Edward Foong

Edward is the founder and CEO of Treino Consulting, a HR Consulting firm.  He is passionate about developing people in the region.  In this capacity, Edward is responsible for sales, design and delivery of all HR related services to organizations, including Executive Search, Compensation and Benefits Advisory, Organization Development, Training and Performance Management.  He has helped companies implement Orientation programs, design and implement Performance Management system, and facilitate programs around Sales, Service, Leadership, Management and Teams.


Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, he was Assistant Vice President of MediaCorp, a leading broadcaster in the region.  In this position, he led a team who managed almost 3,000 employees and is primarily responsible for the whole company’s training & development needs and Organization Development.


Edward has more than 15 years experience in facilitation of management, leadership, sales and customer service programs.  He is a recognized coach and has utilized his skills to coach individuals, teams and even trainers.


Earlier in his career, he held various management positions with IBM, Coca-Cola, Abbott and Gemplus.


Edward is also a certified consultant who can administer and interpret the 5-factor psychometric tool – The Big Five.


Facilitation Languages: English, Mandarin, Cantonese.

Image_Edward Foong Portrait


 “I have spent so many years attending so many training programs, Edward’s program is the best one I have attended in the last 25 years!”


“Edward is dedicated, passionate and has such a depth of knowledge”


“One of the best trainer I have.  Thank You Edward!”



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