Keynote & Motivational Speaking


26 June 2015, EQ Master Class II (EQMC II) Singapore
Effective Stakeholder Management 

"A good course with many relevant real-life examples."
"Dominic is an effective and a good trainer. He came across as very sincere."
"Very enriching sharing of his personal and professional life to relate to the course."
25 June 2015, Project Management Institute (SPMI) Singapore
Importance of EI in Leadership 

""Enjoyable evening listening to a charismatic speaker."
"Great energy! A refreshing sharing during this time of the day. Kudos to the constant positivity. Thank you."
"Great effort! Thank you for organising the day."
27 March 2015 EQ Master Class 7, Singapore
Beyond Management to Transformational Leader 

"Great energy and communication style."
"This is a very useful course, especially for people like me from China as I have not attended such a course before. It does change my attitude to life and work."
"Dominic was engaging and [the content] was relevant. Jack was impressive in explaining rapport. Learned a lot and enjoyed the session. So inspirational. Loved it!"
"A phenomenal presenter who literally transformed the way I look at life, my work and my family - eternally grateful!"
"Fantastic facilitator and learning opportunity offered."
"The class is very engaging and interesting. Presenter conveyed the key points effectively, which allows me to remember the teaching well. One of the few classes that I've attended that let me walked out with energy and confidence to apply what was shared in the class."
"Dominic did justice to the topic. Excellent anecdotes, true life experiences."
26 March 2015, ACCA, Singapore
Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace 

"Very good. Relevant to my work."
"Excellent presentation. Very useful."
13 - 14 November 2014, EQ Master Class, Singapore
Beyond Management to Transformational Leader 

"Wonderful and good display of expressions. Different tonalities keep the session connected."
"All were helpful, important and useful."
"Your workshop is one of the most wonderful workshops I have ever attended. If I can make one impossible wish, I wish there are more people like you to spread the knowledge and the energy out there to teach the whole world."
"Very practical and can use them the next day."
"Dominic is knowledgeable in the subject matter. He has very high energy and is genuinely passionate about the subject matter. He is very good at story telling to bring across the points effectively."
15 August 2014, Changi Airport Group, Singapore
The Practical Application of EQ in the Workplace 

"Excellent trainer."
"The session was great and I enjoyed myself and benefited much from it. The videos were also appropriate to make the learning more fruitful."
"A helpful and competent trainer who delivered the workshop with sincerity and conviction."
"The pace of the session was just right."
Class very energetic and lively. Mr Siow is very engaging."
"Should be longer, very useful."
"Very enthusiastic. Highlighted very practical application."
"Good workshop."
"Mr Dominic is full of inspirational talks."
"The facilitator gets the ideas across in a light manner but leaves an impression."
"He makes me feel inspired and motivated to continue on my positive attitude while share and make someone as motivated. To make someone happy too."
"The trainer is exceptional, inspiring and articulated in his deliveries. Able to give full attention and delivered the emotional intelligence [subject] by using examples."
"Well organised."
"Trainer is engaging and knowledgeable."
"I am fortunate to be able to attend Dom's workshop again!"
13-14 August 2014, EQ Master Class, Singapore
Beyond Management to Transformational Leader 

"The presenter's energy is contagious. Very positive and passionate."
"Truly enjoyed it and learnt so much. Gives me a time and avenue to reflect upon my life/ job and forming new strategies moving forward."
"Very empowering training that helps to change mindset and attitude."
"I appreciated the stories and practical examples a lot. Made it more easy to translate to everyday's life."
"Great energy and inspiration."
"A very inspiring speaker with great values and care that each attendee has its expectation/ outcome achieved throughout the training."
"Great training, great speaker, time well spent and I am getting ready to apply techniques to be a great leader."
"Still so much things to learn in a very short period. Nonetheless it was a great experience."
11-12 July 2014, Ward Keller, Darwin
The High EQ Professional 

"I thought the course was great, I learned a lot and has helped me view things in a different, positive way."
"Really enjoyed the course - has practical applications both personally and professionally, 2 days well spent!"
"Very informative and will assist me to make the necessary changes to advance my work direction, career and my personal life."
"Dom is so enthusiastic it is contagious. Very thought provoking."
"Thank you for a fascinating 2-day session - it has definitely helped me."
"Just lovely. Very inspiring. Don't change anything - I hope to put in place many of the things I have learned. I am sure that if I can focus on your advice, it will change my life for the better. Thank you!"
"Probably the most effective course I have ever attended in terms of my own development. I promise to use what I have learned to condition myself to become an even better person."
"Dom, thank you very much. Will strive to become more confident etc. "YOU ROCK."
29-30 May 2014, Master Class, Singapore
EQ and the Transformational Leader 

"This is useful session for work and live."
"The best training I ever had in life."
"I really enjoyed Dominic's experiences and stories on how he applied his EQ. All the stories are very clear which we should apply."
"I'm very happy to have attended this session. I have learned a lot not only from Dom, our facilitator, but also from the people who have attended with me. This 
session has motivated me to be the best that I can. The difference between a manager and a leader and how I can be the best of both. I will definitely apply all the things I've learned here to all the things I do in my life."
"Excellent and inspiring. Thank you!"
"Maybe can consider similar EQ course for children or teens between 10 and 18 years old. This is the group of people worth investing in as they are our future!"
"Dom is able to provide an insight of self-awareness and bring a new perspective to the meaning."
9 April 2014, Fedex, Singapore
EQ and the Transformational Leader 

