."
"Dominic is great. He is super funny and I like his stories - they grounded theory in reality."
"Dominic is a very good presenter. He has great experience and knowledge."
"Great course."
"Fantastic presenter. One of the best seminars/ courses I've been to. Very motivated and passionate about job."
"Dom was a great facilitator and helped us understand the content by making it accessible. I now really understand PM!"
"Dom was a great facilitator."
"Extremely enthusiastic with real life anecdotes to reinforce learning. Highly experience and could answer many questions."
"Good to hear real life examples."
"Dom is enthusiastic and knowledgeable/ insightful. Dom made the experience enjoyable and beneficial."
"Dom was an engaging and entertaining presenter with amusing stories to tell."
"Dom was fantastic in keeping us engaged and answering any and all questions."
"Useful information for people new to project management. Great facilitator."
"Excellent facilitator, he was able to maintain engagement the entire time. He also used real life examples to help explain complex areas."
31 July 2014, Hume City Council, Melbourne
EQ & Exceptional Customer Experience 

"Training was brilliant, very happy."
"Thank you - very energetic."
"A follow up session would be useful."
"Great presentation. I would highly recommend it to my peers."
"Dom is an inspiring man!"
"Outstanding! The best training I've attended. Life changing. Thank you."
"The best training I have ever attended. Great ideas/ strategies that I will use professionally and also in all areas of my life. Thank you."
"Great workshop! Thank you!"
Presenter was excellent. Training was empowering. I hope the whole of Hume Council get the opportunity to have this training. Not only can I use this in work but also in family life."
"Thank you for providing your time and enthusiasm. It has made me re-evaluate certain aspects of my world."
"Awesome workshop, would love to do more."
"Awesome presentation, really felt great."
"Excellent presentation by Dom. Very encouraging and motivating."
"Dom was fantastic and I enjoyed the course."
"Great experience."
"Excellent presentation. Thank you."
"Definitely feeling more positive."
"So very motivating, many experiences to think about."
"Wow, what a fantastic workshop. I have learnt so many new ways of approaching things and utilizing both at and outside work."
"Very timely. Thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of the course."
"Great presentation. Very motivating!"
"Dom was an amazing and energetic presenter. Thank you Dom."
"The session gave me an excellent idea on how to be conscious of my self-awareness."
"Well put together talk. I have definitely learnt today how our actions influence others."
"Great energy!"
"Job well done."
"Very motivating. Breath of fresh air. Should be given to all staff."
11 - 12 July 2014, Ward Keller, Darwin
The High EQ Professional 

"I thought the course was great, I learned a lot and has helped me view things in a different, positive way."
"Really enjoyed the course - has practical applications both personally and professionally, 2 days well spent!"
"Very informative and will assist me to make the necessary changes to advance my work direction, career and my personal life."
"Dom is so enthusiastic it is contagious. Very thought provoking."
"Thank you for a fascinating 2-day session - it has definitely helped me."
"Just lovely. Very inspiring. Don't change anything - I hope to put in place many of the things I have learned. I am sure that if I can focus on your advice, it will change my life for the better. Thank you!"
"Probably the most effective course I have ever attended in terms of my own development. I promise to use what I have learned to condition myself to become an even better person."
"Dom, thank you very much. Will strive to become more confident etc. "YOU ROCK."
8 - 9 July 2014, Taronga Zoo, NSW
Undertake Project Work 

"Very informative, well structured, worthwhile. Will greatly assist different areas in Project Management and Contract Knowledge/ Experience."
"He was well prepared, had presented well too."
"Great to use specific zoo examples and work tasks. Great broad update of things I know but had got lazy with. Dom delivered with great knowledge and enthusiasm."
"Presenter was excellent - informative, entertaining, knowledgeable and very engaging. He knew and was able to pass on content well."
"Engaging presenter and the course was thoroughly explained with case studies and anecdotes that were relevant to my role."
"A little long but ok."
"Good review of all materials."
"Overall the course has added to my body of knowledge and improved my understanding of the team."
"Dom is enthusiastic and interesting presenter who has broad knowledge of subject."
"Infectious enthusiasm from Dom."Love it!"
7 July 2014, Department of Immigration, Canberra
Application of Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

"Best day of training I've had if my memory serves me right!"
"Good energy. Loved the highs and lows of his voice."
"More time for practical application would be great."
"Presenter "lives" EI and he is very influential."
"All the contents were extremely useful and Dominic was a fantastic facilitator."
"I would attend ANY course if Dom were the presenter!"
"Very useful course. Touches on many relevant issues for the organisation right now."
"Thank you. Your stories and passion made the course very engaging."
"Very worthwhile, thank you."
"Dom is an excellent, engaging and influential presenter. Well done!"
"Dom, fantastic and one of the best 1-day course I have been on. Thank you."
3 July 2014, GlobalFoundries, Singapore
Strategic Alignment 

"An uplifting session with good use of video and exercise to promote team work and provided participants to discuss and contribute. Thank you Dominic."
"Thank you for a fruitful day!"
"Felt energised after the workshop."
"Good encouragement given."
"It was a very good workshop for the facility to involve all parties to understand each function role and play."
"Very good workshop to take away many messages for work and personal."
"The training was good and related to work. Should encourage more people to participate."
5 June 2014, TFSPO, Canberra
Effective Influence & Teamwork Using DISC 

"Love it!"
"Well done Dom, another great course."
"No issues - appreciate being given the opportunity to attend this session."
"Completing deadlines in the workplace took away from the enjoyment/ embracing the course because of the distraction/ time off core tasks."
"Far better paced then the prior course, a good opportunity to consolidate understanding of DISC profiles and what we can do as a consequence."
4 June 2014, TFSPO, Canberra
Effective Influence & Teamwork Using DISC 

"The time went quickly and I got a lot out of it. Thank you."
"Excellent session, good info & well presented."
"Thank you."
"Fantastic - Again invaluable life skills… THANK YOU!!"
27 May 2014, Yokogawa, Singapore
EQ and Transformational Leader 

"I learned a lot from the presentation. The presenter was clear and delivered the information very well. The value [of this presentation] absolutely helped [me to better] handle my work in office, my life and family."
"An interactive presentation that I can stay awake throughout the session. Help to remind myself the balance of EQ and IQ because as technical R&D we sometimes leave out the other side of humanity = emotional intelligence. Thank you."
"Thank you very much."
"More stories please."
19 May 2014, Gosford City Council, New South Wales
Resilience and Emotional Mastery 

"I would like to attend more courses run by Dominic, very motivating. Relevant examples and meaningful tools."
"Topics covered extremely well." All topics discussed were great. Dominic was an awesome and enthusiastic presenter!"
"Excellent facilitator, great energy and use of theory and great practical examples/ cases."
"Great presentation. Great story teller." Personal stories allowed it to seem more real life."
"The facilitator was one of the best I have ever had." Perhaps more practical change management strategies."
"Dom really makes a great presenter."
"Great work Dom!" Point backed up by a story or video."
15 - 16 May 2014, Campbelltown Council, Sydney
Undertake Project Work 

"Dominic was a fantastic presenter, very dynamic and engaging. Made what I thought would be a "boring" topic interesting!"
"The course content is very detailed and the workbook is extremely detailed."
"Facilitator was very passionate and motivating, knowledgeable."
"Very good presenter."
"Course was inclusive of general management practices which will also be helpful."
"Presented well - kept a good level of engagement."
"Explanations, theories and discussions really helped to "sink in" the principles."
2 May 2014, Gosford City Council, Sydney
Resilience and Emotional Mastery 

"Great energy and confidence. Great story-telling."
"Consistently Dom has used analogies to real-life scenarios and help reinforce learning. Very energetic presentation. Thank you Dom."
"Wonderful course and a very engaging, and thought provoking facilitator."
"Very helpful"
"Really enjoyed the interaction with such an engaging presenter."
"Absolutely fantastic course and presenter. Applicable in both the professional and personal world."
"Excellent workshop. I would recommend to others. Enjoyed Dom's positivity and energy."
9 April 2014, FeDex, Singapore
EQ and The Transformational Leader

"I felt fulfilled and wonderful after attending this workshop! The presenter makes use of body language and interaction with the audience."
"I will definitely download the guide and give it a read. I totally agree the part of greeting one by name. Great job Dom!"
"Captivating presentation!"
"Dominic is a highly engaging and inspiring speaker."
"What a great speaker who inspires! Thank you for sharing!"
"Excellent presentation."
"Awesome presentation, thanks!"
"Extremely good, well presented. Very timely for me personally."
"Awesome and fantastic motivator."
"Superb - Feel motivated immediately!!"
"Great - Well done! Keep up and moving."
"Very inspiring and hope to have more sessions with you."
"Great presentation and contents."
"Very good presenter."
"Feel inspired and thanks for sharing."
"Very inspiring motivator."
"Great presentation! Carpe diem!"
"It was the most inspiring one hour of my life. Thank you Dom. It was great."
"Great presenter."
"Great energy level, and good contents and examples (stories)."
"Great speaker, excellent example."
"Great and inspiring."
April 2014, Engineers Australia, Sydney
The Role of Emotional Intelligence in Risk Management 

"Worthwhile in every project and every situation"
"I'll certainly be investing time learning more about this topic. Thanks!"
"Just brilliant. There's nothing else to say."
17 March 2014, Microlink, Kuala Lumpur
Effective Influence & Teamwork Using DISC 

"The training helped me to understand on how to handle/monitor the team, communicate, take action, influence people. 'FEAR' helped me to give a clear picture on how to form better relationship."
"Really enjoyed every moments of the workshop."
"Was a good workshop."
"The use of personal stories and movie clips were very effective in getting the message across. For some activities, may need to extend the time a bit as some people would like to share more."
"Inspired, motivated, knowledgeable and useful workshop. Interesting. Time well spent!"
"Very good, should add more time. TQ."
10 - 11 March 2014, Department of Parks & Wildlife, WA
Aspiring Leaders 

"An amazing trainee, the best since I began work with DEC/DPaW. … Let's get him back to finish our training course."
"An extremely well presented course by a presenter, who is able to engage with his audience. Dom has clearly been there and done "that" and used the very principals he teaches on this course to improve and change his life for the better.
By applying the principals learned on this course, I am very confident that I can improve my leadership ability in the workplace and, also improve my life and achieve more.
Well done and thank you!"
"Passion, energy and relevance that can be applied."
"Training was well delivered and structured to easily understand and easy to implement ideas in [the] workplace."
"Thank you for your energy and enthusiasm. Thank you for sharing your stories."
"Well done Dom. Great energetic presenter and storyteller!"
"Excellent, great presentation, engaging and relevant."
"Great presenter, great energy and engagement with attendees."
March 2014, TFSPO, NSW
The High EQ Leader & Influencer DISC360 

"Another fantastic workshop. Great insight into the human psyche and how we view and interact."
"Dom's inclusion of life experiences gave significant credibility to the theories presented. Outstanding and dynamic."
"Thanks Dom, I learned a lot about myself and the possibilities of the future, PLUS ideas for my kids. Cheers."
"Day carried well, good fun and relevant."
"As always, I have thoroughly enjoyed this workshop, Dom is energetic and provides an easy to relate and realistic workshop."
"Well done Dom as usual. I realise how perfectly imperfect I am. Lots of room for personal growth."
"Great presentation style."
"Inspiring presentation/course that come from a genuine belief in what he teaches."
"An enjoyable and interactive day. Great strategies and concepts to reflect on, build on and engage with."
"Great energy, anecdotes and insights. Thanks Dom!"
"Excellent and valuable course for the journey ahead."
"Liked the video and the follow up discussion/ key takeaways."
"Excellent session."
March 2014, TFSPO, NSW
Personal Growth & Mastering Change 

"Amazing energy and enthusiasm. A very enlightening and entertaining session."
"Dominic, your presentation style is the most positive endorsement of the strategies you've presented."
"I could have spent a whole day in this course/environment. Thanks."
"Have completed similar workshops at other organisations and I feel Dominic is an excellent presenter compared to other presenter."
"A good opportunity to 'sharpen the saw.'
"'Very inspiring."
"This was a very valuable course. It will help in both my work and home life."
"Dom was extremely enthusiastic about this topic which was shared during this presentation."
"Very enjoyable."
"Should be available to all staff."
"Brilliant! Reinforced many of the things I already knew but also provided new and useful information and skills."
"Great course."
"Fantastic! Thanks!
I need to move tonight to process this information. Thank you."
"Well presented and would like to attend future sessions."
"Well presented."
"Excellent presentation."
"+10 Effort, +10 Positive Effect, +10 Presentation, +10 Learning Opportunity, +10 Learning Outcomes Met! Sincerely enjoyable! Inspiring!"
"Terrific presentation and very valuable information."
"Time well spent. Tangible take-aways."
"Very good workshop for individuals, a link to organisational change may be of benefit for this audience."
"I wish this course was offered when I was younger."
"Very enjoyable and helpful! Thanks.
17 - 18 December 2013 - NCS, Singapore
Beyond Management to Transformational Leadership 

"Excellent program to empower leaders to not just be managers but a servant leader that guides with passion for the betterment of people and organisation."

