Dr Brendan J Gomez

Dr B, as he is famously known, is a Consulting Psychologist and Certified Trainer in Southeast Asia. With an MA in Counseling Psychology and a PhD in Applied Developmental Psychology, both of which from top ranking universities in the United States, his passion is in Emotional Intelligence, Creativity at Work, Coaching & Mentoring, Risk Management, Organizational Wellness, Selection & Training for Organizations, Happiness at Work, and Team Building.


Dr B has more than 12 years of people development experience under his belt from higher education to corporate industry, including as Acting Head of Training and Talent Management for AirAsia focusing on areas such as change and training management. He has also held positions as Assistant Professor of Applied Psychology at University of Nottingham, and as Special Projects Manager for HELP University. He is currently Founder and CEO of Dr Life Coach Consultancy.


Dr B is a United States Fulbright Scholar who holds membership in the American Psychological Association, and The Society for Consulting Psychology (United States). He is known for starting the first psychology program in private education in Malaysia where graduates meet the developing needs of industry, is active in CSR projects, has collaborated with UNICEF to help children in Malaysia, and is regularly featured in the press.


Dr B is happily married to a fellow psychologist and soulmate, Dr Patricia Ang, who was a key partner in a recent international effort that airlifted thousands of blankets raised by people in Malaysia to keep tsunami families warm in Japan.


Image_Dr Brendan Gomez Portrait


“Brendan has a great passion in inspiring young people to greater heights.”

“Brendan is a problem solver -  developing action plans to help people become personally empowered, socially integrated persons who contribute to their society.”


“Consultation Brendan has provided helped lay the foundation for good leadership and skills seen in the organization.”


“Brendan’s methods are very interactive and participant-centered, evokes emotional connection to content - immensely meaningful; learner-content is established through 'real world' issues and examples; learning environment is flexible and adaptable to range of activities used; and learners are comfortable.”



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