John (Jack) Donovan

John’s passion is seeing others, especially young people, succeed and he enjoys developing environments in which this can happen.  His goal is to see this outworked through Workshop777, his own leadership education mentoring and coaching practice; Campus Connexions, an international higher education network connecting universities, students and staff; and Unity College Australia, a Christian vocational college based out of Canberra.  He is also a participant in the global Art of Hosting and Harvesting Conversations that Matter network, convening workshops in Canberra and the region.


He currently trains in adult and vocational education, communication, facilitation and leadership skills, and ethics, and acts a mentor to senior executives in the not for profit sector.


His 35+ year career spans the public, non-profit and private sectors with experience in technology, consulting and management roles.  His professional career includes the post of Regional Director of an IBM subsidiary, for Australia and New Zealand; senior consultant with TP3 on a variety of change, communication/education and technology implementation projects; served Unity College as Associate Director and Principal of the Unity School of Ministry; and Managing Director of Korator Pty Ltd, an information technology services firm, with offices in the Australian mainland capitals and Kuala Lumpur.


Jack has undergraduate degrees from the University of Queensland and the Australian National University, graduate qualifications from the University of Canberra and a Diploma in Community Services (Christian Ministry).  He co-founded at the University of Canberra, and then became a Research Associate of, the Communication Policy Research Group.  He holds a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and is pursuing a Master of Studies at the Australian National University.


John has been happily married to Kirsti for 30 years and has two wonderful adult children, Clair and Sean and a beautiful daughter-in-law, Eerika.

Image_Jack Donovan Portrait


 “Jack was an inspiring leader for me, approachable and caring.  His approach spurred me onto leading others in a similar way and becoming a coach and mentor.”


“Jack was a great sounding board and helped me prepare for board meetings.  His understanding of the needs of our charity organization and the pressures of remaining ‘profitable’ while serving our community allowed us to focus on our goals, both financial and ministry.”


“Jack’s approach to teaching in a vocational environment as a guide, rather than as the expert, enabled us to be better trainers (and guides) in our own workplace learning environments.”


"John’s insightful approach cuts through to the actual issue and does not play on the periphery."



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