"This course is not all about leadership. It's about transformation. To align our focus and energies to the things that actually matter to our end goal. Key takeaway from Dominic - "When the dust settles, what matters" Dominic is a highly energised trainer, and a very inspirational one at that. His messages and positive energy rubs off on everyone in the workshop. Highly recommended for anyone looking for renewed energy and life goals to attend!!"

"The subject covered are very applicable…."

"Dom is an excellent trainer. I look forward to your course that he may be conducting in the future."

"The course is very beneficial, a lot of knowledge and ideas to apply not just in work but also in life (family & friends).Being positive and make this positive energy and feeling contagious to spread and influence others. Thanks Dominic."

"Fantastic delivery of material! Learned a lot! Thanks!"

"Dominic is able to keep us focused for the 2 full days with his interesting and relevant sharing. The activities are also helpful for us to learn how to utilize the tools."

"A very well structured course. Perhaps to have one more day to include in more examples and references."

30 November - 1 December 2013 - Microlink, Kuala Lumpur 
Team Building 

"We had an awesome time! Good points and eye-opener. TQ!"
"He's very inspiring and motivated."
"Basically it was the best training that I ever attended."
"It is the best training that I have ever attended. Well done and thank you."
"Good job and well done for Dom, Sue and the team. Thank you."
"Good knowledge and presentation skills."
"A very good and inspiring presenter."
"Good show."
"Great session."
"Very good workshop."
"Exceptional presenter. Just love the execution style! Just love what you are doing for the community. God bless you and your family. Hope Jeremy stays successful with his music. Love that phrase "true or true!". Do email me the photos if you can."
"Excellent and useful."
"Great workshop that inspires all."
"Good course and knowledgeable trainer."
"The games were interesting and taught some good lessons. The DISC is very interesting and makes me realise what I've been doing wrong all this while."
"This is an amazing and inspiring training that I ever had, thank you for giving us a very great workshop.  The only thing is time is not enough.  We should have it more next time."
"A good instructor and presentation. Clear."
"Thanks to all of the trainers. This team building workshop makes me more confident…"
"Good trainer. Not enough time."
"Fun and enjoyable."
"Trainer is a funny guy."
"Appreciate that I can participate in this workshop."
"Overall very interesting."
"Very good!"
"Overall a good training and have clear picture of the topic."
"Good presenters."
"Good and thanks to Dom and his team."
"Excellent presentation."
"Dominic inspired me a lot! A big thank you to him and the team!"
"Good presentation, he is able to draw attention when he speaks. An experienced trainer."
"The best ever training that I have attended."
8 November 2013 - NCS, Williamtown - NSW 
Personal Growth & Mastering Change 

"Inspiring presentation."

"Empowering & inspiring way of presenting change."

"Very enjoyable workshop and it has provided me with an outlook and a number of tools that will help me to understand, cope and thrive in a time of change."

"Excellent presentation."

"Dominic is very knowledgeable and passionate about the topic; Positive Attitude!"

"The workshop offered some very practical tools to use for coping the change in all areas of life, through a passionate presentation."

"A very engaging presenter with a passion for life, who has presented this topic in simplistic nuggets that you can use in getting forward. Great session."

"Thanks Dom - Excellent. Do you present to schools??"

"Enjoyed the session."

"More time for the presentation would have allowed more participation. Sensational. Thank you."

"Excellent presentation that would be highly beneficial for ALL SPO members to undertake."

"Well worth it."

"Gives me a lot to think about.


22 - 26 September 2013 - Gasco, Abu Dhabi
Leading Charisma & Authority 

"Very effective."
"I would like to attend more of similar course in future."
"Outstanding in [delivering] the information to the [participants]."
"Time was well utilised."
"Strongly agree the facilitator is an expert in this subject."
"Material was brilliant."
"Excellent presenter who keeps us linked."
"Excellent and very useful course. We have gained a lot from this program."
"Mr Dom is a wonderful person and he engaged all the audience."
"All the topics were perfect and will help to improve my leadership skills."
"Excellent course with high level of information."
"1st class presenter with good charisma."
"The facilitator is very experienced, confident and knows exactly what to do. I appreciate having him as the facilitator for this valuable course."
"I feel that this course helped me greatly in improving my charisma."
"Excellent instructor. I can't think of a better person for this task."
"Wonderful course."
"That's what I am missing and [now I] got it."
"I will recommend this course for others in Gasco for section heads level and above."
"Professional instructor."
"Excellent arrangement and the content is rich and will help us to [apply] what we learned, not only in Gasco but in our personal lives."
"Mr Dom is an excellent facilitator/ presenter and he motivates us and is full of energy."
8 - 12 September 2013 - Gasco, Abu Dhabi
Transition from Management to Leadership

"The facilitator is one of the best."

"All information presented were useful."

"Very nice course, [it clearly explains] the definition between managers and a leaders."

"This program is one of the most effective and useful training program I have had."

"The facilitators are very active with high level of knowledge who made the program very interesting and enjoyable, through a variety of demonstrations and healthy interactive discussions."

"I personally like Mr Dominic's style of presentation."

"All [topics] are important and presented very well."

"Very useful training."

"We had the best of the best teachers."

"Very well presented. Need to add subjects about decision-making."


"Most of the topics were useful and complement each other."

20 - 21 August 2013 - BHCC+, Melbourne
Enhancing Your Leadership Profile

"Dominic is a phenomenal trainer. His knowledge and ability to share it in a way that is easily understood is second to none. Thank you so much!"
"Dom is amazing, he has a very positive energy. This workshop has given me a more effective way to communicate with people. I can't wait to put it into action. 'I feel fantastic'."
"Fantastic 2 days - great group and exceptional presenter."
"Very good application for my workplace."
"Brilliant workshop."
9 August 2013 - TFSPO, NSW
Personal Growth and Mastering Change

"Very well presented and energetic."
"Very energetic, Offered a new perspective on life."
"A great presentation and course."
"Dom was terrific! Energy levels, passion and conviction to a course for self development was amazing."
"Thoroughly enjoyed getting back in touch with the foundations/basics of EI. Many great catch phrases which are inspirational triggers for change in thought processes and in turn behaviours. I would love for this type of presentation to become part of our school curriculums so our next and future generations can benefit from these teachings and philosophies."
"Extremely good - Great!! I am Inspired!! I will continue my journey with added conviction.
"Thank you for your time. I realised I already had some of the knowledge and skill, however you gave me the tools and overall picture to see what is important and how to apply it. The two things I got was: 1) How to control my thinking and physically to affect my emotions. 2) Why this is important to achieve fulfilment and success."
"Thoroughly enjoyed the presentation. Reinforced a lot of things but also new stuff and that is great! Thank you."
"Powerful messages - the needs of the spirit and you make the choice in how you feel.""
Messages I needed to hear, see and feel - participate in life, be in the moment and believe in your future. Thanks Dom."
"I believe you may have given me the confidence to dial in the 6th number of the briefcase of opportunity and the willingness to grow."
"Thank you Dom, as always you have inspired me to a critical life changing decision in the wake of current challenges. Be blessed in your journey. Thanks!"
"Very good presentation and good inspiration."
"Fantastic! I like that you have simplified some of the concepts that I have heard from other motivational speakers. Excellent job!"
"You have given me a new goal."
"Thanks Dom and Sue. A wonderful reflection and learning again. I'll keep you informed on our journey, let you know how we progress and grow."
"Very high energy program. Dominic has infectious enthusiasm.
"Nice, inspirational day and informative. Relevant to helping our team deal with current challenges."
"Thank you for the opportunity to better understand what my wife is doing as a life-coach and NLP Master Practitioner. I will now take more time to understand her journey!"
"Excellent. Thanks."
26 July 2013 - Suncorp, Melbourne
Introduction to Emotional Intelligence - Principles of Self-Awareness and Emotional Mastery

"Love it!"
"Very impressive presentation."
"Most informative."
"Great pace, high energy."
"Excellent and engaging workshop."
"Excellent workshop. Really enjoyed it. I learnt a lot."
"Enjoyed the session, loved Dom's energy and passion."
"Great. Really worthwhile. Learned a lot. Please put me in your mailing list."
"Great work, well done."
"Dominic - you were very engaging, highly energetic and passionate and thoroughly enjoyed your workshop. Thank you for sharing your personal stories with us."
"Great energy!! Thanks."
"Great workshop. Such energy. Am going to find what makes me really successful and fulfilled. To recognise the 'joy' in my life. Well done and thank you for your 
"Thank you for a great day, Dominic!"
"Certainly connected with presenter's materials. Most rewarding."
"Very enjoyable day filled with excellent ideas you can apply to work and life. Great experience."
"Great workshop. You have re-energised my thinking." 
24 - 25 July 2013 - LNS, Canberra 
EAPA - Opportunites and Challenges

"Really enjoyed your enthusiasm towards the group. You gave great encouragement tips."

"Great enthusiasm…"

"Great stories. Great at getting us up and motivated."

"Dominic is a brilliant presenter with ways on how to make things work the right way. He provides examples which made the presentation more understandable. He seems very passionate about his work and the energy he presents of himself make the components more interesting! Very engaging."

"Positive presentation, very spontaneous and lots of fun."

"Examples provided skilfully brought all the matters together relating to the EA Summit."

"Very informative. Fantastic. Very motivating and inspiring."




"Content strong. Excellent in using narrative as a learning tool. Worked hard to maintain energy of the room."

"Wow, what an amazing man. Lover his energy. Thank you Dom."

"Great speaker."

"Very good speaker. Energetic."

"Fantastic, enthusiastic speaker. Great at capturing the audience. Makes the subject fun and interesting."


"Each of his presentation challenged how I thought of my role."

"Fantastic. Very inspirational." Will take plenty of his ideas back to the office."


"Excellent. Was very interesting. Would go to a session just to listen to him."

16 - 19 June 2013 - RBA, Abu Dhabi 
Advanced Communication Skills

"Very valuable course. The trainer is one of the best."

"Very good presenter."

"The content of this course was great, and what made it even more beneficial and inspiring is Mr Dominic Siow, who made this experience so pleasurable and showed how applicable it is in our personal and work lives. Many many thanks for giving us the honour to be lectured by him!"

"This program really helped me [overcome] my fears and think about my future goals."