"Extremely good, well presented. Very timely for me personally."
"Awesome and fantastic motivator."
"Superb - Feel motivated immediately!!"
"Great - Well done! Keep up and moving."
"Very inspiring and hope to have more sessions with you."
"Great presentation and contents."
"Very good presenter."
"Feel inspired and thanks for sharing."
"Very inspiring motivator."
"Great presentation! Carpe diem!"
"It was the most inspiring one hour of my life. Thank you Dom. It was great."
"Great presenter."
"Great energy level, and good contents and examples (stories)."
"Great speaker, excellent example."
"Great and inspiring."
"Dominic is a highly engaging and inspiring speaker."
"What a great speaker who inspires! Thank you for sharing!"
"Excellent presentation."
"Awesome presentation, thanks!"
"I felt fulfilled and wonderful after attending this workshop! The presenter makes use of body language and interaction with the audience."
"I will definitely download the guide and give it a read. I totally agree the part of greeting one by name. Great job Dom!"
"Captivating presentation!"
20 March 2014, AIG, Singapore
Beyond Management to Transformational Leader 

"Great presentation!"
"I would adapt the technique I have learned today. Thank you for 'de-stressing' me!"
"Good presentation."
"Great session! Thank you so much."
18 -19 March 2014, Master Class, Singapore
Beyond Management to Transformational Leader 

"I have attended a lot of courses and this is one of two that is really great! Dom is able to internalise the 'FEAR' and 6 motivators effectively."
"I love the training as it serves as an eye-opener of some of the things that I may lose focus on what it important."
"Dom and the team are great. Learned a lot and it's nice to hear these stories."
"Core subject matter was well focussed."
"Wish we could have more time in sharing experiences and how it changed our lives."
"Excellent communication and presentation skills. Content is relevant."
"Dominic is great and knowledgeable in his content, lots of good stories and videos."
27 February 2014 - Autodesk, Singapore
EQ and Effective Parenting 

"Very good."
"Fantastic! I am walking out of the room feeling enabled! As if walking 2 inches above the ground - Confident!"
"It was really good."
"Great talk session! Amazing presenter. Thank you!"
"Great examples. Good mix of theory and examples."
"Very good presentation."
"As always, you have inspired me not only to be a great parent but also as an individual. Even though it is a completely different topic and something you've presented only four times, you sounded like an expert on it! You have raised wonderful children." 
"Fantastic presenter!"
"Excellent session. Glad I came to attend. Thank you!"
25- 26 February 2014 - Maybank & Etiqa Insurance, Singapore
EQ and Effective Parenting 

"Lively presentation and fun learning experience."
"The presenter shares stories from his personal experiences which are very useful."
"The presenter's examples are very realistic and he is very energetic."
"Wish to learn more life stories from you. Well done!"
"Thank you so much for sharing all this wonderful and touching stories of your kids! I have learnt a lot of useful tips to be a better parent."
"Loved the inspiring and personal stories shared. Great job!"
"Inspirational and interesting speaker using real life examples."
"Good job Dominic! Keep on talking and motivating others!"
"Interesting perspective."
"Appreciate the true life experience sharing, very inspiring and motivating. More story sharing please."
"Thank you. The information is very useful. I enjoyed the 1 hour."
"Very inspiring insights/sharing session."
"Wonderful speaker."
"EQ is good to be used on a day to day basis."
"Good motivation."
6 & 7 May 2013 - Latrobe City Council Melbourne
The Role of Emotional Intelligence in Superior Customer Service

