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Our mission is to enable your organisation's success by bringing out the very best in your people.

Founded by Dominic Siow in 2006, EQ Strategist has worked with organisations across Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam to create high performance organisational cultures and individuals.

We work with you to understand your goals, identify the clogged arteries (relating to leadership, culture, collaboration and motivation) and design and facilitate interventions (training, coaching, speaking) that will create sustainable change and results you want!

We are specialists in emotional intelligence, organisational cultural transformation, leadership and communications.

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"We have engaged with Dom for over 2 years now to conceptualize, implement and internalize a Quality culture in our manufacturing organization.

With the guidance of Dom, we launched the PEACE program two years ago in GlobalFoundries for reducing the number of major quality problems which we term as "excursions".

Dominic's commitment has gone beyond the initial rollout ad he has also conducted a series of follow-up workshops, which helped with reinforcing the belief and celebrating the successes we had along the way. What I am impressed by Dom is his energy level and his passion as he is part of our company. Our relationship is beyond client and customer but of working partners to achieve something great.

Since the program launch, we have had tremendous success and the number of quality excursions has been reduced by a staggering 60%! We have PEACE and a better work life balance now, thanks in a big way to Dominic's work." Johnny Cham, Vice-President and General Manager (Fab 3/5 Operations), GlobalFoundries Singapore




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