"Mr Dominic, thank you for inspiring me and pushing me to be more effective communicator."

"Excellent course."

"Excellent skills in motivation and promoting positive attitudes. The real examples given throughout the course were powerful."

"This is the most helpful training in communication I ever attended. Thanks Dom!!"

"Excellent presenter and motivator. Well structured course."

"I have learnt a number of interesting things, and very useful tools to apply in my real personal and professional life."

"Instructor style and energy were perfect"

"Amazing, Inspiring Training. Loved it!"

"Amazing Enthusiastic Instructor!"

"Everything was provided and time-keeping was prompt."

"A big thank you to Dominic for being humble enough to transfer his personality and insights to us."

29 - 30 May 2013 - CCAS, Singapore
EQ and Creating the Exceptional Customer Experience

"Dominic is a passionate speaker. I enjoy his truthful sharing and his willingness to share his personal experience. I think he is able to 'touch' the audience's heart because he is so genuine and yet funny. And when he connects with the audience this way, he makes a lasting impression and people can walk away remembering things he said."
I really enjoyed myself and am impressed by the presenter. He teaches with full passion, which touches my heart. He taught us many useful techniques which I am motivated to apply in my workplace."
"Mr Siow truly inspires me to be a better person because his stories made me realise that it's possible to achieve my 4 basic needs, even if I ultimately does it in the service to others. His training is memorable because it's sincere, it's true and it's possible! I wish him the best of luck in his pursuit and may he continuously moved and influence others."
"Great course! Thank you Dominic. Glad I made it."
"Very good motivational talk."
"Great workshop! Had fun and reminded myself of why I am doing certain things in my life."
"Perhaps a longer duration to cover more related topics."
"Thank you so much for your wonderful, insightful sharing. It was so inspiring."
"Enlightening and interesting course."
"Fantastic course. I am sold with the EQ concept. For someone like myself who does understand about building relationship, acknowledging sympathy and empathy, I definitely learned a lot from this course."
27 - 28 May 2013 - NCS, Singapore
Building A High Performance Team

"I am grateful that I have made the right choice to join this course. I believe this course will definitely change my life and the lives of the persons surrounding me. Thank you!"
"Dominic, you are full of energy. Thank you for energising each one of us."
"Good presentation. Very inspirational. Reason why I'm not giving a 5 as there's always room for more improvement and growth."
"Dominic was absolutely inspirational! Great stuff!"
24 May 2013 - GTESPO, Sydney

"Excellent session. Dominic is very enthusiastic and obviously passionate about the subject which greatly improves participation and value. Thanks."
"A very professional presentation. Very effective in conveying the key messages. Thank you for the great take aways."
"Would love to attend a longer version of the course."
"Thank you Dominic. Great adventure I participated in today that will be valuable in the work environment, at home and with my future goal of inspiring others in my new career. I will definitely re-engage with you in the future. Very respectfully, Kent."
"Very worthwhile and I would have liked to spend more time on the subject."
20 - 23 May 2013 - DMO, Melbourne
Diploma of Project Management

"Excellent instructor, highly motivational, lots of energy. I have never had a more inspiring instructor."
"Very motivational course which I felt had far more value than any other DMO course I have attended."
"The presenter Dominic Siow is an excellent presenter, and in terms of soft skills he is one of the best I have attended…."
"Dominic is an excellent facilitator. He brings a great deal of enthusiasm and energy to the classroom, and has an enormous amount of Project Management experience to draw on."
"Dominic is an excellent presenter!"
"Dom is one of the most enjoyable presenter I've had the pleasure to experience."
"Great! Don't change a thing."
"Really enjoyed the course, thought it was structured really well, and flowed well. Thanks Dom!!"
"Dom brought great energy and passion to the facilitation, thoroughly enjoyed participating."
"Thank you Dominic, the energy you had has motivated me. Your videos, examples and sharing of your experience have all been relevant, useful and inspiring."
"Facilitator encouraged a great atmosphere in the class and used many great examples to illustrate and emphasise the subject matter. Most infectious enthusiasm."
27 February 2013 - LaTrobe City Council, Victoria
The Role of Emotional Intelligence in Superior Customer Service

"Loved the energy generated. The messages are not new but the presentation was memorable. Thank you."
"Great session, very inspiring!"
"Great job."
"Thank you."
"Exceptional! 2nd time round was as great as the first! Thank you."
"Very enjoyable presentation! Thank you."
"Very infectious. Love the movement!"
"Extremely empowering session. Fantastic."
"Very worthwhile."
"Dominic was very energetic and inspiring. Thank you."
"Exceptional speaker. Would have listened to all day."
"Excellent, enjoyed the presentation. Well done, very touching!"
"Very enlightening session. Good and practical."
"Fantastic. Thanks. Happy Travels!!"
"It has reinforced some of the things I have been putting into place for myself."
"[A] very motivating speaker."
"The best training offered at LaTrobe."
"WOW - the most thought provoking, inspiring and positive workshop I have ever attended! Awesome! Many thanks."
"Repeating important messages helps me to remember. I will start practising at home as well as at work. I will remember that I cannot please all people, but I can influence a negative experience to be more positive. Thank you for today."
"Thank you."
"Thanks Dominic. I really related to some of the scenarios you spoke of!!"
"Very good - enjoyed greatly."
"Very energetic. Good practical examples."
"Thank you Dominic for sharing your passion with us. You are very inspirational. You also instil confidence, ignore the noisy chatter and listen to your inner self - it is possible and doable to believe in yourself. Your energy is infectious!"
"Well done."
"Loved it!"
"Was very good and Dom had my attention for the whole session. Reinforced the idea that everyone can make a difference with very little extra effort."
"Great energy transmitted to all in the room. I will look forward to challenging my comfort zone."
"Your enthusiasm is contagious. Thank you for sharing it with us. Thank you for entertaining and [your] enlightening style."
"Thank you so much for taking the time to present your workshop to us - LOVED IT! You have reinforced all my beliefs. Attitude is everything and excellent customer [service] comes from within."
"The presentation was fabulous. Thank you so much."
"Absolutely brilliant. Introduced new ideas while also reflecting on some known theories. Great presenter, energy is high."
"Excellent, one of the best seminars I've been to!! Inspirational and so true! I wish my teenagers were here to hear you. Do you have any notes from the seminar?"
"I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and could easily listen for another 1 1/2 hours. Thank you."
"Great workshop! Really enjoyed the experience."
"I hope to attend more sessions with Dom. AWESOME. LIFE CHANGING!!"
"Dominic's enthusiasm was infectious and a nice reminder of how we can choose to be."
"Now! I didn't want the session to be over, I could have listened to Dominic all day. I took away some key messages to live by and to reflect on. I almost felt like I needed quiet reflection time afterwards, to ensure they all sunk in. In a word, Dominic, it was sensational! Thank you."
"Very easy to listen to."
"The room was full of energy."
"Dominic did well to cover the topic in a short period of time. This topic/session could be offered over 1/2 day or full day. Let's do this again!
The presenter could be invited to facilitate other development workshops."
"Excellent - I feel fantastic!"
26 February 2013 - Women's Network, Australia
Emotional Intelligence for Superior Performance

""Excellent delivery on very relevant topic. Thank you for enlightening me."
"Good presentation."
"Great presentation. Got the attention of most if not all member. Thank you."
"Thank you for your wonderful encouragement & tools to help me live a more fulfilled life."
"Excellent presentation and good sense of humour. I really enjoyed it. Thank you."
"It was a lively presentation. It was the first time a presenter is actively introducing himself & making everyone feel comfortable & breaking the ice. I would like to know whether the presenter does individual life coaching?"
"Very practical tips and will apply to my life straightaway."
"Very interesting session, gained a lot of ideas."
"Very interesting. Life examples given to express the ideas."
"Really worth the time."
"Subject well covered in a friendly & effective manner. Thanks. Very good examples used."
"Brilliant. Thank you. Ready to inspire others."
"Great level of energy."
"A great presenter."
17 November 2012 - Repco, Melbourne
The High EQ Professional - Principles of Self-Awareness & Emotional Master

"I don't normally score anything so high but I believe you have earned it. EXCEPTIONAL!
"The presentation was great. I got a lot out of it and will put it to good use."
"I hope this course can be experienced by secondary school students."
"A great day Dom. Keep up the fantastic work. Hope to experience a session with you again."
"The session was enjoyable in its entirety."
"Great as usual."
"Dom did an absolutely fantastic presentation. Got a lot our of the day. Good fun."
"Dominic was very thorough and gave great analogies and stories that made learning and remembering the ideas a lot easier."
"An excellent workshop."
"Inspiring, great positive reinforcement."
"Excellent communication skills with good examples [using] stories."
"Thank you Dom for this life changing course."
13 - 15 November 2012 - Central West Catchment Authority, Dubbo
Diploma of Project Management

"Thank you, I cannot express my thoughts enough to convey my appreciation."
"The best course I have ever attended, simply due to the way that Dom conducted the course."
"The way in which it was presented was the key to [my] understanding the content."
"Dom is a great presenter, really learnt heaps."
"If I could give a 10 out of 10 I would."
"Dom training skills are engaging! Very useful and positive time - quite uplifting"
"I feel I've really benefitted from this experience."
"Dom was fantastic, this course was unlike any other I have attended. I appreciate his knowledge of the subject matter and his ability to engage"
"Dom is a fantastic presenter who is very aware of his audience. He made all attendees feel [being] part of the course and his ability to mix personal with professional made the course."
"I think the trainer was the key. Dominic is motivational and inspirational. The way he delivers the content and uses real life examples is excellent. Thank you - I will keep in touch with Dominic."
"Dom's delivery style is the best I have ever seen! I have enjoyed and learnt a lot about program management but also come away with skills I can use in my own life!  Something I did not expect."
"I certainly thought Dom's experience give him the ability to teach through example plus the theory."
"Great program."
"Dom is fantastic. Best course ever!"
1 - 2 November 2012 - Lake Macquarie City Council, Lake Macquarie
Manage Projects

"Insightful and empowering."
"Dom's energy was contagious."
"Dominic is a great presenter. Clear, easy to relate to, knowledgeable and fun."
"Excellent use of teaching methods. Learning extends into everyday life - love that! Felling of empowerment. Time management of presenter [was] excellent - he really 'walked the talk'."
"Wow - incredible energy! Very inspiring and engaging. Great use of real life examples to illustrate a point - very effective to allow increased understanding/retention of knowledge."
"Interesting and energetic presenter."
"I especially enjoyed the music during activities. Dom was a very engaging presenter, also very supportive and approachable."
"Great workshop."
"Passionate presenter."
"Dominic's use of practical, real-life examples made the course relevant. I enjoyed Dominic's enthusiasm."
"Very interesting and workable in both work and life, learnt huge amount of relevant and useable ideas/tasks/skills."
"I felt engaged and believed what he was saying because there was a genuine passion and knowledge on the subject."
"Great presenter, maintained my interest. Well done Dom."
30 - 31 October 2012 - Centrelink, Canberra
Certificate IV in Project Management

"Dom was excellent, he explained concepts well and he ensured that through story telling he reinforced these concepts. He was enthusiastic and a great presenter. In particular, I like that we worked through the examples and activities. The time was sufficient."
"Dom is excellent. He explains the concepts well and also a great motivator. [He also] repeated the salient points."
"Very enthusiastic facilitator."
"Definitely glad Dom was providing this training."
"Presenter was revelatory - very inspirational."
"Great presenter."
24 - 26 October 2012 - Centrelink, Canberra
Diploma of Project Management