"Thanks Dominic, that was inspiring."
"Very enjoyable, Reminded me of what's important."
"It was a great course. Thank you so much."
"MORE HUGGING! Great presentation, loved every minute of it."
"Fantastic, Great Energy"
"I think it was extremely motivating and really enjoyed the energy. I think somehow, more time to go over process of how to implement the program's effectiveness into our lives would be great. People forget easily lol!"
"Check out and an article that is called '10 ways to tell you love your job. I think you will love it! Great session! Thanks."
"Very enlightening and positive. Congratulations, loved your stories, very motivating."
"What a wonderful opportunity we have just had. Thank you for your visionary comments and positivity."
"I thought that it was a very good insightful and motivational presentation which I think I will take a lot from."
"Great session. Thanks Dominic!"
"Excellent presentation."
"Excellent presentation! High energy & personable presenter made for an enjoyable session."
"A terrific reminder of what's important in self-awareness, control and how to use this to improve self."
"Very informative and entertaining. I enjoyed it. Thank you very much."
"Excellent presenter."
"Excellent facilitator!"
"Enjoyed the workshop very much."
"Very good presenter - 10/10. I have not laughed so much for a long time."
"Awesome presentation."
"A very sincere person. A very generous person."
"Thoroughly enjoyed this session. Thank you."
"Good presentation."
"Dominic is very good at what he does. Two hours well spent."
"Interesting and informative session. Thank you."
"Thoroughly enjoyed Dominic's presentation. Really worthwhile. Exciting and encouraging."
"I guess there couldn't be enough time… I could have easily sat and listened for hours! Thank you!!"
"Life experiences makes it more understandable."
"A very motivational presentation. It is now up to me to utilise tools given through this presentation in not only my work life, but also personal life. Thank you."
"Very engaging presenter."
"An enthusiastic and passionate presentation. Makes me think."
"Thank you, I need a boost to change my emotions and how I let others upset me. I will now change my uptake and concentrate on doing my job to the best I can do it."
"Fantastic session. I loved it! There is a lot of information that I will apply in my role. Thank you."
"Outstanding presentation."
"This is the second time I have seen Dominic's presentation and it was just as good as the first. You are the first presenter that has made it click for me. Thank you!"
"Very inspirational and motivating presentation. Great energy, loved it."
"Really enjoyable. Makes sense of a lot of things."
"Very motivational! Thank you."
"The stories were great. Thoroughly enjoyed them as well as your enthusiasm. Thanks!"
"Great session to re-motivate me, and keeps me on my track to achieve."
"An affirming session which encouraged one's potential and development. Thank you."
"Exceptional presentation. No negatives regarding the experience. Thank you truly!"
1 March 2013 - Transport For NSW Sydney
Emotional Intelligence & Team Effectiveness

"Love to get some good materials/slides from you. Hope you like the '10' score."
"This workshop is practicable to the staff in the sense of motivation."
"The presenter Dominic had a level of energy that was so inspiring and engaging - so impressive!"
"Excellent session."
"Lively and very relevant presentation. Easy to understand and relate to."
"Excellent and fun presenter - Thank you!"
"Inspiring, fun, interactive & helpful."
"Thanks for the presentation. I've learnt a lot and will put some of your ideas into practice."
"Excellent presentation, clear & concise. Useful for business & other aspect of life. Very glad I was given the opportunity to participate."
26 February 2013 - Women's Network, Australia
Emotional Intelligence for Superior Performance

"Excellent delivery on very relevant topic. Thank you for enlightening me."
"Good presentation."
"Great presentation. Got the attention of most if not all member. Thank you."
"Thank you for your wonderful encouragement & tools to help me live a more fulfilled life."
"Excellent presentation and good sense of humour. I really enjoyed it. Thank you."
"It was a lively presentation. It was the first time a presenter is actively introducing himself & making everyone feel comfortable & breaking the ice. I would like to 
know whether the presenter does individual life coaching?"
"Very practical tips and will apply to my life straightaway."
"Very interesting session, gained a lot of ideas."
"Very interesting. Life examples given to express the ideas."
"Really worth the time."
"Subject well covered in a friendly & effective manner. Thanks. Very good examples used."
"Brilliant. Thank you. Ready to inspire others."
"Great level of energy."
"A great presenter."
30 November 2012 - OAC, Kuala Lumpur
High EQ Transformation Leader

"A very inspirational talk. Truly enjoyed the session. Perhaps looking forward to a 2-day session."
"I wish we have more time so Dominic can share more. Thank you."
"Very well delivered. Have not heard such presentation for [a] long time. Well done."
"Excellent. Thank you for this inspiring course."
"This is a very great motivational session. I hope we can have this type of session again."
"Good motivation talk."
"A very good and entertaining speaker."
"The most meaningful motivation talk."
"Reminded me to 'Begin with an end in mind'. Thank you for your inspiring sharing."
"Thanks for giving us the life skills."
"Very good."
"The workshop is lively and well communicated."
"Awesome session and inspired me of the vision and goal of life."
"[A] good speaker that attracts audience attention."
"Excellent subject."
"Very good."
"Dom, you have been very inspiring in your sessions and your stories. I know what I would love to do. I know what's my passion and I shall pursue it."
"Excellent motivator, gives very clear mission and vision defining moments. Passionate in his work."
28 August 2012 - Australian Institute of Office Professionals, Canberra
Doing What You Love and Loving What You Do

"This has been fantastic! I'm very lost in my working and personal life. I know what I want and I'm a great person at what I do - I'm just very lost & alone. You have really helped me. I will be in contact as I would love personal coaching. Thank you so much. xo."
"Fantastic, thank you for helping me motivated to keep learning and growing!"
"Thank you. Your passion is wonderful. Such a great message and reminder of how to live an empowered life."
"Excellent, yet again!!" Many thanks."
"Thank you Dominic - your presentation was especially pertinent for my current circumstances."
"Excellent Dom, you are very inspiring and engaging. Thanks."
20 June 2012 - Whitehourse City Council, Whitehorse
Effective Stakeholder Engagement

"Great. Enjoyed it again."
"Dominic, you are so engaging and really enjoyed your clear presentation. You keep to the point and offer practical resolutions and solutions. Many thanks and I hope to see you again."
"Another wonderful, informative workshop. Thank you again."
"We gained ideas on how to combine our skills to achieve the goal to unite all departments in our shared goal of giving excellent customer service in City of Whitehorse."
"Thank you Dominic, I will endeavour to focus on positive aspects rather than the negative."
"We still have a long way to go to have a greater impact on our stakeholders but we are working towards our goal steadily."
"Session provided us with importance of knowing your team and departments and understanding each other's KPIs. Know all our stakeholders."
"Dominic = Sunshine""


