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Here's What Others Who Have Experienced EQ's Life or Business Coaching are saying about it...
“Wow! That sums up Dom in one word. He is one of the most amazing people I have ever met and someone I respect more than anyone. His sincerity and kind heart really stand out and are extremely rare in today's society. Dom's coaching and mentoring has provided myself with increased levels of confidence, has helped me develop my purpose whilst increasing my drive for success.
If you're reading this, and you have the opportunity to get coaching with this man, please take the opportunity you're given. Dom is one of those people that can have such a tremendous impact on your life and can help you build a mindset which is rock solid whilst guiding you in the right direction to achieve your goals.
Something I appreciate about Dom is his eagerness to serve others and sincerely help them get the most out of life. He has recently given me some honest feedback about the way I communicate with my clients. I believe his feedback will assist in the growth of my business, from a small business to a large business crossing the globe! Honestly an outstanding individual!!”,  Steven Daghlian, Stockbroker & Business Owner.
“I first met Dom in IBM where he had a massive impact on the individuals with whom he came into contact. Through teaching, coaching, guidance, and leading by example Dom improved the attitudes, knowledge and skills of myself and my colleagues to which I attribute a significant amount of the group's subsequent and substantial success. Dominic's tireless sense of contribution, positive encouragement and practical guidance has been invaluable to me.
He has helped me on the road to being the person I want to be, so that I can accomplish my goals. He has done this by providing practical guidance and by helping me to clear the obstacles in my path. Dom's counselling has helped me to clarify my goals, and shift my beliefs, attitudes, and assumptions. He has helped me to find the power to motivate myself and keep myself focussed. He has given me the tools I need to have the courage to act according to my values.
Dom is always extremely patient and compassionate which creates a comfortable environment for tackling even the most difficult issues with confidence. Over the past several years, Dom has invested a great deal of his time developing and honing his knowledge and skills in teaching the core skills of effectiveness, and in coaching people to success. I would highly recommend Dom's services to any individual or organisation who wants to improve the results they are getting today.”,  Benjamin Thurgood I.T. Consultant, IBM Australia.
"Dominic is a highly skilled and an exceptional coach. He is able to effectively draw upon a wide range of powerful tools and experience to help bring out the best in people. He has been a fantastic coach and mentor to me by keeping me focused on my desired outcome in my business and to take action. More than that, I am most inspired by his deep caring and commitment to serve others for their highest good. I am happy to recommend him to anyone who wants to take their business or personal lives to another level.”,  Lara Song, Financial Advisor, Director, Higher Energies.
“Dominic has been working closely with me as a life coach and business mentor. He is an effective coach. My coaching sessions with him have resulted in my better understanding of my leadership style. As a result, I am better able to adapt to variety of leadership styles effectively matching the demands of the situation at hand.
I would recommend Dom to anyone who is looking to improve his/her life and live a more fulfilling life.”,  Raphael Ahn, Business Entrepreneur.
“Dominic Siow is a true motivator, leader and friend. Through his professional coaching skills, Dominic always empowered me to find the solution within myself and aim to achieve the best I can be in any situation. I treasure the gift of knowing Dominic and the inspiration he brought into my life.”,  Kim Nguyen, National Finance Manager – Westpac, United Group Services Pty Limited.
"It has been a amazing enjoyable journey since I have been under coaching with Dom. I have always thought something: 'You never know what you are capable to do until you do it'.... and especially in that step, when as a person I made the decision of 'doing it', that was the moment where Dom played such a important part if not the most significant one. If you realize that the most difficult step is believing in yourself and get to do things, and that the easier part is just about continuing with your decision, you may conquer whatever you want in your life (as long  as it is with the mind set of creating value for others and serve always). These are just some words and teachings of everything that Dom has shared with me. This coaching has shown me the right track to get to my goals and dreams and not to get caught in the middle of the process and lose time. When things get confusing, talking with my coach is like putting new glasses on me ... remember "what you see from the world is just what you want to see from it" and "perception is projection" ... these two just mean that every thought, action, emotion, energy has a reciprocal interaction with the outer world and vice versa. Everything that you need in you is already in you, and everything that you need from OUTSIDE, it is already there.... it is just matter of putting the right glasses, right heart and find them.
Thanks with all my heart Dom, you have played a very important role in my life... and I am sure you will in my future",  Dr Adriana Cortes, Medical Doctor, Medical Research Assistant.
“Dom, I am very grateful for having you as one of my guides in my journey. Your mentoring and coaching sessions have had a large impact in people around me (like my husband and friends) and in myself. I have discovered more about the human being’s behaviour and myself. My self-confidence is increasing continuously. For instance, attending a job interview was an unpleasant experience in the past and now I have control of the situation and I manifest the results I want to achieve. You have empowered me by repeating that all I need to be successful in life is already within me.
All your visualization exercises have been very powerful too. After visualizing my life in the future and myself there, I have a clear picture of the person I want to become and the life I want to live. I also can see the improvement in my listening and communication skills when interacting with people on daily basis.
Thanks again for sharing your great knowledge and amazing experience with us.
You are an example to follow. Your sincere and unconditional support makes you a magnificent coach.",  Dr Paola Espinel, Medical Doctor, Master of Public Health, Medical Research Assistant and UNI distributor.




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