"Content was relevant and interesting. Dominic is a fantastic facilitator and I would recommend this course to others."
"The is the best course I have attended in my working life. I thoroughly enjoyed every part of the 3 days and this was mainly due to the way it was delivered by Dominic. He made me laugh and also brought tears to my eyes with his stories. Thank you."
"Dominic is a wonderful presenter. He had me focused for the full 3 days and due to his training style, I have been able to retain all information even though there was a lot of content covered."
"Dominic is an excellent presenter/facilitator/trainer. His energy and enthusiasm have such a positive impact to the group. I find his way of delivering the content is very effective for adult learners."
"Dominic made the course and material very enjoyable. He presented with a lot of energy which reflected the whole class. Thank you Dominic. I also found his stories very interesting."
"Well paced, informative and presented to a high standard. Fully inclusive, addressing everyone's needs."
"The most enjoyable and encouraging presenter I have the pleasure in working with. Thank you."
"Dominic's energy and encouragement have provided me with work and life lessons. Very useful and positive. Job well done and thank you."
"Great, really enthusiastic and inspirational."
"The course was effective and interesting - made excellent by the facilitator - Dom."
"Presentation was excellent."
"Brilliant, approachable and varied learning styles."
22 - 23 October 2012 - Willoughby City Council, NSW
Manage Projects

"Well presented - clear language used i.e. no 'jargon' used."
"Dom was enthusiastic, cheerful and engaging and made the course a lot of fun."
"Dom was very helpful and an interesting presenter."
"Dom was extremely passionate presenter and obviously enjoyed what he is doing."
"A large proportion of anecdotal discussion, relevant reminders of basic concepts reiterated."
"Dom is animated, energetic and has lots of useful stories/anecdotes to help get ideas across. Thank you!"
"Excellent presenter."
"Great instructor! Full of energy and great use of examples."
17 - 18 October 2012 - Lake Macquarie City Council, Lake Macquarie
Manage Projects

"Great course and very well presented. Would love to do another advance course. Thank you."
"[Dominic] took time to explain and put in context, so everyone had understanding."
"Strong content with practical outcomes to be used in everyday work - just not projects."
"Excellently delivered! Energetic, positive and promoted a fun and interactive learning experience."
"Very energetic - helpful, easy to follow."
"Engaging presentation of what could potentially be [a] boring content."
"Excellent engagement."
"Dominic's presentation skills are excellent. I took most out of his ability to deliver the information using his skills rather than reading from the powerpoint."
"Excellent in connecting to the group."
"Information was very beneficial, and I will be able to utilise it in my job."
"Dominic was very engaging, delivered the information very well, and made the workshop very enjoyable."
"Assessments very hands-on and assisted to support my learning and understanding."
"Dominic was a very engaging presenter, Many real-life examples to demonstrate key messages, involved all participants and clarified understanding."
"Great course, had fun."
"Excellent delivery, Dominic's energy really holds your attention."
15 - 16 October 2012 - Lake Macquarie City Council, Lake Macquarie
Manage Projects

"Excellent presentation, possibly the best 2-day training course I've attended. Broadly applicable knowledge from an excellent facilitator and trainer."
"The presenter was excellent & engaging, making the 2 days enjoyable."
"Great sessions. Very valuable for work & home."
"Fantastic enthusiasm & energy. Very inspiring."
"Great enthusiasm & experience."
"Excellent programme that will assist with my role but also personally."
"Excellent presenter who engaged audience very well."
"Great method of teaching the application of Project Management story telling."
"Dom is an excellent presenter. His enthusiasm is infectious and his real world examples were informative but also fun to listen to."
11 - 12 October 2012 - Gloucester Shire Council, NSW
Certificate IV Project Management

"Extremely well presented."
"Excellent presentation."
"Enjoyed Dominic's enthusiasm for the topic. His knowledge is extensive and well rehearsed."
"I enjoyed Dominic's enthusiasm, knowledge and stories in bringing the subject to life."
"Very passionate trainer with excellent stories that are relevant to the topic."
"Dom has a very engaging style of delivery with a good mix of visual and scenario training."
15 September 2012 - REPCO, Sydney
Communicating to Influence & Creating Exceptional Customer Relationship

"Yet another successful and useful workshop. I found it re-enforcing of what I've learned before. THANK YOU DOM & SUE!!"
"Excellent session yet again Dom."
20 - 21 August 2012 - GTESPO, Sydney
Coaching in the Workplace

"Excellent course that challenged how I think and act as not just a manager but also as a person. The ability of the presenter to relate to the whole course over different situations was outstanding! I know I will be a better person and manager in future. Thank you."
"Thanks Dom, it was great as usual. Thanks for your understanding, always enjoy your examples to reinforce learning."
"Good techniques and understanding of behavioural traits."
"Great session. Thought provoking - thanks."
"Thanks Dom. Well structured around our brief to you."
18 August 2012 - Hume City Council, Melbourne
Customer Service Presentation

"Very well presented, made session light-hearted, personal experiences were very relevant."
"Truly enjoyed the whole presentation, and was touched by him sharing his personal experience."
"Dominic is a very animated and confident, even when some audience were not entirely listening or attentive. Keep your positive and energetic approach up. Well done."
"Very well presented."
"Excellent presentation, lots of energy, very engaging."
"As always, a great session."
"Dom, thank you for what you do. It is important and is inspiring. Terrific session thanks again."
"Very entertaining."
"Very good presenter and taught useful skills."
6 - 9 August 2012 - Defence Material Organisation, Canberra
Diploma of Project Mangement

"Faultless - 10 out of 10. Charismatic, knowledgeable, fair, concise and polite. 'The best part of the course was the facilitation.'"
"A+ for Dom! Subject matter might be boring with ANY other instructor - not with Dom though. Not a dull moment at all."
"Quite simply the enthusiasm of the facilitator made this course thoroughly enjoyable and I am certain I will retain and use the information learnt here in all aspects of my life. Thanks."
"The presenter Mr D. Siow brought an effervescence to the class that is very rare among lecturers. He made the course a pleasure to attend. This was without a doubt one of the best run and professional courses that I have attended."
"Timing for this course was spot on. The time given to complete the activities was ideal. Instructor consulted with us to set times and breaks."
"Dominic is one of the best and enigmatic presenters I've ever had the pleasure of knowing."
"Dom's enthusiasm was infectious and made the large amount of course content/theory interesting, relevant and applicable to practice. Dom is a wise educator, his experiences were insightful and his knowledge allowed Dom's ability to connect with me, made the course a very enjoyable and valued experience."
"Highly commendable course with numerous benefits."
"Evaluations were enjoyable and relevant."
"Dom made the course worthwhile."
"Excellent presentation."
"Absolutely fantastic."
"Dom is a fantastic presenter and related clear stories to get the point across."
"As the content was well delivered and absorbed, I am unlikely to need to do it again.  Generally the course was excellent."
"We had some very thought provoking discussions."
10 - 12 July 2012 - Lake Macquarie City Council, Lake Macquarie
Diploma of Project Mangement

"What a fantastic course, intense but great, enjoyed the pace, knowledge and experience of the trainer.  Thank you so much for the opportunity to be a part of this."

"What an amazing trainer, I strongly believe this course would not be this successful if it was not for Dom."

"Comprehensive content and up-beat, confident and positive delivery."

3 July 2012 - Globalfoundries (Giga Etch), Singapore
Personal Leadership & Self-Mastery 


"Very good and inspirational workshop."

"Pretty awesome presentation."

"Good and well presented that inspired my life."

"This program is very useful for the employees to progress in their career."

"Good training and inspiring in daily life, not only in work."

"Good presentation skills and demonstrated good examples for better understanding."

"Highly energetic trainer. Well aware of the purpose and goals of the training."

"Interesting, lots of stories to share, keep it up!"

"Great motivator. Would love to attend more seminars under Dominic."

"Useful course to change my basic mindset during working, deep impression of the presenter's passion."
30 June 2012 - Repco, Darwin
The High EQ Professional - Principles of Self-Awareness & Emotional Mastery

"Very happy with it."

"Well done, very inspirational."

"Dom did an awesome job."

"You're good mate!! God bless you/family."

"Dominic's enthusiasm is contagious and his willingness to deliver a full, comprehensive program to a small audience in Darwin was very much appreciated."

"Dominic delivered the EQ program in a seamless and straightforward fashion. It works well."

"Thank you for this experience and I will hopefully see you again at your 2nd conference."

"Well presented and laid out."

"Presented with enthusiasm."
26 June 2012 - Hume City Council, Hume
Creating the Exceptional Customer Experience... Purposefully

"Fantastic energy."
"Fantastic energy and delivery, concise and very powerful."
"Excellent session. This is the second time I see Dominic and the balance between substance and fun is excellent. Thoroughly enjoyable and useful."
"Excellent speaker that excelled in his speech and lifted our spirits. Well thought out training and presenter was confident and have the experience. [I] will attend more sessions if available."
"An amazing speaker who has really inspired me today and think of ways to achieve my goals for the future! Thank you!"
"Dominic is a wonderful presenter, he is full of energy, which makes it easy to stay focused. He makes you feel happy when you walk out the room ad makes you feel that you can achieve and overcome anything life has to throw at you."
"It was enjoyable and motivational, great advices."
"Well done Dominic - excellent tips for success."
"This presentation was sensational and very influential. Well done, fantastic work. Love the session and will use [what I learned] in my everyday life."
"Thank you Dominic. It is so useful to improve my life. I used to be a very fearful person and your speeches helped me a lot. Thank you again.
"More time would be good. Fantastic session, would love to take part in more like this. Thanks Dominic!"
"Fantastic workshop."
"We need more time with you in the future. Great work, thanks. I would love to be in your mailing list."
"What can I say, totally uplifting and with a "can do" attitude. Dominic is a true inspiration."
"Can we obtain a CD/DVD on this lecture? It would be something I could re-visit when the negative thoughts start to surface.
"Excellent presentation, well worth the effort"
"Fantastic presentation, well worth the effort."
"Fantastic presentation, Dominic's energy was contagious."
"The workshop was great. I took a lot away from the session."
20 June 2012 - Business Analyst World Conference, Melbourne
Creating High Performance Project Teams

"Dominic is a dynamic and engaging speaker. His passion shows. The content was practical for both work and personal life. Thank you."
"I've found the energy, enthusiasm and content to be first rate."
"Really enjoyed Dom's passion and how well he communicated that information."
"Good anecdotes. Opportunity to take us from some discomfort (self assessment), I think, through to empowerment. Thanks."
"More discussion about some of the exciting topics, although time was a big factor."
5 June 2012 - UQPN, Brisbane
Emotional Intelligence and Mastering Change

"Absolutely fabulous."
"Very good and very motivating."
"An incredibly motivating and empowering speaker. I greatly enjoyed this session and would recommend attendance. I hope to be able to use some of the skills and advice given by Dominic in my work and personal life."
"Excellent and incredibly beneficial. So enjoyable and motivating. Thank you. Could do with more time."
"Very inspiring, informative session. Would like to have the session offered in other work areas."
"Fantastic - very worthwhile. Completely resonated with me. If only this was a course taught at school to our children."
"Excellent seminar Dom. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, wisdom and guidance. The world is a wonderful place with inspiring people like you and your beautiful wife Sue. Forever grateful"
"Dominic - It was wonderful how you used your own life experiences to explain and demonstrate how these affected your life and what passage you and Sue have taken to achieve your life goal. Thank you for sharing."
"Thoroughly enjoyed this workshop. I would encourage UQ to ask for a 'mini-series' of courses from Dominic. He has helped me remember much of what I know and taught me more strategies to be, do and have what I want!"
"I really enjoyed this session. I found it gave useful techniques and was presented well and I hope to put it to use."
"Dom's energy is so infectious!! I so enjoyed the presentation. Thank you!"
"A thoroughly empowering workshop. Thank you."
"Extremely motivating and timely."
Building A High Performance Team

"[Presenter] gave realistic examples and key take away."
"Excellent presentation and sharing. Key concepts shared were well highlighted and examples to highlight the key points were good."
"Excellent presentation and well thought off stories. Thanks for your personal sharing on your brother. God bless!"
"This workshop is too short but useful. Dominic is an inspiring speaker."
2 - 5 May 2012 - Lake Macquarie City Council, NSW
Manage Projects: BSBPM6510A

"Presenter was very effective."
"Excellent course and Dom is an intelligent and excellent presenter. The course covers a great deal of materials and may need to be a 3-day course.
"Dom was a fabulous presenter, extremely impressed."
"Excellent presentation of a subject that could be very boring."
"Great work Dom, the stories were great."
"Excellent presentation, ability to keep audience attention."
"Excellent presentation by an excellent presenter."
"Awesome presenter who used relevant examples to demonstrate practical deliverables."
"Very entertaining! Well presented, sticking to all main topics."
"Dominic is very engaging and energetic."
23 - 27 April 2012 - FL Smidth, Perth
Certificate IV in Project Management

"The course exceeded my expectations."