March 2012 - SOPAC 2012, Sydney
Developing Your EQ (Emotional Intelligence)

"Excellent presentation."
"Thanks Dominic! Very thought insipiring."
"Great delivery of presentation."
"Excellent introducion to EQ. Definatly whet my appetitie to explore this further. Very relevant for auditors to step up to the next level in their roles."
"Great practioner - clear and useful."
"Energetic presenter that relates specifically to work at self-development."
"Picked up some very good points."
"Better and more examples would be good."
"Presenter very enthusiastic. Good set up of theory behind EQ. Good examples but could have been more practical. A bit disappointed given its importance."
"Excellent and energetic presentation! Very valuable to learn that everything about change, results, outcomes, influence and the way I see organisation and self development start with self."
"Engaging speaker, very interesting topic."
"Very relevant. I think it’s a weakness in many IA professionals. Oppurtunity to discuss in more detail in next conference is much appreciated."
"Very enjoyable and informative session. The time allowed was too short as the topic is comprhensive. Took a lot from the session."
"Unfortunatly the slides were turned off before the end - please consider attendees and give us time to take it all in."
"Brillant speaker. The most important attributes for teams."
25 March 2012 - Whitehourse City Council, Whitehorse
Emotional Intelligence In Exceptional Customer Service

"Well done. Very motivating and inspirational. Makes me feel more confident in my abilities to be a better person and do a better job, at home and work. Thank you."
"A very brilliant and inspiring presentation. I have taken a lot away from this. Thanks Dom."
"Dominic was very inspiring and I have personally learnt a lot both work and personally."
"Very inspiring - probably the most inspiring presentation [I have] ever experienced."
"Great session Dominic! Thank you."
"The material presented and examples related very well to all individuals and the team as a whole. The key examples can be used as a reminder within the team and assist me to relate back to other individual's need to be reminded should they fall off the wagon, so to speak."
"Dominic presented in a non threatening and open manner. Easy to listen to and recapped on important points. I look forward to implementing the things learnt in all aspects of my life."
"Very well presented and interesting."
"Great, thank you. My ability to influence myself, my family, work associates and social environment is in my control."
"Wonderful presentation Dominic. I live with the intention of always providing a positive aura to those I interact with. Your presentation has validated these skills that I will live by. Fantastic!"
"Enjoyed, presenter is highly motivating which can have huge impact on the audience."
"A thoroughly enjoyable energetic session, really engaged the participants. Would definitely recommend to others and would like to see more. Thanks and well done Dominic!"
"I hope to strive to be a better person and improve my listening skills."
"Excellent communicator and presenter."
"Thoroughly enjoyed the session, was informative, an eye-opener and interesting."
16 February 2012 - NCS, Singapore
Emotional Intelligence

"Excellent talk."
"A very well structured and informative session. Great!"
"Learned a lot in this talk, probably one of the best presentation I've been [to]."
"More presentations in the future - very interactive."
"More course[s] as such would be very beneficial."
"It's such a good course. It will be even better if presented longer."
"Highly recommended for all managers and executives to attend this type of seminar. Thank you for your arrangement."
"Would be good to having training session by this presenter who is very engaging and knows the topic very well. Thank you. Hope to have more training in improving EQ."
"I love all the stories from Dominic. It really helps to relate with the topic and subjects he is presenting on. Thank you Dominic."
"Great sharing and presentation. I love the information and simple examples to demonstrate the topic."
"This workshop is very interesting. Would like to attend more of this."
16 November 2011 - IIBA, Sydney
Emotional Intelligence for Superior Performance

"Fantastic workshop, very motivating. I'm glad I came."
"Interesting and useful topic. Dominic is inspiring."
"Great stuff. Feel really motivated. Next step for me is to find what action I can take."
"1) Great Presenter  2) Captured our hearts and minds  3) Key messages were clear"
"While we are aware of the concepts, this lecture serves us well in highlighting how we do not exercise this powerful capability on a routine basis."
"Very enthusiastic, good material."
"Very motivational!"
"Very good. I really like your presentation. And please send me an email. Thanks."
"Very good - thank you."
"Very impressed by presenter and team as well."
"Thanks a lot for inspiring us to achieve Dom."
28 October 2011 - Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC)
"Finding Passion at the workplace" and "Healthy Mind Happy Mind"

"We engaged the services of Dominic Siow of EQ Strategist to design and deliver a series of talks for our staff on the topics of "Finding Passion at the workplace" and "Healthy Mind Happy Mind", the latter during our recent "R U OK day".
These talks consistently drew an enthusiastic response from our staff who found them inspiring, energising and highly relevant. Dom has really helped create the spark and empowerment we needed in times of significant change.
Yours sincerely"  Jo Schumann, Executive General Manager, Corporate Division
16 & 17 September 2011 – LGPro, Melbourne
Customer Service Conference - Thinking Outside the Square... That's Not Logical, Captain!

