Helen Elizabeth Alm

Helen Elizabeth Seminars has been operating for the past seven years, and is headed by Helen Elizabeth Alm, who has been a trainer, facilitator, adult educator, for over twenty two years. Helen has a background in both the corporate and higher education sector.

Helen is passionate about supporting the growth of businesses through the professional development and mentoring of team members: executives, managers and individuals.  Helen achieves this through facilitation of workshops, inspiring presentations, insightful one-on-one coaching and the long-term relationships with her corporate partners.

Helen has the ability to create meaningful and positive behavioral change within organisations that positively impact on the productivity and profitability of teams.  Helen inspires her corporate clients and participants to develop and to apply what they learn as a result of the way she creates learning experiences.

Helen is qualified by a Bachelor of Adult Education, an Associate Diploma in Business (Human Resource Management) from the University of South Australia, Certificate IV in Workplace Training (1996) and a graduate from Coach U, an international coach-training organisation, which offers, accredited training recognised by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

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“Feedback from the workshops facilitated by Helen is consistently high – ‘Helen is an amazing facilitator with the ability to engage the group. Love her energy!’, ‘Thank you Helen… I have been able to carry away with me some pieces of your wisdom every time after attending your workshops, and it has been helping me to make changes to my life’, ‘Helen I really like the way you explain things’, ‘Helen is always an excellent presenter, easy to understand and answers questions’, and finally ‘Another brilliant workshop by Helen. Thank you’. It is the quality of this audience response that ensures we bring Helen back to deliver our programs again and again.

I can’t recommend Helen more highly to any individual or organisation seeking to engage her for consulting work.”

Greg Giles, Manager, Organisational Development, University of South Australia


“Helen consistently receives excellent feedback. Participants enjoying her unique inspirational and engaging delivery, which she effectively blends with a practical, outcome focused approach."

“Helen's interaction was excellent.  Very receptive to questions, comments etc”.

“Helen was an excellent, engaging presenter.  Learning about the various communication styles was extremely helpful and I will be able to communicate more effectively with colleagues as a result.  I also found the section on emotions particularly useful for my work setting.  Excellent course - very worthwhile”

“Helen was energetic and friendly.  I enjoyed hearing about her personal experiences and listening to her speak.  I feel very motivated to make a change!  Thanks Helen”.


"One of things that impresses me about Helen is her ability to listen and understand client needs – she has a good sense of humour (and humanity) and balances this well with a pragmatic approach, great assets in a training environment!"

Jo Carrick, Program Manager, Professional and Continuing Education, University of Adelaide.



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