"Thanks a lot Dominic, you ran a great course."

"Dom - energetic and effective presenter. Strong focus on important Project Management skills applicable to my work functions."
16 - 18 April 2012 - Public, Perth
Diploma of Project Management

"Great presenter."

"It was excellent."

"Very enthusiastic and engaging."

"I really enjoyed the course thoroughly."

"I personally will be taking back information that will benefit me and my colleagues going forward. I look forward to the next session."

"Dominic's knowledge and energy have made this an extremely interesting and information learning period. His ability to keep students involved is remarkable!"

"Well done Dom. Excellent presentation. Thoroughly enjoyed it. And learnt lots."

"Better than I thought, learned a lot of new subject matters."

"One of the best teachers I've ever met. Privileged to be a student under him. Recommend to anyone who's looking for best coaching."

"Thanks Dominic, a great job presenting the course."

"Dominic is an engaging and powerful presenter."
27 - 28 March 2012 - Public, Brisbane
The High EQ Office Professional

"Thoroughly enjoyed it. Recommend to others."

"Well done. Well worth participating. Love the energy and content and a pleasure to attend. Thanks Sue and Dom."

"I found this 2-day course to be extremely enlightening. I have learnt a lot of information about myself and how I can manage my future and its outcomes."

"It's great to see a presenter who believes and lives what he teaches"

"Fast paced and relevant to life and situations."

"Dom and Sue "own" this knowledge in your own lives and this is demonstrated in your delivery. Thank you for your contribution to this Universe!!"

"Dom and Sue were wonderful or inspirational. I have attained a new outlook and positive actions that I can connect to in all areas of my life."
26 March 2012 - Hume City Council, Hume
Emotional Intelligence in Leading Effective Change & Superior Customer Service

"Excellent presentation."

"Excellent course."

"My energy and motivation were below 5 level and went up to an 8 when leaving the course. Felt more positive …"

"Dom had a very positive energy and enthusiasm that made the workshop very engaging and inspiring. Thank you!"

"Very enjoyable/ Well Delivered. Would be better in a larger room."

"It was great. It's easy to determine when facilitators are here only to get paid, or when they're here to fulfil and impart and express their passion. Dominic's energy clearly showed the latter."

"Great discussion and content, maybe a little short on time but a great session overall."
19 - 20 March 2012 - Lake Macquarie City Council, NSW
Manage Projects

"Extremely grateful that I got to attend this course. Dominic was one of the best presenters I have ever had the pleasure of being taught by, whom definitely made the training an enjoyable and informative experience."
"Extremely valuable workshop with skills that can be taken into the future in many capacities."
"Dominic is a brilliant presenter / facilitator who made the subject matter enjoyable and practical and relevant."
"Fantastic - thanks Dom you have inspired me."
"Excellent presenter. High energy."
"The course was highly interactive and entertaining. The content was well presented, informative and clearly explained."
"Fantastic training - I have a wonderful understanding of projects and know how I can apply this to my work."
"I would have liked more time to extend my knowledge. Dominic was an excellent, enthusiastic and entertaining presenter."
"Dominic was an excellent facilitator who gave excellent everyday examples for project situation."
25 February 2012 - Kinabalu Pink Ribbon, Kota Kinabalu
Personal Mastery, Emotional Intelligence & Resilience

"I am very privileged to have the opportunity to attend and learn from the presenter, Mr Dominic. I find him to be very dynamic, inspiring and full of enthusiasm in presenting all the topics which have left a deep impact on my belief and aspiration to reach my full potential in life, especially in caring for other people. Thank you!"

"Great workshop and inspiring speaker. Glad to see the room full with people at 9am, even more glad to see the same at 5pm. I'm sure everyone felt the same way I did, worth every minute being able to be here to witness this."

"Good and very useful skill to apply in life, to become a better person."

"Value for money. It's great to spend the day with superb people that touch lives."

"Good and beneficial to all."

"Everything was useful."

"Invite Mr Dominic Siow again to give more workshop session next year."

"I feel great that I'm here today, where I admit I'm a less self-confident person. Throughout this workshop I really learn a lot and I believe I have changed, and I'm clear what I should do and how to take actions."

"Come back again."

"The whole workshop was interesting. The presenter was using real examples to illustrate, making it easy to understand or relate to. It was the best workshop I ever attended."

"Great workshop."

"I wish there will be some more workshops like this coming in the future."

"Very interesting subject. Feel very motivated and hope to be able to attend a similar course."

"Inspirational, interesting and motivational."

"The topic was really interesting and beneficial to all."

"Thanks for motivating me. Such a wonderful and useful talk."

"Fun and awesome workshop. Hope to join it again."

"The speaker was very motivational."

"Above expectations. Keep up the good work."

"Very motivational and it increased my self-confidence in life and towards future."

"Job well done."

"I am more focused and guided to achieve what I want in my life."

"Interesting & informative course."
22 - 24 February 2012 - DANONE DUMEX (M'SIA) S/B, Kuala Lumpur
Advanced Ask For Business

"A very good training session."
"It's a very effective training which in two days I am able to confidently share and practice with my team."
"Well communicated and delivered. Better understanding with demo and role play. New set of skill to be developed for achieving better productivity in work and life."
18 February 2012 - REPCO, Sydney
Make This Your Best Year

"Good day, good information, very good techniques."
"Very informative. I wasn't sure what to expect but am very glad I attended today."
"Awesome, very funny! Very smart, had a great time. Thank you."
"A very dynamic and life changing day. Thanks Dom."
"This is the second time I've seen Dominic and I've walked away both times feeling empowered and confident in my future progress. Thank you."
"Always given new ideas to take away to put into practice."
"Excellent day, very informative."
"Thanks Dominic - great day, learnt heaps and can put into practice."
"A great workshop."
"Fantastic presentation, need more time!!"
"Great as always. Can't wait for next session."
6 - 9 February & 27 - 1 March 2012 - DMO, Canberra
Diploma of Project Management

"Brilliant presenter, stands out from the rest."
"Excellent instructor, a huge amount of info was passed on to use from Dom."
"The presenter Dominic Siow is the best I have seen."
"Dom has some of the best communication skills of any presenter I have met. His ability to give examples from his industry work made the learning experience an interesting one."
"Dominic was one of the best instructors I have ever had. He made it fun and was energetic throughout. Thanks Dom."
"Dominic is an exceptional trainer/facilitator. He is a great communicator and focuses the delivery very well."
"Dominic is an extremely good presenter. He is enthusiastic, engaging, motivating and very knowledgeable. He was able to 'provide' real life examples and illustrations which gave meaning to the subject material."
"This course was really made strong by the presenter's use of real world examples and spent a lot of time on communication management and conflict resolution which is particularly useful in a PM role."
"Dominic is a phenomenal presenter. He has great knowledge, experience and sensational presentation skills. Dominic's communication skills made this course outstanding. Easily the best course and presenter that I have encountered."
"The programme is well presented. I have taken away a few ideas that I can act on immediately to make improvements in my work."
"Dom is a brilliant presenter. He knows the subject well. Most importantly, his ability to engage the audience is great; as a result, there is no dull moment during the 8 days training. He is inspiring in what he does."
"Dom brought an enthusiasm that was contagious, making it an enjoyable learning environment. Great content and experience made objectives real."
"The course was very important to my current work and I have learnt many new things that I will improve myself as a manager. Time well spent."
"The presenter was excellent, gave great examples to emphasise the course content, and is very  encouraging and supportive."
4 February 2012 - REPCO, Brisbane
Communicating to Influence & Delivering Exceptional Customer Service

"Very good presentation."
"Dominic is excellent, can't wait to attend another one of his workshops."
"Excellent strategies for achieving goals and for helping to influence others. All of the tools I need to better myself and achieve my goals. Inspiring."
"Improved confidence and made me look outside of the square. Thank you."
"Dom is always an inspiration and the tools he provides are very useful. I had a couple of tough days last week when I was feeling disempowered, I asked myself "what would Dom do?" I thought what was good in my life and started to feel better immediately."
"Good work again."
24 January 2012 - NSW PUBLIC WORKS, Sydney
Communicating to Influence

"Once again excellent."
"The energy and enthusiasm shown by Dom made this course one of the best I have been involved in."
"Dom's presentation are full of energy and give great insight to how to develop not only yourself but also your team."
"Very involved, good energy."
"Very helpful in my position."
"Very well presented."
"Very good, short and to the point."
6 - 7 December 2011 - Lake Macquarie City Council, NSW
Manage Projects

"I would recommend this for anyone - the examples and exercises have direct application in managing anything you do - home or work."
"I would like to offer some advice on what could be improved but could not. There was far more than project management learned. Personal engagement was exceptional, commitment to result also. Thank you."
"Course was made interesting and relevant by trainer."
"Dominic was a great presenter and added a level of excitement that I was unprepared for. The material was very relevant and I am confident that I can implement the training into my current and future roles."
"Excellent and motivating presenter."
"Enjoyed Dominic's presentation and anecdote. Very informative and well structured."
"Very enthusiastic and energetic presenter."
"Very lively and engaging. Well done."
5 December 2011 - GTESPO, Sydney
The High EQ Professional - Principles of Self-Awareness and Emotional Mastery

"A very comprehensive program with very good backup notes."
"… I really enjoyed this, I would recommend it to anyone. I also love the stories to tie things together."
"Always enjoy Dom's enthusiasm and insight."
"Excellent energy."
"Dom is so generous with sharing of himself when he teaches and I thank him for that. He always inspires me to be the best I can be."
"Thank you Dom & Sue. I have had a really positive day and have become renewed to achieve getting back to being my usual level 10 rather than the level 2 I am currently sitting."
23 - 24 November 2011 - Lake Macquarie City Council, NSW
Manage Projects

"Best presenter/trainer I have experienced, never looked at my watch, engaging, motivational, NEVER A DULL MOMENT!"
"Dom was a great presenter. The 2 days were enjoyable and informative."
"Presenter was excellent, very engaging and [information] learned was very relevant."
"Very well presented."
"Dominic's enthusiasm was a welcome change from other presenters. A very dry subject was made very interesting."
"Information relevant to managing change and conflict were invaluable. Dominic presented in a way that kept me engaged throughout. Dominic made the dry, dull bits interesting."
"The course was practical, informative, valuable for anyone involved in managing projects, however big or small. Highly recommended and critical learning for those managing teams and projects... "
"It was a lot to take in, however the format in which it was presented in made it easier to retain."
"Enjoyable and beneficial."
21 - 22 November 2011 - Lake Macquarie City Council, NSW
Manage Projects