"Excellent, excellent, excellent … This was the best workshop I've ever attended. Great presenter. I would like to attend other workshops by Dominic."
"An excellent presentation which both complimented my current role and provided encouragement and enthusiasm to myself. This will empower and enable me to grow and contribute to my team, management and the organisation as a whole."
"Very enthusiastic with lots of 'Energy'."
"Thank you, very motivating."
"I love this session and could have spent the entire day listening to Dominic."
"Leading with Emotional Intelligence has given myself renewed vigour not just on a professional level but more important to me on a personal (home/family) level. Thanks."
"Dom made things very clear and reinforced why I am doing what I am doing and where I want to go."
"Awesome and inspiring. Thank you!!"
"Dom is a great facilitator. His energy is catching. The content was very relevant and used real world examples to show how it can really work."
"A very inspiring and motivational speaker. A shame we don't have more time. Thank you Dom!!"
"Really enjoyed it."
"Enjoyable and thought provoking."
"An excellent presentation with great practical tips for myself and my team. Thank you."
"Excellent presenter and content."
"Interesting talk - actually good advice that inspires actions."
"Very informative. Thank you."
"Excellent presentation, inspiring and practical. Thank you."
"Excellent presentation skills, kept the audience totally engaged. Well worth and inspiring session."
"I am extremely happy to have attended this amazing session."
"An excellent presentation."
"Great speaker - again!"
"Very engaging - lots of messages. Thank you again. You have a fan!"
"Very energetic, great communication, inspiring and given me great food for thought."
"Very relevant, entertaining and a fun way to be a better person."
Very informative with a lot of practical skills can be taken away and used."
"As always - very valuable."
"Most enjoyable workshop."
"Great energy - lots of useful information and real life stories."
"Truly enjoyable - look forward to doing future workshops. Great Presentation."
"Fantastic, loved it."
"Thank you so much for a wonderful presentation. I really enjoyed myself and will utilize a great deal of what I learnt today. Very impressive."
"Very enjoyable session - high energy."
"Excellent - very motivational, very practical, very enjoyable."
"Presenter was very informative and entertaining. Thank you."
"Very enthusiastic presenter. Kept me interested throughout presentation."
"Dominic is a great presenter and very entertaining."
"Second session today as good as first session yesterday. Thank you."
"Thank you, Dom for another inspiring session! Your passion truly shows during your presentation and it is a joy to be a part of it."
"Made me feel enthusiastic for the rest of my day. Cheers."
"Best session of entire conference."
"Always a pleasure to attend Dominic's workshops."
"Excellent both days."
"I could have listened for a whole day. Excellent presentation!!"
"Thoroughly enjoyed the presentation, interactive and informative and provided great examples."
"Very inspiring. Lots of good information and structured very well."
"Thoroughly enjoyed today's session, inspired me. I have learnt a lot in working and personal life. Thanks."
"Well done."
15 June 2011 – AIOP, Canberra
Finding your Passion at your Work Place

"I thoroughly enjoyed Dominic's presentation. I found it was just what I needed to give me direction in my life and I certainly will move forward with "compassion.

"Dom was a great entertaining speaker. His personal experience proves what he told us. I would love to see another workshop. Very fun evening!"

"Very inspirational - gave me a lot to think about."

"Thoroughly enjoyed the discussion - very interactive and thought provoking. I will definitely be able to use the ideas."

"Great presentation, excellent structure and concepts relevant to my business and the leadership of my team. A great team activity."

"Thanks Dominic, it always raises my commitment levels to change when someone is so excited about life. Thank you, regards Beth."

"Always very enjoyable listening to Dominic's inspirational talks. Creates a refreshed attitude to work and life."

"Great again Dom - Thanks for all your energy and enthusiasm."

"Can't wait to use my new way of thinking!"

"I enjoyed it. It made me look at/see situations in a different view."
31 March 2011 – Singapore Human Resources Institute
The Role of Emotional Intelligence in Implementing Effective Change

"More time would be good. Love Dominic's energy & enthusiasm."  M Chronster
"Excellent presentation - lots of goal setting ahead for me!!"  Rebecca Gibbons
"Very active and motivated presentation."  Robert Gregory
"Lots of energy and well presented."  Richard Haines
"Enjoyed the presentation. Hope to act on some of the content. Good energy and presentation skills. Encouraging audience to answer questions was great."  Alex Hayward
"Dom's life examples were great. A longer workshop which also incorporated leadership would be useful."  Rachel Pajtl
"Very well presented. Useful tips. The reason I gave 4 is because I was familiar with the ideas presented."  Ivana Sericic
" … Thank you. This is exactly the information I needed at this time in my life to make some real positive change in my life. Excellent presentation Dominic."  Mark Toirkens
"Dominic's positivity made the presentation enjoyable."  Anonymous
1 March 2011 – ACCC Melbourne
Finding Your Passion