"Would recommend the course to anyone who are involved in project management - even the smallest project, provides a great overview/intro of key aspects of project management."
"Dominic is very motivating and a great coach. Would like to do further training if possible."
"Would recommend the course to anyone who are involved in project management - even the smallest project, provides a great overview/intro of key aspects of project management."
"Thanks to Dominic for being a very vivacious presenter."
"Thank you Dom for an informative and well motivated two days."
"Loved the presenter - passionate, knowledgeable and engaging."
"Very clear and energetic facilitation, excellent content and resources. An additional day to review would be ideal."
"Great style Dom - enjoyed it."
18 November 2011 - Hume City Council, Victoria
Customer Service Focus

"Best presentation I have been to in a very long time. Gave me energy and additional passion. Thanks for the personal touches & laughs. Fabulous."
"FANTASTIC, very inspiring!!"
"Brilliant!! Inspiring!!!"
"Thank you for this excellent workshop. Couldn't be any better."
"Once again Dominic has delivered an inspiring presentation full of real life techniques to improve customer service."
"I wish I could take you back to the office instead I will endeavour to keep up the energy and influence others in a more positive way."
"Great compact workshop that has really motivated my outlook - not just work wise but at home as well. Gave me some really simple but powerful tools - fantastic presenter!"
"Dominic, Thank you, your effort is greatly appreciated."
"I will take so much knowledge away with me today. It was the best most inspiring workshop I have ever attended. I think if any negatives only one suggestion, all staff should attend motivational speaking classes to really be inspired. I cannot relay to anyone how good Dominic was and how motivated I feel."
"Fantastic! You're right I did walk in and wonder how good this would be especially on a Friday afternoon, but what a great workshop. I feel truly grateful and inspired. Thank you Dominic."
"Truly inspiring. Thank you!"
"Very worthwhile, well done Dominic."
"Very interesting / positive session."
"Very good presentation. Thank you. As a team, we need to do more as a group in this area."
"Dominic was enthusiastic and inspiring."
"Loved the energy of real life examples."
"Thanks for your energy & insights, enjoyed it thoroughly. Thanks again."
"This was my second opportunity to listen to and learn, reinforce strategies on the best customer service. I look forward to my third encounter."
16 - 17 November 2011 - EA/PA CONFERENCE, Sydney
Project Management

"Dom was very engaging and enthusiastic."
"Impressive presenter."
"Fantastic presenter!"
"Very good, enjoyed every minute. I would like to be a part of your team."
"High energy, engaging & very well put together. Maybe more group activities managing projects."
"Dom was great, full of energy, knowledge and passion."
"Dominic is a highly motivated speaker. You get so engaged in his class that you don't want the session to finish. He makes you to re-energise your attitude in anything you do, no matter if it applies to workplace or your personal life."
"The presenter gave excellent examples and scenarios to the topic. Made the class very interesting."
16 November 2011 - IIBA, Sydney
Emotional Intelligence for Superior Performance

"Fantastic workshop, very motivating. I'm glad I came."


"While we are aware of the concepts, this lecture serves us well in highlighting how we do not exercise this powerful capability on a routine basis."

Thank you for organising the event. I was inspired."

"Interesting and useful topic. Dominic is inspiring."

"Great stuff. Feel really motivated. Next step for me is to find what action I can take."

"1) Great Presenter  2) Captured our hearts and minds  3) Key messages were clear"

"Very enthusiastic, good material."

"This presentation was a great refresher."


"Very motivational!"


"Very good. I really like your presentation. And please send me an email. Thanks."

"Very good - thank you."

"Very impressed by presenter and team as well."

"Thanks a lot for inspiring us to achieve Dom."
14 - 15 November 2011 - Lake Macquarie, NSW
Manage Projects

"Presenter excellent, kept attention, explained well, good use of resources."
"Very thorough and energetic presenter."
"Excellent trainer, top presentation skills. Enthusiasm a key driver, added value, good to retain."
"Very engaging and great course."
"Excellent presentation skills by trainer Dominic - allows better retention of info. Emphasis on key points - look beyond to achieve vision and purpose."
"Dom was very enthusiastic and made the sessions awesome."
"Very interesting course - inspired to learn more."
"I enjoyed and learnt a lot from the course."
"Dom was super excited trainer, passionate about PM. It was a pleasure to be trained by him and I hope his knowledge has rubbed off onto me."
"Excellent presentation of materials with practical experience."
"A very informative and beneficial course."
5 November 2011 - REPCO, Brisbane
The High EQ Professional - Principles of Self-Awareness & Emotional Mastery

"Excellent Presentation."
"Very good, inspiring."
"Can’t wait for the next workshop."
"Fantastic energy and content. Thank you and your team."
"This is the second time I have had the privilege to see Dominic, and well worth it mate!"
"I was very inspired to change my life for the better, to become fulfilled in all ways."
"It was the first training of this type I've been to and have taken away a lot of tools to use."
"A day well enjoyed. Dominic, you are an awesome person with a great heart and I know you will impact many lives, as you have imparted and encouraged me to step out and go forward to the goal."
"Very enthusiastic."
"Good content and delivery. Easy to understand. Very helpful in our situation. Thank you."
"Dom, what a motivating and enjoyable presenter you are."
31 October & 2 November 2011 - FL Smidth, Avoca & Perth
Change Management

"Enjoyable, enthusiastic."
"Very good tools to assist in daily management as well as important notes to observe!"
"Excellent, great delivery. Strongly recommend to others. Great job."
"Great course"
"The program did add a lot of positive feel into me."
"Dominic was energetic and his passion showed for the topic."
27 October 2011 - UQSOPA, Brisbane
Emotional Intelligence in Project Management

"Excellent presentation. Thank you."
"Fabulous, inspirational talk and coincided well with my personal interest at this time."
"Terrific - Dominic is a brilliant presenter."
"One of the best presentations I have ever attended. Thank you. I would have enjoyed a longer duration."
"Fantastic, encouraging, exciting, empowering! Thank you."
"Thank you! You are an inspiration."
"Very enjoyable and inspirational. Yes!"
"I really enjoyed Dominic enthusiastic passion. Thank you for coming to our conference."
"Dominic was a genuine, personable and highly competent presenter. I hadn’t thought of applying Project Management techniques at home, makes sense to use these techniques to get a better outcome."
"Very enthusiastic and informative presentation. Thank you!"
"Excellent seminar. Motivating and insightful."
"Very relevant for me at this time in my life and my business. Dom is an incredibly inspiring and supportive and motivated speaker."
"Excellent! I really enjoyed this presentation and the valuable information it provided."
"I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions. Do you speak to politicians? They could definitely benefit."
"The enthusiasm of the presenter helped to convey how some of these ideas can be used in everyday life."
"Great, lively, inspirational."
"Absolutely inspiring - wonderful!"
"Extremely enthusiastic, very knowledgeable and inspirational."
"Excellent! I enjoyed every aspect and will take much from his presentation, both personally and professionally."
"Brilliant! Dominic was so energetic and wonderful to listen to. I think everyone enjoyed it!"
"Very motivating, interesting and engaging. Excellent presenter."
"Absolutely fantastic, I enjoyed it very much."
"Great workshop! Very exciting! Taken on heaps to help me in my work and everyday life!"
"Awesome, funny, great."
"Excellent and inspiring speaker."
19 - 21 October 2011 - Centrelink, Canberra
Diploma of Project Management

"Dominic was excellent and engaging. 10 out of 10 for effort."
"Enjoyed the course immensely, Dominic is a fantastic presenter."
"Dominic was an excellent facilitator, engaging and motivating."
"Dominic was fantastic! High energy, kept me very engaged."
"Excellent storytelling, provided content and relevance, excellent facilitator. Thank you, Dom!"
"Thank you Dom, excellent jobs of empowering us and sharing your knowledge. You made a difference!"
"Excellent facilitator."
29 - 30 September 2011 - NUTRICIA, Sydney
Advanced Ask for Business

"Congratulations Dominic on facilitating another excellent program. Your skill in the use of tonality is to be recognised and commended. Engagement, enthusiasm and passion are your true gifts as a presenter."
"Very inspiring. Loved the stories and anecdotes. Love the energy increasing exercises and enthusiasm. Enthusiasm - Very contagious. Thank you Dom."
"I thoroughly enjoyed this training and if was relevant and motivating."
"Thanks so much for the training. I love your energy."
"Very positive, great content and explained well."
"Dominic has great enthusiasm and energy."
"Very engaging, love the stories."
"Loved the two days. Dominic was inspiring and I will take many of the learning into my private life."
"Role plays not confrontational, and I felt safe which is unusual for other course I have done so far."
26 - 28 September 2011 - Centrelink, Canberra
Diploma of Project Management

"Absolutely fantastic presenter. Dom's passion and energy were inspired and very memorable. Would have enjoyed an extra day to discuss the topics more fully perhaps."
"Excellent course that I feel has enabled me to complete remaining assignments in my own time."
"Dominic is a very engaging presenter and his life experiences were relevant and added a nice person[al] touch. Truly Dynamic Dom!"
"Very good and got a good understanding of the overall role of a Project Manager."
"Very good and made the session interactive and interesting."
29 July 2011 – REPCO, Melbourne
Presenting with Impact

"Very good session Dom."
"I can't stop saying thank you for all your coaching. Dom, you have changed my life."
"Thank you for my new found experience."
"Great training and useful."
"Best day yet. Made me nervous but was fun and informative. Ended up not thinking about anything else but the session content. Would like to see the videos taken of everyone."
12 July 2011 – GTESPO, Sydney
360 DISC

"A very worthwhile course."
"Excellent, opens your mind, helps to understand others."
"Well presented and focussed subject matter."
"Interesting and informative afternoon."
"A very useful session, well presented. Developed and promoted interaction exceptionally well."
"Interesting and enlightening. Thanks."
"Very enjoyable. I will practise being aware of the people I talk to in the future. Thank you."
"Dominic was enthusiastic about the subject matter, which made the course enjoyable."
29 June 2011 - Centrelink, Brisbane
Stakeholder Management

"Brilliant, would love more of this. Presenter was great."
"Great informative/useful presentation with an excellent presenter. Thank you."
"Very competent and confident delivery. Thoroughly enjoyed the time spent at the workshop."
"Excellent presenter, very energetic."
30 May 2011 - Centrelink, Canberra
Stakeholder Management

"Great presenter. Thanks Dom."
"Great work Dom. Very enjoyable."
13 May 2011 – REPCO, Melbourne
Coaching with Impact

"Yet again, well done Dom."  Peter Helwig
"Thank you Dom. I will be taking back some valuable tools for work and life."  Angelo Rositano
"Thank you Dom, great passion."  Susanne Tucker
12 May 2011 – Centrelink, Canberra
Stakeholder Management

"Most valuable workshop I have ever attended. Thank you Dominic."

"Very good course. Excellent presentation. Stories were excellent in helping to assist to reinforce content."

"Really enjoyed the course - even though content well understood prior to attending, will still take away useful strategies and ideas."

"Great presenter, very energetic and engaging!!"
17 March 2011 – NSW Public Works, NSW
Building a High Performace Team

"Excellent Dominic. Thanks again."

Dominic was informative and positive and well informed in our business."

"I regret that I could only attend afternoon session."

"Very enjoyable workshop.
7 March 2011 – GTESPO
Mastering Change

"More time would be good. Love Dominic's energy & enthusiasm."  M Chronster
"Excellent presentation - lots of goal setting ahead for me!!"  Rebecca Gibbons
"Very active and motivated presentation."  Robert Gregory
"Lots of energy and well presented."  Richard Haines
"Enjoyed the presentation. Hope to act on some of the content. Good energy and presentation skills. Encouraging audience to answer questions was great."  Alex Hayward
"Dom's life examples were great. A longer workshop which also incorporated leadership would be useful."  Rachel Pajtl
"Very well presented. Useful tips. The reason I gave 4 is because I was familiar with the ideas presented."  Ivana Sericic
" … Thank you. This is exactly the information I needed at this time in my life to make some real positive change in my life. Excellent presentation Dominic."  Mark Toirkens
"Dominic's positivity made the presentation enjoyable."  Anonymous
28 February 2011 – University of Tasmania Hobart
Emotional Intelligence

"Very good overview, love Dominic's attitude. Would like more strategies for action and summary. Thank you."  Josh Ashley
"Really good speaker, would definitely do this again."  James
"Enjoyed the presentation. Reiterated to me the importance of emotional intelligence."  Marlene Cragg
"That was very inspiring. Thanks Dom."  Anonymous
25 February 2011 – Repco Newcastle
Personal Leadership and Mastery

"Awesome."  Riralee de Belle
"Brilliant, thank you. It is wonderful to be able to find the "GREATNESS" in our life and to enable us to head forward to greater success in ALL areas of life."  Joy Duffy
"Eye opener. Well worth."  Steven Duffy
"… I initially thought that 9am - 4pm was going o drag but it was very enjoyable and went really fast."  Donna Mann
"What a great day to look at life from a different perspective, opens your eyes to the world. I will employ these tactics to improve every aspect of my life. Thank you Dom."  Dan Murray
"Truly Inspirational!"  Mark Uphill
1 October 2010
Event: Successful Staff Leadership at Repco

"Highly recommended. I hope to have the opportunity to introduce Dominic to all my key staff in the future."  Malcom Lawrence
“Excellent presentation. Hoping to implement several great ideas. Well worth the time to attend. Keep up the great work."  Gary Pinner
“Excellent - very practical and will help us to firstly correct our own behaviour to then help our team and our business."  Gae McDonald
“Easy understanding content, but very useful and eye opening. Dominic knew his material very well and made it entertaining to listen, watch and learn all of what he had to say. Thank you!" Kiralee de Belle
“I now have new tools and ideas to use immediately in my business. Thank you!"  David McDonald
“Great reminder for me to trust and empower my staff to succeed alongside me."  Katrina Gray
“I must do more to encourage staff to raise morale in workshop."  Shane Gray
“Excellent - very informative - energetic - enthusiastic. Easy to understand outcomes, reasons, thought processes. Good fun - interactive."  Joy Duffy
“Open eyes to things I have to do to improve myself and then my staff."  Steven Duffy
“Changed my mind set. Require vision. Be a teacher."  Stuart Kaiser
“Excellent. Thanks."  Ian Gittins
“Very motivating - thank you."  Billee Finlay
“Very well presented to suit our group."  Wayne Jarrott
“Very informative and entertaining. Dom has mastery of his topic and information."  Steve Kennett
“Very interesting and enjoyable."  Douglas Lee
“Brilliant."  Kellie Mazey
“Great content."   Mark Uphill
27 August 2010
Event: The High EQ Office Professional - Principles of Self-Awareness & Emotional Mastery at Repco

"I have taken away today some new skills and testimonials that will change the way I approach my interaction with others because I have changed the way I see myself and my own skill set."  Anonymous
“Dominic uses common language that is easy to [interpret] and understand. This course inspires you to look at all the tools we have inside but sometimes fail to utilise. You leave believing you can achieve."  Billy Linton
19 June 2010 - Melbourne
Event: Delivery of workshop on "Successful Staff Leadership" for a group of Authorised Business owners

“We recently engaged Dominic to conduct his workshop on "Successful Staff Leadership" for a group of our Authorised Business owners. The feedback from the participants was overwhelmingly positive, so much so that we immediately commissioned Dom to work with our entire network at the Annual Convention later this year.  The workshop provided invaluable tools on what it takes to create a high performance culture and to keep staff engaged and motivated and in the process. Dominic delivers with enormous passion and enthusiasm which, in turn, creates an infectious energy that I have no doubt  will flow to each business' bottom line."  Peter Webb, National Manager Repco Authorised Service
8th December 2009 - Adelaide
Personal Mastery & Skills for Exceptional Office Professionals

"Dear Dominic, I would like to say I enjoyed the seminar on "Personal Mastery and Skills for Exceptional Office Professionals" so much - I don't believe I have ever got so much out of one person's delivery as I did yours. Thank you for sharing your experience, knowledge to us and I know I will be a better employee and team leader for you having imparted those skills on me."   J. Franklin, Executive Assistant to the CEO & Mayor, Campbelltown City Council, South Australia
"Leaving feeling empowered which is true value – doesn’t get better than that!";   L. Crickmar
"Dominic seemed to meet the individual needs of so many participants which is very unusual in this type of seminar. Thank you."   P. Schulz
"Gave me a light bulb moment and enlightened me to look to the future, reach for my goals and aspire to be what I want to be."   L. Muir
 "Absolutely fantastic, better than I expected! I feel better about myself and have more confidence to go where I want to go. Fantastic motivational speaker and one of the best I have ever seen. Thank you so much."   T. Clark
25th September 2009 - Canberra
Time Management & Communication Skills for EAs & PAs

"Very enjoyable – I was concerned that having been an EA for almost 20 years that I had nothing new to learn – I was wrong!! I got more out of it than I expected!"  K. Loga
"The seminar really motivated me to go outside of my comfort zone and try new approaches to communicate. I feel more confident to try some new approaches to communicate with my audience.”  K. Hodgson
“Went away with solutions to become more effective.”  J. Farrugie
“Reinforces things that sometimes get forgotten. Clarifies things.”  S. Woods
“I was interested in the way if would be presented to influence/persuade me to improve my own Time Management and Communication skills. All of it was very beneficial. I could use all aspects in my position at work. He(Dom) was very enthusiastic and inspirational. He makes you want to improve.”  S. Ljostad
“I found the seminar very fulfilling. I felt more confident about myself in the workplace, better understanding on communicating.”  D. Hafnerted
25th & 26th August 2009
Project Management for EAs & PAs

"I now have more understanding on what I want to be, the things I need to help me get there and how to manage them and think positive. Thank you very much, you have answered so many questions I didn’t know how to ask. You have inspired me and coached me to maintaining and leading a better career. Was much enjoyable and have gained knowledge that can be useful in all aspects in life. Thank you."   Bec
"Very rewarding and challenging. Provided great tools to rewire the mind. Learnt new tools to empower myself and shift my thoughts in a positive way."   T. Sutton
"Lots of useful tools that I believe I can apply to my role and also outside of work."   A. Trace
"This investment will also prove valuable to the team I Serve. Keep changing and inspiring lives!! J Thank you. I am grateful for your time."   L. Chagnow
"Better understanding of my own mindset now. The importance of me really – within a team."   P. Deere
13th May 2009 - Melbourne
Personal Mastery Skills for Exceptional EAs & PAs

"Inspirational speaker. I got the nudge needed to make things happen! Able to see things from bosses perspective as well and stop blaming!!"   Anonymous
  "Re-focussed my energies whilst working in a negative environment. Learned to live my inner passion and enjoy the adventure until I reach my destination. (Dominic) clearly and simply articulated the information and demonstrated how it worked in business by examples.”   L. Sheedy
"I have started formalising what I want to do in the future and have some pointers on the steps to be taken. Dominic has the ability to reach people of all ages and across a range of life experiences! He presents the material in a fun and easy to understand way!"   N. Brotherston
"Gave me direction in my career which I will start to investigate tomorrow. Extremely enthusiastic and inspiring."   S. Robinson
"Dom is a great speaker! Very motivating and inspiring. Thank you very much. I really enjoyed the day."   S. Graham
12 March 2009
NSW State Government Organisation (Project Management team involved in Capital Works projects) – Stakeholder Management Training

"Dominic is the best presenter I have had the pleasure of listening to. Well done and thank you.”   J. Rutter
"Dominic is a friendly and enthusiastic presenter. He makes the course interesting and holds your attention at all times. Obviously knows his stuff and has real life experience. One of the most dynamic and interesting presenters I’ve experienced."  S.  Gebbard
26th & 27th Feb 2009
Local Government Council – Fundamentals of Project Management

"Well done on amount of information balanced with exercises & other ways to keep energy up."  J. Boccalatte
"Awesome motivation! Great clarity!"   S. Cartwright
"Dominic made this as interesting & enjoyable as possible."  P. Conn
"Dom had plenty of energy and was very entertaining. A great presenter!!"  M. Cooper
"Great facilitator - would like to hear again."  B. Davis
"Dominic was entertaining - using stories to relate to content."  K. Donelan
"Excellent presenter & engaging."  M. Erling
"Presenter was very effective, personal and extremely knowledgeable."  T. Godden
"An excellent presenter."  B. Lemmon
"Excellent speaker & motivator."  C. Mitcherson
"The presentation was engaging and participating very good."  H. Singh
"Excellent presentation. Could relate exactly to what was being talked about. I feel confident in applying what I have learnt today into my work place. I was happy to go away remembering 10% but I am going awasy with 60%."  P. Velevitch
23th & 24th Feb 2009
NSW Local Government Council – Fundamentals of Project Management Training

"Excellent presenter - would like to participate in other courses run by Dominic."  P. Kavanagh
"Excellent presenter on a difficult topic to teach - very enthusiastic & Knowledgeable."  V. Trzcinka
"Great tool for myself in my continual progression within the organisation. Great passion & enthusiasm for this course which flows through to the group."  J. Nagle
"Dominic was excellent - he was really able to engage the audience. Sharing personal experiences was really beneficial in understanding the topic."  K. Gibbs
"Dominic was very confident & able to create an atmosphere of effective learning. No pressure but increased group participation by creating a desire for improvement within the participants."  N. Guia
"The practical examples given were excellent."  M. Miles
"Great facilator/trainer. Keeps audience interested & involved."  D. Mitchell
"A1. Would be interested in attending future training with Dominic."  D. Mitchell
"Congratulations Dominic. Great job!"  D. Tennant
"Very good. Exercises were useful. Presented in a motivational way."  A. Holland
"Very well presented & thought out. Presenter very organised & understand the knowledge he was teaching well."  L. Smith
"Enjoyable & engaging & passionate about the subject."  L. Crawley
"Very engaging."  K. Martin
"Dom, your presentation was captivating, enlightening and truly empowering. In just a day, you provided a comprehensive roadmap to peak performance.  The tools and motivation principles behind applying them were delivered in a clear, concise and highly entertaining manner. Most importantly for me, the tools were simple and practical and encouraged me to take immediate action.
I have no doubt your compelling message, powerful communication style coupled with your genuine passion to help others will inspire many more. For me, the journey has just begun. Thank you.",  Alan Y
"The exercises are excellent. It helps me alot with my confidence. Dominic is an emotional and highly skilled presenter. I like his presentation very much.",  Lincoln Z
"It was very good.  Refreshed my passion to achieve.  Really helped me as I was starting to lose sight of what makes me happy.",  Rosanne L
"Fantastic! Awesome!",  Fiona D.
"Always with passion and energy.  Dom is equal to the best I have seen in this area.",  Daniel H.
"A great and very meaningful workshop, a turning point in my life. I am much more confident of my ability to achieve my life's mission.",  Zoe T.
"Most programs barely scratch the surface. In this one day program, we managed to focus and dig really deep in creating our life plan!",  Sam T.
"Fantastic presentation and workshop Dom. I'm inspired to get off my butt and start doing the wealth creation workshops I've wanted to do for years.",  Brad D.
"Dom is fun and attentive. His passion shows through his work.",  Lavanya R.
"Dominic’s energy, his passion and his luminous presence visibly lifts those around him. I was able to explore my inner being, find strength and passion that the daily grind of life had somehow buried deep within me and leave the seminar with a driving will to make a difference in my life. The strategies, thought processes and techniques that Dominic talked about enabled me to make an immediate positive impact on my personal and professional life.",  Andrew G.
"When I attended a seminar of Dom’s it changed me for the better. The lessons and teachings that Dom shared have added value to my life. I was able to implement a lot of the teachings that he shared in my daily life.",  Danny P.
"Dear Dominic, our Kiwanis Malaysian Chapter is extremely grateful for the presentation you did for us, as Keynote Speaker at our 2006 Annual Convention in Melaka.  The time you spent and shared with us your personal experiences and insights into what it means to be a leader is very much appreciated.  I found the session inspiring, touching, educational and yet hard hitting on the core basic message.
You were able to address specifically the group's needs.  Thanks so much for your most meaningful contribution.",  Maria Chee, Training Chair, Kiwanis Malaysia, Director, Institute of Training and Development (ITD), Malaysia
5 December 2008 - Sydney
Event: Delivery of workshop on "Communications and Leadership Skills for EAs and Pas" at the "Project Management for EAs and Pas" conference organised by Learning Network Solutions