"Fantastic as always."  Maria Djopa
"Wonderful thank you."  Debbie Hardie
"Thought it was a bit strange at first but by the end, I couldn't help but feel your positivity.  Some useful tools. Have always known I needed to change negative self talk but didn't know what questions to ask to replace the negativity - Thanks!"  Carmen Labbozzetta
"Dominic is very passionate about his topic. I think that he is very inspiring. His passion is contagious."  Anonymous
"Great presentation. I would have like more time and opportunity for questions."  Susan Brewin
"Very enthusiastic speaker. Good on you for doing something you truly believe in taking that giant leap."  Anonymous
"Initially challenging, highly entertaining session."  Megan Utter
28 February 2011 – IIBA Hobart
Emotional Intelligence

V. worthwhile, Great Presentation. Loved it."  Sushila Desai
"Great!"  Clare Furness
"Very inspiring. Thank you!"  Paula Gorringe
"Outstanding.”  Larry Hude
"Fantastic."  Paul Long
"Excellent presentation, thank you."  Joy Marsh
"Well presented session."  Anonymous
12th October 2010 - DBS Singapore
The EQ Difference: The Science and Art of Peak Performance

"I have not seen on who is so energetic and speak with such a great sense of passion and purpose. Thanks for being transparent" - Lee Tze Tze
"Excellent presentation and great motivation speaker. Dominic is one of the best." - Peny Cheow
"Excellent lunch - Fine food for thought." - Henry Yeo
"Very motivational session indeed! Thank you." - Phoebe Chuang
"Super good!" - Francis Goh
"Well done, great sharing of life experiences." - Karen Looi
"Great speaker!" - Anonymous
"Excellent session." - Lim Sok Hua Esther
7th September 2010
Presentation of talk on “Emotional Intelligence - Science of Passion”

 “I just loved this. I have been on the APS for over 10 yrs and this is the best. I was a cynic but took a lot away."  Tanya Farrell
"Dominic was fantastic. Very motivational and common sense strategies to start employing in my life to feel empowered."  Rachael Jeffrey
“The most inspirational presentation I have attended. Thank you.”  Anonymous
“Vibrantly presented & extremely informative. Very enjoyable, well paced & most importantly - fun! Thank you so much, you are an inspiration!!”  Rachel Rosewarne
“Thank you for taking your time to provide us with this presentation. Very useful and very much appreciated.”  Sonja Tasovac
“The most powerful workshop I have had the  pleasure to attend.”  Anonymous
“I completely enjoyed this presentation. I learned a lot. I would recommend this experience to everyone. Thank you!”  Anonymous
“Absolutely fantastic! I realised I play the victim and I need to take action to achieve my dream.”  Veronica Templeton
“Wow! I really need this.”  Anonymous
“Excellent workshop and presentation. Dominic provided clear and practical ideas for developing self belief and confidence. Reminding us of the importance to seek positives out of every situation. Fantastic. Thanks.”  Melissa Marks
“Thank you. I very much enjoyed your presentation. It was very inspiring and the tools you gave us to access our emotional intelligence were all fabulous.”  Anonymous
“This program has given me a strong basis for some meaningful changes which I want to make in both my work and home life. It has also helped to bring back/improve my energy and excitement in what I do.”  Anonymous
“Truly inspiring - thank you for imparting wisdom with joy and passion.”  Robyn Corbett
“Very inspirational - I could listen to Dominic all day! There will be many skills I can take away and put into everyday practice.”  Anonymous
“Fantastic day - very empowering and helpful. Really helped me to deal with difficulties I'm currently dealing with.”  Anonymous
2 August 2010 - Singapore
Event: A seminar on "Emotional Intelligence and your Success as a Real Estate Professional" at Orange Tee

“Sensational! I can now see how I can convert my recent past to a new vision of Gratitude, Inspiration and Love!!"  Lim Tien
“Excellent motivator and fantastic experience."  Siti Musleha
“Great speaker. Excellent message!"  Roland Seow
“Well presented. Insightful and inspiring. Authentic because of personal experiences."  Kam Choo Choo
“A dynamic speaker with strong audio-visual support for his presentation."  Jennifer Kee
“Wow, so glad I came to attend this workshop. Would like to know more or attend future talks. Many thanks."  Susan Lam
“Very good speech and very encouraging and with practical experiences [to] share to inspire everyone."  Elaine Tan
“I would like to learn more about your teachings. You have been very real, no pretense, you look like you walk the talk. Thanks for being here! Please keep me in your database."  Tonya Wong
“I have thoroughly enjoyed the seminar and will use it for my endeavours in business and as a parent educator."  Jacqueline See
“It is a practical and fruitful workshop. Thanks."  Aw Ah Poh
“Thanks for the great seminar."  Sunny Tan
25 May 2010 - Canberra
Event: A seminar on "Emotional Intelligence for Office Professionals" organised by AIOP ACT Steering Committee

"Thank you for your lively presentation today.
I found it very inspiring. I have been at a crossroad for the last 4 months at work and yesterday I found out that I had an opportunity to work in another Branch, within my organisation, for a six week period and I immediately baulked at it. I thought I was worried about my boss and how she would cope at this busy time without me but I now think it may also be because it requires me to step out of my five year comfort zone and dare to do something different. My boss is very supportive and says that I should be "selfish" for a change and think of me. And, as you said today, things happen that can seem magical and it would seem that listening to you today was exactly what I needed to enable me to put my current situation into perspective.
I enjoy my job and enjoy working with my new female boss after experiencing a very good relationship with my previous boss (male) of the past 5 years. Initially I did not react well to the change at the beginning of the year when my boss told me he was taking a transfer to Sydney as that also instantly took me out of my comfort zone. However, I am enjoying a great relationship with my new boss and am now motivated to endeavour to "re-shape" my current role to tailor it to our working needs.
Thank you for reminding me of how important my emotional intelligence is to my working life."  Cathy
29th April 2010 - City of Stonnington Council, Victoria
Presentation of talk on “Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace”

“On behalf of the Stonnington Managers and Coordinators I wanted to thank you for your interesting and thought provoking presentation last week.  The presentation challenged, informed and entertained the audience and provided a useful insight and application of emotional intelligence, that will I am confident be of great benefit to everyone.
The presentation was made even more relevant with your interesting anecdotes and personal experiences and your preparedness to engage and respond to questions.”  Warren Roberts, Chief Executive - City of Stonnington Council
13 March 2010 - St Aloysius College, Sydney
Presentation of talk on “Motivational Strategies”

 “I thoroughly enjoyed it, and found it highly relevant. Thank you."  Will Stephenson - St Aloysius College
"I loved it! Thanks so much!"  Adam Ibrahim - St Aloysius College
"Thank you so much for showing me the energy we are capable of creating."  Chris Knight - St Aloysius College
"Very good, learnt new strategies to deal with life!"  Mitchell Hockey - St Aloysius College
"Thanks, great speech and very insightful."  Cameron Grundy - St Aloysius College
"Absolutely amazing show!"  Cameron Caccamo - St Aloysius College
"Very good, and very useful and helpful. Thank you!"  Timo Blundell - St Aloysius College
22nd & 23rd February 2010 - Melbourne
PMI Global Congress Asia Pacific 2010

"Excellent session! Impressive content & delivery. If the rest of PMI live up to this session , then it should be a fantastic conference."   J. Hyde, Shell Australia
"Through the use of real life examples and participation, this session has helped to unlock much of hidden secrets of motivation."   Anthony Tsui, Toshiba
"Fantastic session, a positive investment of my time at Congress. I will use the learnings to improve my own processes within projects."   Carole Pinzone, Murray Goulburn Co-op
"Really good session – one to the best I’ve attended on motivation!"  Matt Nile, BT Financial Group
"Dominic presented extremely well, the best presenter I have come across in the two congresses I have attended. I suggest he is invited back or to represent again so that others can hear him."   Greg Miller, Cadbury
"Excellent presentation giving practical tools to use in my everyday challenges as a project manager. Energetic, inspiring!!!"   Emma Bryce, ANZ
"Dominic is an outstanding presenter. His enthusiasm and energy is infectious. He taught skills that are easy to understand as well as to apply to every aspect of work and life"   Anonymous
"Anecdotes, stories, etc were a great way to communicate the message. The presenter showed how to positively present your voice gestures, etc. In an energetic way and motivate . Session was great!"   Brendan Gloster, Ericsson
"A fantastic presentation. One of the best I have attended in years! Really got a lot out of it to put into action."  Anonymous
"Dominic was energetic and motivating. I came away with renewed enthusiasm and practical ideas to apply with my project team. Highly recommended."   Ross Goodings, Housing & Community Building, Dept Human Services
"A motivating and informative presentation. I thoroughly enjoyed the 3 hours and look forward to applying the learnings immediately upon return to work."   Simon Ward, Cochlear
"Fantastic! I feel I have really learnt some skills to help motivate not only my project teams but myself. I really enjoyed my time here today."   Joshua Leigh, GE Capital
"The topic was very relevant to project management as well as to all aspects of life. One of the best presentation in this conference. Thank you."   Rosemarie Santos, First Data
"Really informative, motivating and educational. Fantastic. I feel more empowered."   Martin Wilson, IBM
"High energy that can’t help but rub off on you. Excellent & passionate presentation. Motivating & Inspirational."   Lou Fazzalari, Origin Energy
"Excellent – 11/10!"   Prasheel Singh, Capricorn Society
"So much was relevant to make our project live even better. He has exceeded my expectations and I hope the knowledge Dominic has shared can all be remembered and used."   Glen Cousins, Cadbury
"One of the best useful motivation sessions I have attended & I can take and apply today in the office."   Kerry Ford, ANZ
5 January 2010
Camp Paradise Group Leader Seminar

“I feel that I got a lot from this experience and that I can utilize it in my future endeavours. Dominic really knew what he was talking about and a lot of things seemed to make more sense to me”  Anonymous, Camp Paradise Group Leader
“Dominic is an extremely inspiring and amazing speaker. He has significantly influence my mindset and it would be great to keep in contact with him.”  Ray Troung, Camp Paradise Group Leader
“Helpful, informative, inspiring – a must attend for everybody from all walks of life  Anonymous, Camp Paradise Group Leader
“Very inspiring, made me very conscious of past actions and current goals”  Nguyen Sa Tran, Camp Paradise Group Leader
“Very effective and inspirational. Should consider talking in universities”  Vicky Lay, Camp Paradise Group Leader
“Thank you for giving up your time. You really have been inspirational and I find your workshop very interesting and  thank you!!”  Lisa Teng, Camp Paradise Group Leader
25 Feb 2009 - IQPC Conference on Complex Project Management, Sydney
Presentation of talk on “Inspiring Peak Performance from your Project Teams” workshop