“Very informative and motivating ….”  EA, Australian Taxation Office
“Dominic was Excellent. Excellent and Excellent, more than what I had expected…..”  EA, Australia Post
“Dominic was great.  Has a lot of insight and knowledge …..”  EA, Tamworth City Council
“Very influential, interesting and motivating …..”  Senior Admin Officer, UTS
“Wow…thank you Dom …..”  EA, Department of Education
“Motivational presenter who is great in engaging the audience…….”  EA, Ericsson Australia
“Fantastic content and very well presented …..”  EA, EDS
“Excellent and engaging, really enjoyed…..”  EA, Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations
“Empowering and highly motivational …..”  EA, Kellogg
December 2008
Event: Design and facilitation of “Creating a High Performance Culture” Workshop for MLC Group Insurance Client Service Management Team

“Fantastic course, very motivational.  So many stories to reinforce your ideas.”  T. Webster
“Very positive experience, got to know the team better and understand it has to come from within.”  A. Mandic
“Good use of analogies, great course content, great team exercises.”  I. Wills
“Lots of fun!  Enjoyed the session.  Dominic has a fantastic way of engaging people and making everyone feel confident.”  N. Nath
July – Nov 2008 – Malaysia
Delivery of Leadership Programme for Aspiring Senior Leadership Team at Hong Leong Industries (July – Nov 2008)

“The Leadership Development programme that Dominic Siow facilitated for us this year was instrumental in the team achieving the results in their “Quality & Productivity (QPP)” Improvement Projects!   He helped us find the belief in ourselves to make a difference, to turn on the most empowering emotional states and to take consistent massive action from that position.  This has translated to the IG-Tag programme delivering cost savings amounting to several millions RM as a result of the actions taken by this group.”  Dr. Foong Liang Ming-PhD, Senior Manager- QPP,
August 2008 – Australia
“Emotionally Intelligent Project Manager” talk at Project Management Community of Practice

“Thanks Dominic, our Community of Practice members have commented that your "Emotionally Intelligent Project Manager" session was exactly what they wanted. I appreciated you tailoring your presentation to meet our specific needs and doing it so quickly for me. Your pro-active communication in the lead up to the event and creative delivery were of great value. As you know, our PM Community of Practice is relatively new, and your successful session proved a great draw-card. I look forward to working with you again."  Edith Hurt, Community of Practice Co-ordinator, AMP Australia
May 2008 - New South Wales, Australia
Delivery of 1/2 day Negotiations Skills course as part of Management program run by the Urban Development Institute of NSW

"Dear Dominic, You recently presented a half-day course on Negotiation Skills as part of a Management program run by the Urban Development Institute of NSW. The participants are drawn from the development industry where negotiation is a critical aspect in obtaining approvals. At the conclusion of the day attendees completed an assessment sheet to evaluate performance of presenters.
I am writing to congratulate you on your presentation, as you were overwhelming[ly] rated as excellent by the participants. As course coordinator, I rate your presentation as one of the best we have had in the three years the course has been operating. This high rating is due to the quality of the course content, the pace at which it is delivered and your undoubted enthusiasm for the subject.
Thank you again and I look forward to working with you on other courses."  Kevin Alker, Course Coordinator, UDIA Training Program
May 2008 - Perth, Australia
Delivery of "Emotional Intelligent Project Manager" presentation at My Primavera Conference

"I had the pleasure of listening to Dominic Siow during the Primavera 2008 conference held at Perth and during that brief time he inspired me to think of whom I am and how Emotional Intelligence affects everyone. The time listening to Dominic and realising points he made, made the trip really worth while and [would] recommend this to everyone if they get a chance. "Emotional Intelligence is a key to ones success"[.] All the best Dominic and thanks for the help."  Lincoln Hall, Santos
28 - 29 March 2008 - Sydney, Australia
Facilitation of 2-day Visioning and Planning Workshop - Challenger Financial Services

"I recently engaged the services of Dominic Siow of Avant-Garde Life Investments to assist in the planning and facilitation of a 2-day off-site Visioning and Planning workshop for my senior leadership team. Dominic was excellent in his role - he kept the team focused and energised throughout, inspired with his motivational snippets, added value with his expertise in Communicating to Influence and we achieved what I felt was a very positive outcome from those two days. I would have no hesitation in recommending the services of Dominic Siow as a facilitator and speaker."  Tony Eid, Chief Operating Officer Applications, Challenger Financial Services Group
20 March 2008 - Singapore
Change Management Facilitation - Introduction of new Quality Programme to Senior Management team

"Dominic is an exceptional facilitator. He was outstanding in helping us conceptualize, plan and facilitate our team building designed to help our senior management team understand and support our new Quality Program. Through his interesting presentations and engaging team activities, he has demonstrated his mastery in communication and team motivation."  How Chong Peng, Deputy Director, Chartered Semiconducter
20 February 2008 - Queensland, Australia
Delivery of "Emotional Intelligence in Project Management" talk at the Project Management Institute (PMI) Queensland Chapter Meeting

"Dominic, your presentation on Emotional Intelligence at our first PMI Chapter Meeting this year was fabulous. It is a strong testimony of your reputation and quality as a speaker that the meeting drew a full house. Your body language and enthusiasm was outstanding and I personally learnt a lot about delivering a great presentation. I look forward to future opportunities of further collaborating with you."  Torsten J. Koerting, Convenor, PMI Chapter Queensland
20th February 2008 - Brisbane, Australia
"Emotional Intelligence In Project Management" talk delivered at the Project Management Institute (PMI) Brisbane Chapter Meeting

"Dear Dominic, My name is Anyes Marsault and I listened to your great presentation at the PMI meeting in Brisbane on Wed. It was in my view the most engaging presentation that I have seen at a PMI chapter meeting for a long time. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us."  Anyes Marsault, PMP, Prince2 Practitioner, 2005 PMI Project Manager of the Year
18 January 2008 - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Facilitated creation of Mission Statement and Values for Quanterm Logistics Sdn. Bhd.

"Over the past 6 months, we have engaged the services of Dominic Siow as a Peak Performance Consultant and Motivational Speaker to provide our team with a renewed level of energy, commitment and passion as we strive to take our business to higher dimension. The team has benefited considerably from his coaching and motivation, coupled with his obvious love for his work and his hands-on business experience. His contribution has been significant in giving the team the impetus and faith that it has what it takes to perform at the highest levels in achieving our goals."  Christopher Chong, General Manager, Freight Forwarding Division
16 - 17 January 2008 - Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
"Excellent Project Management: Unleashing your EQ for Peak Performance" 2-day workshop

“Dear Dom, through my years as a workshop and conference organizer, I have come across many talented speakers. I have to say you are one of the very best I have had the opportunity of working with. What you did with the participants at the recent "Excellent Project Management - Unleashing your EQ for Peak Performance" 2-day workshop in KL was simply amazing. The feedback on your passionate and sincere work, and the levels of energy you imparted upon the team was extremely positive. I personally enjoyed the workshop very much and look forward to our next collaboration."  EK How, Director, ATSC
4 December 2007 - Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
"Visioning and Communicating to Influence Workshop" delivered for Investment Systems IT Division of Challenger Financial Services, an ASX-100 Company

"Hi Dom, I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for your time and the effort put into yesterday's Visioning & Communications workshop. The feedback has been extremely positive and as always we enjoyed your stories, insight and practical approach to what sometimes seems to be one of the most challenging issues we face – understanding ourselves and others. I myself have taken away a new view on myself and my surroundings and I look forward to applying what I have learnt."  Leticia Bairo, Senior Training & Communications Analyst, Challenger Financial Services
November 2007 - Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
"Secrets of a Sydney Region Employee" talk delivered for NSW Government organisation at their Annual Forum

"Thanks Dominic for your excellent presentation at our Annual Forum last Friday. As you know we are looking for tools that would help empower the team in these times of change. Your passionate, energetic and powerful presentation was definitely on the mark; and offered the team simple tools and techniques they can use immediately to create even better results for themselves and the team today!"  Greg Philippe, General Manager - Sydney Region, NSW Department of Commerce
July 2007 - Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
"Emotional Intelligence & Intrapreneurship" workshop for ASX-100 Financial Services Organisation

"Dominic, thanks for taking part in making a significant contribution in our recent "2007 IT and Management Services Conference" a huge success. Your energy, passion and wisdom came through in your presentation on "Emotional Intelligence and Intrapreneurship" which is highly valued and enjoyed by all. I have no doubt that my team and mself will be working with you very soon in the near future!"  Derek Goh, Executive General Manager, IT and Management Services, Challenger Financial Services Group. 23rd July 2007
April 2007 - Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru, Malaysia
1 day Leadership Training for Corporate Sector ("Awaken the Leader Within" workshop)

"Over the course of my 20+ years in the industry, I have had the opportunity of listening to and learning from many trainers and speakers. Dom, quite simply, you are one of the best I have come across. Your passion for your work shines through and really empowers and moves your trainees in a very significant way. My team and I benefited greatly from attending your recent Awaken the Leader workshop in Johor Bahru and look forward to experiencing more. Thank you."  Raj Kumar, Chairman, EduAce
"Awesome! Mind blowing! You have awakened me to the fact that I have the power to make the differnece both personally and professionally. Thank you, Dom, for reminding me that my success over the years can only get better."  KK L., Industry Leading Organisation, Singapore
"I never realised how powerful my inner strength was until I put it to the test. It was all within me and it is I, who determines who I am to be. Thank you for enlightening me."  Syamsul Rijal Jamil, Malaysia
"I can't believe that my negativity had limited my growth. You showed me how opportunities and possibilities are to be plucked from adversity. I believe in you, Dom. More importantly, I now believe in myself."  Sahabudin Ismail, Malaysia
"An inspirational facilitator and excellent motivator, totally absorbing. His sharing of his real life experiences along with applying the right techniques and tools allows us to confront today's fast paced lifestylewith gusto. Thanks a million Dom!"  Fatimah Ooney, Malaysia
"Dom, I am writing to thank you for inspiring my team and assisting in the development of their Leadership skills through the Personal Leadership workshops you conducted for us last week in Ho Chi Minh City..."  My Nguyen, CEO, MMSoft Vietnam
March 2007 – Sydney
Risk Management in Complex Project Management Convention
Presentation on "The Emotionally Intelligent Project Manager

"I had the pleasure of listening to Dominic Siow's presentation on the topic of Emotional Intelligence at the recent Risk Leadership in Complex Project Management Convention in Sydney. This presentation, delivered at the end of the conference was, I felt, the "icing on the cake...”  Ed Blow, Managing Director, Nielsen-Wurster Asia Pacific Pty Ltd





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