"Dominic, thanks for your energetic and compelling presentation at our Complex Project Management conference in Sydney last Wednesday. Your points on leadership and on how to motivate teams were both pragmatic and inspirational. The feedback from the audience has been very positive.”,  Jacquie Bran, Global Director – Alliance Contracting, IQPC
13 Feb 2009 - PMI Global Congress Asia Pacific, Kuala Lumpur
Delivery of “Inspiring Peak Performance from your Project Teams” workshop

“Dominic, I found your double-session on Inspiring Peak Performance from your Project Teams at the PMI Global Congress both inspirational, engaging and filled with pragmatic, practical tools the audience could use. Certainly one of my highlights at the Congress”,  Dato’ Subra Suppiah,  Director of Programme, Project Management Institute – Malaysia Chapter  (
11 Feb 2009 - PMI Global Congress Asia Pacific, Kuala Lumpur
Delivery of “Inspiring Peak Performance from your Project Teams” workshop

“The workshop delivered by Dominic Siow was the best focus area session I attended during the recent PMI Global Congress held in Kuala Lumpur. Through his unique and animated delivery of the topics, the participants were captivated and able to stay focus throughout the four hour session.  Dominic used a variety of delivery styles: a good combination of lecture, discussion and actual practice for some of the tips.  He also reinforced his points by using simple language, citing real life examples and getting the participants to try out some of the activities. The contents and tips provided are very practical and can immediately be implemented in our work as well as personal lives. I have started to put into action some of the steps I learned during his workshop and experienced the difference it made to the quality of my work.  My presentations are more energetic, I am giving feedback to my team more frequently, I am constantly assessing my team environment and I ensure that I always take the time to coach my team members.
All in all, it was the most memorable focus area presentation and most practical. Hopefully I am on the right path to become a better leader.”,  Maizitun Mat Ya, Head, IT Programme Management, Malaysia Airlines
November 2008 – NSW Australia
Keynote Speaker at NSW Department of Commerce North Coast Region Staff Development Day, Talk on “Work-Life Balance”

 “Thanks Dominic. I had been told a lot about you from your other presentations across Commerce and I must say that you lived up to all of that excellent feedback .
From me personally, I really enjoyed being with you in that large room and watching all eyes rivetted on your every word-- you do have a gift for what you do and your enthusiasm is infectious.
I sincerely hope we have the opportunity to work together again.”  Forster B. Rayward, Regional Manager, North Coast Region, NSW Department of Commerce
“Thanks for the great motivational presentation on the “Psychology of Winning” that you delivered to my Sunrider team in Sydney.  Your message was concise and was just the tonic required to give my team a timely boost.  I truly appreciate the passion you showed and look forward to further opportunities to leverage your expertise!”  Mack Atkinson, CEO, Options Management International
“I had the pleasure of listening to Dominic Siow during the Primavera 2008 conference held at Perth and during that brief time he inspired me to think of whom I am and how Emotional Intelligence affects everyone. The time listening to Dominic and realising points he made, made the trip really worthwhile and recommend this to everyone if they get a chance.  ‘Emotional Intelligence is a key to ones success’.”  Lincoln Hall, Santos
“Dear Dominic
My name is Anyes Marsault and I listened to your great presentation at the PMI meeting in Brisbane on Wed.  It was in my view the most engaging presentation that I have seen at a PMI chapter meeting for a long time.  Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us.”  Anyes Marsault, PMP, Prince2 Practitioner, 2005 PMI Project Manager of the Year
“Dominic, thank you so much for your very compelling presentation on “Emotional Intelligence in Project Management” at our 1st MSC Project Management Awareness Dialogue for 2007, recently held in KL.  Your presentation attracted the largest audience our dialogues have had so far and the 120 people who showed up left feeling very fortunate for the opportunity of listening to and learning from an outstanding speaker.  The feedback has simply been tremendous.  Your contribution has been invaluable and I look forward to further opportunities to collaborate!”  Aiza Zeyati Mohamed Zamani, Manager, Capability Development Department, Multimedia MDEC Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia
"Dominic, your presentation on Emotional Intelligence at our first PMI Chapter Meeting this year was fabulous.  It is a strong testimony of your reputation and quality as a speaker that the meeting drew a full house.  Your body language and enthusiasm was outstanding and I personally learnt a lot about delivering a great presentation.  I look forward to future opportunities of further collaborating with you."  Torsten J. Koerting, Convenor, PMI Chapter Queensland
"Thanks Dominic for your excellent presentation at our Annual Forum last Friday. As you know we are looking for tools that would help empower the team in these times of change. Your passionate, energetic and powerful presentation was definitely on the mark; and offered the team simple tools and techniques they can use immediately to create even better results for themselves and the team today!"  Greg Philippe, General Manager - Sydney Region, NSW Department of Commerce

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